I Am a Barbie Girl

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Barbie seems to be the talk of the town these days, with the trend gaining momentum. I don't know if you have watched the movie Barbie or not but I want to remind all women of a very important message through this memoir. Keep patient and Keep reading. 

 Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Entering the Barbie World
  • Barbie and Ayurveda
  • The Unfiltered Reality
  • Beauty: A Contradiction of Acceptance and Marketing
  • How  does Ayurveda help to balance Perfectionist & Acceptance?
  • Making way for the Barbie Boy
  • The Imparting Message
  • Ending notes

Entering the Barbie World

Enjoy the pink theme today and have a blast, all inspired by Barbie! Think of bright pink colors, like what Barbie loves. People are dressing up and feeling happy, just like Barbie. So, join in, have fun, and feel the Barbie vibes – today is all about that unique Barbie spirit!

Barbie world

Barbie and Ayurveda

Barbie brings together three essential things: she likes to stay busy, believes in including everyone, and knows resting is essential too. Her world is colorful and full of different people, showing how life can be balanced. This way of thinking is a lot like Ayurveda, an old wisdom that fits well with today. Just like Barbie is all inclusive, Ayurveda also teaches about harmony and fairness. Like Barbie, Ayurveda reminds us that rest and sleep is equally important as keeping ourselves busy. 

The Unfiltered Reality:

Life is evolving and it is not perfect. A blend of Barbie in the real world can be a twisty toy. 

It can not always be shimmery shimmery and glitters every time. In the movie a mother goes through a midlife crisis. 

It can be anyone and we all can relate to it. Feeling low or downturn. Be it mental, physical , emotional or financial. 

natural ingredients

Beauty: A Contradiction of Acceptance and Marketing:

Barbie as a concept is very beautiful and perfectionist. As long as there is a balance between acceptance and being perfectionist, it makes a lot of sense to aspire to be perfectionist. 

I don't think it is possible to be perfect. But it is not wrong to aspire to be perfect. 

Not Barbie alone but also her friend Ken goes through varied emotions. 

Barbie too can get cellulite on her body ? As long as she accepts the presence of cellulite and works towards getting rid of it, it is fine. Just accepting cellulite in the name of Body Love and not trying to remove it is neither healthy nor right. 

Is being fat an act of self love ? If I am fat, I am not perfect but I am not healthy either. 

How does Ayurveda help to balance Perfectionist & Acceptance?

It is okay to be weird, dark , crazy , funny , messy. It is all ok. But are you healthy internally and externally ?

We all talk about eating the right food but is it enough ?

All girls inspire to the version like Barbie bold and beautiful ?

How about being naturally beautiful ?

Once upon a time, a special Barbie movie taught us important lessons about loving ourselves and our bodies. Let's join Mia, a big fan of Barbies, as we explore the magical world of these lessons.

Mia loved Barbies since she was a little girl and watched the Barbie movie with her daughter. She remembered how she used to make up stories for her dolls. The movie got her thinking about how Barbie had changed over the years.

Barbie used to be all about fashion and jobs, but now she's about something even cooler – loving ourselves and feeling good about our bodies. Mia was excited to see an Indian Barbie wearing a saree, even though she was too grown-up to play with dolls.

While watching the movie, Mia noticed that it was making people talk about important things like being who you are and treating everyone equally. It was like the movie started a movement.

Now, let's check out the six things Mia learned from Barbie's world and how they connect to taking care of our skin:

1. Being Different is Awesome: Like Barbie celebrates uniqueness, skincare celebrates our special skin. Everyone's skin is different, and caring for it means finding what works best, just like Barbie dolls are all different and special

2. Imagination is Fun: Just like Barbies lets Mia imagine stories, skincare can be fun, too. Just like Barbie had many cool outfits, skincare can give our skin its cool outfits to shine.

Lady akka barbie loving her skin

3. Having Heroes We Relate To: Just like Barbie shows Mia, a cool woman who did amazing things, skincare introduces us to cool ingredients that do amazing things for our skin.

4. Breaking the rules and Trying New Things: Just like Barbie did cool jobs, skincare always comes up with new ways to care for our skin. It's like Barbie breaking the rules and doing different jobs.

5. Expressing Ourselves: Barbie never got mad when Mia tried different things with her dolls. Skincare is a bit like that, too. It's like playing with our skin nicely to make it look and feel good.

6. Feeling Good About Ourselves: Barbie's changed to look like all sorts of people. Skincare is like that, too; it's for everyone. Just like Barbie feels good looking different, skincare helps us feel good about our skin, no matter how it looks.

Mia told her daughter all these lessons, and they realized that just like Barbie taught them to love themselves and their bodies, taking care of their skin was also a way of showing love, They saw that Barbie and skincare were about feeling good and confident.

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And so, in a world where Barbie's lessons mixed with skincare, Mia and her daughter learned to love themselves and take care of their skin. Like Barbie's adventures, they knew feeling good about themselves was the most important thing.

You know, the world isn't always easy for guys either. Just like Barbie teaches girls, boys and men also have their own challenges. Barbie's story is about being yourself and feeling good about it. Well, that's something everyone needs to hear. Just as Barbie helps girls, her lessons can help boys too. Just like Barbie shows that girls can be strong, guys can also be themselves and be strong in their own way. Just like Barbie's story is about being confident, that's something that works for everyone. So, remember, just like Barbie's ideas are for girls, they're for guys too. Everyone can learn to be themselves and be awesome!

"Making way for the 'Barbie Boy':

Guys Worry About Looks Too:

The belief that guys don't care about their appearance is outdated. 'Barbie Boy' encourages men to embrace their imperfections and feel good about themselves.

Man is enjoying his "barbie" time while applying under eye mask

Natural is Empowering:

As we empower girls to embrace their bodies, 'Barbie Boy' empowers guys to love themselves. Hair loss, facial hair, or gaining weight are all part of life and should be accepted.

Celebrities and Standards:

Even famous actors undergo cosmetic procedures, but that's because their profession demands it. Most of us aren't in such professions, and that's fine.

The Imparting Message: 

Here is a special note for both Barbie men and women. Like how Barbie women are told to feel their best with Ayurvedic-inspired products, Barbie men are asked to show who they are through grooming that mixes old and new styles. Just like Barbie uses nature to make everyone feel strong and healthy, it reminds us that feeling confident comes from being ourselves.

Barbie is enjoying her own company

Ending notes:

In the colorful tapestry of life, we learn from Barbie's vibrant world and the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda. Just as Barbie's natural skincare and haircare routine nurtures her beauty, it reminds us all to embrace our uniqueness. We walk away with the understanding that true confidence and beauty are born when we authentically embrace ourselves. Just as Barbie's beauty shines from the inside out, our journeys are enriched when we let our inner light illuminate our path. So, let us all take a cue from Barbie and Contemporary Ayurveda - be uniquely beautiful, be unapologetically you.

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