The benefits of including a Face Scrub in Men's Skincare

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For far too long, the world of beauty and skincare has been restricted solely to women. This unnecessary gatekeeping has put undue pressure on women and denied access to people of other genders, especially men under the pretence of meaningless social constructs. We say, no more!

 At Blue Nectar, we believe that skincare is for all – men’s skincare is as important as women’s. A good  men’s skincare routine that lets them look after their skin and feel good about themselves should be accessible to all. While men they may use a best face wash for men, seldom do they expand their skin care routine. An exfoliating face scrub and a hydrating moisturizer for face ? What even are those?

Blue Nectar face scrub for all skin type

Though using a face scrub isn’t an inherently manly practice, we’re here to tell you just how important it is to do so and how having good skincare practices will only enhance your masculinity. If you’d like to know about all the benefits of face scrub in a men’s skincare, read along!


  • Key differences between the skin of Men & Women
  • Benefits of using a face scrub for Men
  • Face Scrub rules you should always follow
  • Final Takeaways
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

Key differences between the skin of Men & Women

We know it seems like a bizarre thought, but yes, there are a few differences between the skin of men and women. If our bodies can be anatomically different, if we can have varied muscle strengths, different types of hormones, etc., why can't our skin be different? The following are some of the key differences between an average man's and woman’s skin, that help us in understanding how to treat our skin differently and deciding which face scrub to choose:

1. The presence of facial hair - Though women can have facial hair too, it doesn’t compare in thickness, length and coarseness to a man’s facial hair. Post puberty, men start growing facial hair rather rapidly. This growth alters the skin’s overall texture drastically. Moreover, frequent shaving can cause symptoms on the skin like irritation, razor burns, redness, nicks, etc.

2. The thickness of the skin - On average, a man’s skin is anywhere between 20% to 25% thicker than that of a woman. This thickness is the reason both men and women age differently and get different types of wrinkles. While women are prone to getting superficial fine lines, men more often get deeper wrinkles as a result of repeated facial expressions over time.

3. Sebum production and oiliness - The tiny openings present on the surface of your skin, known as ‘pores’ allow your body to release the oil, sweat and toxins. Men naturally have larger and more prominent pores as compared to women and thus the rate and amount of sebum produced in their skin are significantly higher than in women.

4. Earlier decline in collagen - Produced naturally in our bodies, collagen is a type of protein that is responsible for keeping the human skin firm and tight. Our bodies have access to collagen and can metabolize it in abundance when we’re young but this process decreases in speed greatly as we age. Men experience an earlier decline in collagen production meaning the sign of ageing start to show up in men sooner. That explains the importance of men’s skincare.

5. The extra hydration - While sweating, we release lactic acid, a natural humectant. A humectant is known for its ability to retain moisture. Men’s sweat generally produces a lot more lactic acid, which can help their skin appear more hydrated.

     Women & Men skin comparission

Benefits of using a face scrub in  Men’s Skincare

We get it, a lot of shame has been attached to looking after one’s skin. Taking care of yourself is often considered superficial, but you shouldn’t let that deter you. Here are some amazing benefits of using face scrubs in men’s skincare routine:

1. Face scrub can help  to get rid of residual build-up - While your average face wash is great for the everyday grind, after spending hours at the gym all week, or travelling to a really dusty place for a vacation, there will be times when your skin will need that extra hand in cleansing.

2. good face scrub will help exfoliate any stubborn grime - on days that your skin needs a deeper wash.

3. Exfoliating your face with a face scrub can result in a smoother shave - When you exfoliate your skin, you improve its texture by a great deal, meaning you get a better shaving experience. By using a face scrub, you clean off all the debris, dead skin cells, etc., while also lifting tough beard hair, giving your razor a much smoother glide while shaving.

4. Face scrub reduces acne - If you’re a man who’s fond of sporting a beard, you must know the challenges that come with it. As good as a beard looks, it is also perhaps the number one spot for bacteria to make a cosy spot for themselves on your face. By using a face scrub, you exfoliate any dead skin cells that may make for bacteria hubs and in doing so, you prevent your skin from a whole lot of inflammation. 

5. Face scrub slows down the signs of ageing - As we age, the production of collagen in our skin begins to slow down, thus exposing us to a higher probability of forming wrinkles. To top it all off, our skin begins to lose its ability to rejuvenate itself and can no longer aid cell turnover. By scrubbing your faces, you not only bring out softer, youthful-looking skin but also increase the blood flow in your face which mimics cell rejuvenation and gives you refreshed, younger-feeling skin.

6. Using a face scrub can enhance the absorption of men’s skincare products - After a good scrubbing session, your skin is rendered squeaky clean, meaning there are no more dead skin cells, grimy debris, or any other barriers sitting atop the surface of your skin. This allows other products in your skin care regimen to absorb into your skin better. So, if you’re a guy who’s been wanting to dive into men’s skincare deeper, you should start by investing in a good facial exfoliator like kumkumadi scrub.

7. Exfoliating with a face scrub can result in skin that is free of flakes - If you’re a guy who struggles with extremely dry, rough, and patchy skin, you’re probably tired of flakiness just like us. And while it seems like a moisturizer for face is an answer to all of your problems, you might want to start off using a good face scrub. This will help you get rid of any existing flakes and dry patches, which you can follow up with your moisturizer.

8. Incorporating face scrub into men’s skincare routine can minimize the occurrence of ingrown hairs– When you’re scrubbing your face, the action causes friction on your face causing ingrown hair stuck beneath the surface of your skin to become loose and easier to extract. A good face scrub also reduces the possibility of you getting ingrown hair in the first place because it allows for a smoother shave.

Men applying scrub on his face infront of the mirror

Face Scrub rules you should always follow

Though we agree, that men’s skincare should be straightforward, and it is for the most part but can feel quite the opposite when you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some basic face scrub rules that will ensure you get the best outcome for your skin and don’t end up causing any harm.

1. Use a face scrub suitable to your skin. Before grabbing a good enough seeming face scrub, it is important to determine if the one you’re choosing is even appropriate for your skin. so go out there, do some reach and then make an informed decision.

2. Use your face scrub at least once a week and no more than twice a week. Not using your face scrub enough can slow down your results and make it seem like you wasted your money whereas overusing can expose raw skin that hasn’t matured yet, causing redness, irritation, and moisture

3. Use only two pea-size amounts. No more and no less. Using inadequate amounts of product is likely to be ineffective and using too much can very well harm your skin.

4. Avoid harsh physical exfoliators. While men’s skin is thicker and tougher than that of women, it is still sensitive and prone to harsh chemicals and physical exfoliators. Try using a more natural products like kumkumadi scrub which may be effective but will not strip your skin off of its natural oils.

5. Do a patch test before your commit to one scrub. Just like any other cosmetic or skincare product, a face scrub can also cause allergies or toxic reactions in the users. So, before committing to a particular product, make sure to read the ingredients to look out for anything you’re allergic to and do a patch test to make sure your skin doesn’t react to it negatively.

6. Use the face scrub on your neck as well. A lot of people don’t give enough attention to their necks when scrubbing. Though a face scrub is “technically” for the face, it can help a great deal to use one on the neck. The neck is one of the sweatiest parts of our body and is also prone to early wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Scrubbing the neck can help prevent both.

Final Takeaways

Starting  men’s skincare journey can seem daunting, especially when there are so many rules. It can feel difficult to choose a product, let alone start using it but it doesn't have to be that way. The stigma around men’s skincare whether it be a face scrub or a moisturizer for face used to be at an all-time high but the time is slowly changing. So if you’re a man, just wanting to look after your skin, don’t be overwhelmed with all the rules. Simply figure out your skin type, choose a face scrub that works for you, use it 1-2 times a week and reap the benefits of a face scrub effortlessly!

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