How to take care of Skin problems that cause by stress?

What Stress does to your Skin?

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Stress can have a serious impact on your physical and emotional health. When stress is frequent, prolonged or chronic, it can clearly show up on your hair, skin, and nails. Basically, the skin becomes more sensitive and reactive due to prolonged stress which in turn causes various skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles and acne. These skin problems are caused by stress as well. There are many ways to treat skin problems including home remedies and ayurvedic products such as face cream, ayurvedic face wash, and face serum. Ayurvedic face wash or any other product is not enough for this you have to solve the cause of the problem “Stress”.



The outermost epidermal skin cells lie on top of each other and are packed tightly together. These cells are your initial defense against bacteria, viruses and other microbes. But when you experience chronic stress, this protective layer of your skin becomes partially impaired and acne appears on your face. Proper sleep and less stress are enough to combat acne, but you also need to use face cream, serum, and ayurvedic face wash.


Ugly rashes

Anxiety causes an evil effect on the human body and itchy rashes are the visible sign of anxiety and stress. These red, raised, and swollen rashes can appear anywhere on the body. Stress triggers a fight or flight response in your body, and releases cortisol and adrenaline hormone into your bloodstream, both of which cause skin redness and itchy rashes.



Fine lines 

Do you know that the expressions such as smiling, frowning and squinting can leave everlasting imprints on your skin? Fine lines become visible between the eyebrows when the negative emotions like anger, fear or sadness last for a longer period of time. These “frown lines” are caused by constant eyebrow muscle tension and as you get older, you start seeing these permanent lines on your forehead.


Skin Dryness

Yet another negative impact of stress on the skin is dryness, which is caused by the increased level of cortisol hormone. This hormone severely impacts the skin's ability to hold on to water. It also reduces the lipid barrier on the skin cells and allows fluids to evaporate; the resulting water loss reduces natural glow of your skin resulting in dry, damaged and lifeless skin.  Avoid using face wash that dries your skin. You can use honey ayurvedic face wash that softens and hydrates your skin and choose those ayurvedic face wash which contain natural ingredients.


Sleep deprivation

A deep night’s sleep plays a very important role in controlling cortisol hormone. Sleep is also a natural healer for all the skin damages suffered by the body during the daytime. Increased level of anxiety and stress can disrupt your sleep and lack of sleep can increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. Moreover, when you are sleep- deprived, your body produces more stress hormones; and elevated levels of cortisol may result in inflammation in your body which further damages the quality of skin.


Hair loss

However, there may be a number of health issues behind hair-loss, but most of the hair experts believe stress is the most significant reason for unexplained hair loss in men and women. Excessive stress can cause hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the telogen (fall-out) phase.




There is a clear relationship between the itching sensation and the reflex mechanism of scratching. It has been noted that patients with severe itch are usually highly stressed-out or anxious people. Stress in your body boosts certain harmful chemicals in the skin and blood streams that causes increased blood flow and redness.  

Excessive anxiety and stress also impacts your digestive system and makes it more acidic. In stressful conditions, the blood is shunted away from the digestive system, which makes its functioning very slow. The experts claim that several skin problems like dryness, blemishes and dullness are mainly caused by impaired digestive system.


How to treat stress related skin problems-


YOGA AND MEDITATION: Although it is important to receive medical skin treatments in order to find the underlying cause of the problem, several medical researchers have proved that stress management practices like yoga and meditation etc. can also significantly improve stress related skin disorders.



ANTI-AGING TREATMENT: Schedule an anti-aging facial treatment which mainly focuses on alleviating signs of aging skin. Highly effective restorative herbal ingredients are used in anti- aging facial treatments. During treatment, ayurvedic products such as ayurvedic cream and ayurvedic face wash, with natural ingredients, must be used. These herbs make your skin smoother, firmer and more youthful. Today spas and wellness centers offer a range of luxurious facial, massage and body treatments to banish stress; a facial treatment can take years off your face without having to undergo any painful surgery. So, it is a good idea to invest in a rejuvenating and de-stressing facial treatment at a spa near you with ayurvedic cream, serum, and ayurvedic face wash.


BODY MASSAGE: It is a well-known fact that a massage is a great way of relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind. Results of various clinical studies show that regular massage with essential oil like nalpamaradi tailam, jasmine oil may help in the treatments of dry and scaly skin lesions.

Massage stimulates blood flow in your body, which in turn can fade lines, tighten skin, and make your skin radiant. When your muscles are relaxed, it becomes easier to achieve deep sleep which allows you to perform your daily activities with a totally re-energized and recharged mind. Apart from relaxing your muscles, it also lowers heart rate and blood pressure.


AROMATHERAPY: Aromatherapy massage is extremely helpful in the treatment of anxiety and stress- induced skin problems. Soothing massage performed with aromatic substances takes away all your stress and helps alleviate harmful toxins from your body.  The nurturing touch of skilled therapists may give you great relief from muscle tensions and cramps too.


AROMATHERAPY FACIAL: Aromatherapy facials are becoming so popular among people who strongly believe in the benefits of using essential oils and ayurvedic products like face cream, ayurvedic face wash, kumkumadi serum for healthy and glowing skin. According to your skin type, a combination of essential oils and herbal aromatic products are used in aromatherapy skin treatments. Facials and mud baths detoxify the skin and give you relief from stress induced skin problems like pimples, acne and rashes. Additionally, ayurvedic face wash, ayurvedic cream, Kumkumadi serum, or many other natural products can be used to help with skin problems.



These quick and relatively affordable spa treatments, massages offer, ayurvedic face wash, cream and other ayurvedic products give you both mental as well as physical health benefits. All-over body treatment stimulates cell renewal and makes your skin soft, supple and radiant. Spa treatments like body exfoliating treatments and body wraps polish the skin, promote cell regeneration which in turn removes dull surface cells, wrinkles, signs of aging, and improves overall skin-tone. If you can't follow these tips, some ayurvedic face washes and other natural products may also contain antioxidants like Vitamin C, green tea, etc. which can reduce the damage.

Stress has become an integral part of any urban life. Constant demand to perform brilliantly at work, in family life and in society makes you awfully stressful. Therefore, it is necessary to escape into another world and shun all external stimuli for a few hours so that you can relax and recharge your batteries. A day at your favorite spa can provide you this much needed “me” time.

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