Natural and effective ways to relieve Knee Pain

Is Your Lifestyle Leading to Pain in the Knee?

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We all have, at least at one point in time, seen our grandparents using pain relief oils on their knees. Oil for pain relief or painkiller oils can be found on every old person’s night table. There are various benefits of oil massage for the knees. Oil massage improves blood circulation, provides warmth and relaxes the muscles around the affected areas. Some of us might even have massaged our knees with these pain relief oils.

Now and then, we come across a meme that makes fun of the young generation for having back and knee pain. Gone are the days when only the old people complained about body aches. It is pretty relevant even with people in their 20s, despite them being in the prime of their lives. The young generation is often worried about what the condition of their knees would be, considering how so many of us feel that we are already halfway there, in terms of pain. One might wonder if it happens because of one’s lifestyle, and it does.

Reasons for knee pain in younger population

We all live a very sedentary life which revolves around multiple screens, be it computers, mobiles or televisions. We barely get time for physically strenuous activities and the body is unable to endure the physical pain these activities may bring if it is not used for the same now and then. That being said, when people who exercise and play sports regularly develop knee pain, Pain relief oils come to their rescue. Although there is not much difference amongst people when it comes to knee pains, the reasons why young people are suffering from this problem are rather different from why the older generation suffers.

Man is sitting on sofa and holding his knee as he is suffering from severe knee pain

Anatomy of knee - in layman’s language

The largest joint in our body, the knee joint is made up of bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. The thigh bone (Femur), shin bone (Tibia) and kneecap (Patella) meet to form the knee joint. They are joined by ligaments that act like ropes and keep the bones together. The bones are connected to the muscles by Tendons. Knee pain may occur whenever any of these parts are affected.

The reasons behind knee pain might vary, but the symptoms for the same are pretty similar, irrespective of age. People with knee pain may experience redness, stiffness, weakness, and swelling in the knees. They might feel weak and be unable to straighten their knee. One might wonder if the pain relief oils and various other kinds of pain oils that the elders adore so much would work the same on young knees.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain may be caused by a variety of reasons , but most of those reasons act upon the older generation. Knee pain in the younger generation is mostly caused by the following reasons:

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

If your day involves performing activities that generally involve sitting around, with little or no exercise, your lifestyle is sedentary. Think of the body as a vehicle. If you leave a vehicle unattended for a long time, it falters. Similarly, when you barely use your body, your bones and muscles become weak and may make you susceptible to knee pain at a young age. This sedentary lifestyle will make your joints weaker. Regular stretching and light exercise, followed by body massage with a body massage oil releases the stiffness and tightness of the muscles.

2. Obesity or Overweight

The weight of the body rests on the knees and the feet. Simple acts like walking and standing for longer durations can also put a lot of pressure on the knees. Slowly, the pressure gets to you and you become susceptible to acute knee pain, simply because your weight is too much to be carried around by your knees.

Tip: Start walking for 30 minutes and control the diet to lose some quick pounds. Get a regular massage with fat burning oil or ayurvedic slimming oil to scale up the weight loss journey.

Lady is checking knee pain of person who is lying down

3. Vitamin D3 Deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin D3 is primarily caused by insufficient exposure to sunlight and the lack of consuming protein. It causes joint and muscle pain, which in turn may cause knee pain leading to diseases like Arthritis and Malacia.

4. Flatfeet and Bad Shoes

A person suffers from flatfeet when the arch of their feet is not developed or when excessive body weight puts pressure on the feet and flattens the arch. A person with flatfeet experiences unnatural pressure on the soles of their feet since they lack a developed arch. Similarly, wearing poor-quality shoes that lack a cushioned footbed can add to the problems of the feet and the knees. This in turn puts excessive pressure on the knees as well, causing them to suffer from heel and knee pain. We recommend foot massage with warm body massage oil, before bedtime to release the pressure from the sole.

5. Stiff Muscles

The lack of exercise and barely moving your body causes stiffness in the muscles and increase the risk of developing knee pain in the future. Proper exercise and an active lifestyle with regular body oil massage makes the muscles strong and thus protect your joints.

6. Overuse of Muscles

Excess of everything is bad, which is why sometimes over exercising or overusing your joints and muscles may cause knee pain. Lifting heavy weights in the gym with improper form, playing/practicing a sport for a long duration without proper breaks, etc. may create problems for your knees. That being said, accidents might occur while playing a sport or in the gym. All these factors may cause a person to experience pain in their knees and joints.

7. Ignorance

The body always shows symptoms before something severe happens. If at any point in time, you feel swelling, redness or pain etc. in your knees, consult a doctor rather than ignoring it. Ignorance may cause the pain to increase and cause significant damage to the knees.

Remedies for Knee Pain – Effective Pain Management at home

1. Balancing Rest and Exercise

If you experience knee pain at a young age, consider opting for exercises that do not add pressure to your knee. If you exercise regularly, make sure to give your body some rest so that you do not overburden yourself or if you experience sudden pain, you should rest so that you don’t make matters worse. However, if you still feel the pain, then you can apply & massage some pain relief oil or painkiller oil and relax for some time, massage oil will give your joints with much needed relaxation.

2. Managing Body Weight

Always try to maintain your body weight in a range where you are not overweight or obese. The excess weight causes a lot of pressure on the knees. This slowly affects you by weakening the knees over time. Losing a little weight also helps a long way, because it can provide instant pain relief. Along with the regular weight loss program, one can try body massage with fat burning oil or slimming oil.

3. Working on the Body’s Posture

Little things like improving the body’s posture go a long way, in terms of managing knee pain. Standing straight balances the body weight, and does not put unnecessary pressure on one of the two knees. Similarly, slouching in chairs, and using extra soft mattresses that provide no lumbar support may cause pain in the joints, including the knees.

4. Yoga

Regularly practicing certain Yoga poses, like Utkatasana (chair pose), Virasana (hero pose) and Padmasana (Lotus Pose) helps relax muscles and strengthens the knee joint, which in turn helps with the pain.

Person is performing yoga for knee pain

5. Proper Footwear

Wearing proper footwear provides the necessary support to the feet and keeps the weight balanced. The relief brought about by proper footwear relaxes the knees too, because of the comfort and support, thereby relieving pain.

6. Benefits of oil massage with Pain Relief Oils

Massaging a pain relief oil onto your knees provides instant relief from the pain. There are several pain relief oils and pain oils available in the market that can be used as a remedy for joint pain. If you are struggling with a knee that pains and nothing works out, all you have to do is to go to either of your grandparents and borrow some pain relief oil from them and start massaging on the knees, thus it will naturally relieve your pain. A painkiller oil works better than a painkiller pill.

Pain Relief Oils for Knees

Knee pain in young adults is mostly manageable. It gets out of control when it is ignored and no actions are taken to comfort the knees. Every time you feel like your knee is sore after a run or playing a sport, quickly massage some pain relief oil on it right then or at night before you go to bed (we recommend Blue Nectar Devtvakadi Ayurvedic Pain Relief oil with Cinnamon and Clove, which is made with 17 ayurvedic herbs that provides relief from the pain of joints, knees and back as well).

Massaging with a painkiller oil for pain relief is one of the most common remedies for knee pain. Ayurveda places a lot of importance on oil massages to treat various conditions. There are body massage oils made for specific problem areas like fat burning oil, slimming oil and pain oil. Because of the body massage oil benefits associated with body massage, ayurveda strongly believes in the magic these body oil massage can do. Body oil massage benefits the body by relaxing the body and the mind. There is an entire process dedicated to using hot oils on patients to relieve pain in their knees, called Januvasti. In this process, hot oils are poured into circles made of gram flour that rest on your knee region for a fixed time. It is meant to treat chronic knee pain. If you are in a split mind as to which pain relief oil you should buy, use any of the oils mentioned below, individually or mixed. They have healing properties and act as a pain relief oil for the knees and other joints.

Masseuses' is giving oil massage with pain relief oil to another lady, at the back of the knee

1. Ajwain Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Also known as Carom seed oil, this body massage oil is known for its anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an oil for pain relief which is supposed to help with arthritis and is very beneficial when applied in the winter as it gives warmth to the body while improving blood circulation.

2. Ashwagandha Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Popularly known as winter cherry, ashwagandha has a renowned reputation as a magical herb. It has ushna virya (hot potency) and is used as an adaptogen, which is known to reduce the physical and mental stress on the body. This makes any body massage oil, that has an adequate amount of ashwagandha in it, an effective pain relief oil.

3. Camphor Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Camphor, or Kapoor, when crushed and mixed with coconut oil and used on the body as a body massage oil, is known to be a great muscle relaxant and an effective oil for pain relief. If you cannot get your hands on a bottle of camphor oil, just crush some and mix it with any carrier oil of your choice to make a DIY pain relief oil for pesky knee pain.

4. Dashmool Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Dashmool is the combination of dried roots of ten different plants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with antioxidants. It is used as a sedative and an analgesic that helps with knee pain. These properties make it a great option for a pain relief oil.

5. Eucalyptus Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Eucalyptus oil may be used as a pain relief oil as it is commonly used as a treatment for arthritis. It reduces pain, inflammation and swelling, and helps soothe the pain. Body massage with eucalyptus oil, mixed in carrier oil, eases off the tense muscles to provide much needed pain relief.

6. Garlic Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Garlic oil has anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from pain caused by arthritis. Roast a few minced cloves of garlic in mustard oil, strain it when it cools and use this DIY pain relief oil to massage your paining knees.

7. Ginger Oil as a Pain Relief oil

Ginger has antiseptic properties that reduce pain and swelling. Using ginger oil as a pain relief oil for knee pain improves blood circulation. It gives the knees a warm sensation and heals them.

To sum up, knee pain at a young age may/may not be serious. However, it is never meant to be ignored, especially when you can't bear any weight on your knee, or you cannot move it, and it doesn't get any better in a day or two even with painkiller oils. That being said, taking care of your knees is extremely important because problems in the knees may keep you from the most basic things like standing or walking. There are various lifestyle changes that you can make to better the condition of your knees significantly, like losing extra weight and exercising regularly. But at the end of the day, everybody is different. So, in case you end up with a small issue in your knee, massage it using some pain relief oil/ painkiller oil and consult a doctor if the pain doesn't subside.


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