Cinnamon Pain Relief Oil – A quick remedy to strengthen and reduce joint pain

I have just crossed 35 years of age and have been having Back or Knee related problems for last 6 months. Is it to do with age?

Its official - I have reached a certain age! What is not official or not necessary that age is accompanied with body aches , pain etc. That is only if you are taking good care of your self. It is true that muscles atrophy with time once a person crosses a certain age. It could vary from individual to individual but it typically starts at 35 years of age. Once muscle atrophy starts, it is more important that one shall take better care of herself..more than earlier!This could be in the form of body strengthening, better diet, better lifestyles etc. Unfortunately, lot of us, take our body for granted and continue with same lifestyle as before. This causes a vicious downward spiral of body pains, joint pains, less physical activity, more body pain as we age.

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How could I delay muscle atrophy with age?

Muscle atrophy is a natural process and one must understand that it is not possible to reverse natural process. You could certainly delay or slowdown the process of muscle wear and tear by listening to your body. Muscle building or strengthening is a process that goes long way in slowing down the signs of ageing. Weight Training or stairs climbing either in gym or yourself that flexes muscles and puts them to work is as helpful as water to a fish. Dont forget that with no pain there is no gain.

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I at times wonder how could our grand parent used to have an active lifestyle without aid of physiotherapists, orthoepaedics or gym. Secret recipe to their fitness was active lifestyle. Exercises or Stretching were built by default in their daily tasks and activities. Simple task of squatting in an Indian style washroom is a strong exercises for hamstring and quad muscles. Mopping floor while sitting is an gruelling glutes exercise taught in boot camps now. It is a pity that with luxuries of life, our muscle and body have become a soft target and doesnt get the required exercise in our day to day task. I loathe to imagine how many crutches or support system we would require when we cross age of 65+ if our current lifestyle devoid of physical activity was to continue.


What simple exercises could I incorporate in my day to day life

Well...pretty simple if you come to think of it. We are not asking to mop floors or go to Indian style washroom. To start with, Stop taking lifts and start climbing stairs. Once you get comfortable with stairs climbing, try stair climbing by skipping a step. Make it more complex and try stairs climbing with your laptop bag. Remember good old sit up we were made to do when we skipped our homework. 20 sit ups a day is an excellent combination exercise and could keep knee pain light years away. Planting a tree in squatting position is an excellent work for quad and forearms muscles. Not to mention your contribution to environment. Minimise cars for short distance less than 2 km! Come to think of it, you could easily built in 5-10 different exercises in your day to day life without much tinkering with your routine.

All the years of our life, we use and misuse our joints. Result - Unhappy joints which leads to Joint Pain and Back Pain. Unhappy joints can be a pain! They restrict our range of motion, limit our flexibility and make us scream at the slightest movement. While there are many therapies available to counter attack the problem, the best solution that experts recommend is - the mobility and strengthening of joints.

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Shall I do stretching when I have Pain in my Joints?

Has anyone ever mentioned to you that ‘Stiffness begets Stiffness’ and ‘Motion is the best Lotion’. It may be really painful to move that unhappy painful joint but non movement makes it stiffer, leading to more pain. So, where is the solution? Well, the solution lies in your home, in your kitchen. The solution lies in your hands. The magic of massage with the magic of Cinnamon, a kitchen spice! The magical spell may be called Lubrication.



While we are all spoilt with choices of back pain oil and joint pain oil available in the market, many experts suggest Cinnamon Oil to reduce back pain and strengthen weak joints. The question that immediately comes to one’s mind is that how can Cinnamon Oil give relief from joint pain, relief from knee pain, relief from back pain? Cinnamon has always been used for its medicinal properties and now it is proven for its healing properties too. Cinnamon oil has many benefits. Few of them are: 

- it boosts blood circulation 
- it has anti-inflammatory properties and thus makes a great topical treatment for sore muscles and joints thus giving relief from joint pain
- it has natural properties that can cure Arthritis and hence gives relief from knee pain
- it is a natural mood enhancer
- it slows down the activity of osteoclasts (cells that break down bones for resorption) and reduces bone damage
- it prevents tissue damage at joints by supressing the immune cells to attack the tissues at the joints and delaying the onset of joint pain.

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Realising the benefits of Kitchen herbs, Blue Nectar has Pain relief and Joint strenthening massage oil that have benefits of kitchen herbs like Cinnamon, Clove that could be used with ease. Incase of muscular pain, stiff back or knee pain, simply apply warm Devtvakadi Pain Relief Oil on affected area and cover it with warm cloth. You could also apply Devtvakadi Hot herbal compress to double the benefit of Massage Oil and Pain Potli. 

So, while you add cinnamon to that favourite dessert of yours, give a second thought to the benefits of this hidden spice!

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