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People nowadays are involved in their work and jobs. They work so hard to build their career and do not rest often. Though they sleep at night, doing a 9 to 5 job sitting the whole day makes their body ache and stiff. Sometimes, they need something that can relax them and relieve all the pain in their body. Then, massages come in handy; they help people to relax and help in getting their bodies well so that they can function at their total capacity. Massages are done with the help of body massage oil. Body massage oil helps in giving relaxation to the body of human beings. When a person gets a body massage, all their tension is released, and they feel more relaxed and energetic again. 

Masseus is giving back massage with potli and body massage oil

This article will discover everything related to body massage oil, its benefits, usage, types of body massage oil, and much more. 


  • Introduction
  • What is body massage oil?
  • Benefits of Oil Massage on Body
  • Types of body massage oil
  • How to apply body massage oil?
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

What is body massage oil?

Body massage oil is beneficial and is used by numerous people worldwide for massages. These body oils are used to give relief to the body. If you have body aches, tension or any stress, massages from body massage oil will help an individual overcome any of these things. It is not limited to relieving your body or your tension. 

So many body massage oils help the body in various ways. There are skin-brightening oils which help in making an individual's skin bright. Also, if you get body massages regularly, your body's blood flow and blood circulation will improve. 

Benefits of Oil Massage on Body

There are so many benefits of body massage oil on the body. To get the benefits, you should regularly go for the massaging process so that you can feel it. Some of the significant benefits are mentioned down below-

1. It helps in the cleansing of the body

When you go for a massage, you feel the most relaxed version of yourself. The application of body massage oil helps in making you feel fresh. When massaging is done, the dead skin cells in your body are removed. It also helps in exfoliating your body. Its overall benefits in the cleansing of the body. 

2. Improves Blood Circulation

Body massage is performed on each body part and done very slowly, giving the whole feeling of relaxation. It helps your body in boosting your blood circulation. Massages with body massage oil allow blood to flow freely into other body parts. They support all your body parts to heal.  

Body massage oil, potli and flower on table

3.Helps in Relieving pain

It is highly recommended to go for a massage if you are facing any pain. You should go for a massage if your muscles are tight or knotted. Massages help relieve your discomfort instantly by loosening up all the muscles of your body and promoting flexibility. Pain relief Oil is best oils for body massage. 

4. It helps in making you happy

The best thing about massaging is that it makes individuals a lot happier. When a person goes for a massage, there is a release of a body hormone known as endorphins which is one of the happy hormones and helps the individual make them happy, and they can feel peace. 

5. It helps in improving skin health

Since many skin-brightening oils help the individual improve their skin, it helps make the skin look brighter and smoother. These oils are beneficial and made of ingredients that do not harm or enhance your skin. This also helps in reducing the redness or irritation you are facing. 

There are so many more oil massage benefits. You can go for the massages if you feel like it. If you are exhausted, you can go for a massage and feel relaxed. In case you have joint or muscle pain, you can go for a massage. It also helps in relieving the pain and making your muscles function well. So go for the massage to witness the oil massage benefits by yourself.  

Masseuse is pouring body oil into her hands

Types of body massage oil 

There are various types of massage oil which you can use, and they serve different purposes. A few of the Body Oil are described below - 

  • Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is rich in goodness and has a lot of Vitamin E. It is also not very oily; you feel okay while massaging with this oil. They are so good for the skin. It targets the muscles correctly, helps reduce the signs of aging, and helps moisturize your skin. 

  • Sweet Almond Oil

Yellow in colour, and it has a sweet smell. It has been a favourite of Indian mothers. People used to drink almond oil while mixing the milk in it. It helps in improving the memory of an individual and also helps in making the health of an individual better. It is a bit greasy oil but gets absorbed into the skin very nicely. This oil is known to have inflammatory properties, which help treat rashes and itching. Also, it makes sore muscles and mild pains better. 

  • Apricot Oil 

Apricot Oil is very rich in vitamins A and E. It is perfect for dry skin, damaged skin, and inflamed skin. The oil is so light that you can even use this on your face. It helps in the tightening of the overall skin and also helps to reduce fine lines and stretch marks. 

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used from early times as a massage oil. This oil is used widely for cooking and has a lot of health benefits. This oil is not light and has an abundance of omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids. It helps reduce dry skin, muscle cramps, joint pain, and more. It is also known as the best pain relief oil. Overall it helps in reducing stress and provides relaxation to the whole body. 

  • Shea Butter 

It is one of the heavy oils. As the name suggests, butter's texture is only like butter at room temperature. It contains many compounds like tocopherols, sterols, triterpenes, etc. This is used as one of the beauty products. 

Blue Nectar Balalakshadi body oil

  • Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is not applied directly, it is first warmed, and then a lot of herbs are mixed into the oil. This oil is also known as Til Oil. The main advantage of this oil is that it helps strengthen the muscles, ligaments and bones. It also helps prevent skin damage from sun and UV radiation. 

  • Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is often used for cooking; you can purchase it anywhere. When you massage with sunflower oil, you receive the best skin texture. This oil helps rejuvenate your skin and makes it radiant and glowing. This is also suitable body massage oil for men. 

There are many more oils by which you can do the massage. Also, the ones mentioned above are the best oils for body massage. 

How to apply body massage oil?

Here are a few of the steps which you should follow to apply the body massage oil - 

  • First, ensure that the room you will massage is warm and comfortable.
  • Make your skin clean and dry before applying the oil to your body. This helps in the absorption of the oil in the body nicely.
  • You can heat the body oil and then take in oil in your palms for a better absorption level. Make sure the oil is just warm and not too hot.
  • Now start massaging the body with the palms gently. Use circular movements on the body parts like the chest, abdomen, etc. and use longer strokes for legs and arms.
  • Massage gently. You can also apply the oil on the scars and the stretch marks you have. 
  • If some oil is left on your skin, you can take a warm towel and damp it on your skin; it will help remove the excess oil from your body.
  • You can then wait for 10 to 12 minutes so that the oil is wholly reached into the deeper layers of your body. It will help you get relief from the pain. You can use pain oil if there is a lot of pain. 
  • After that, you can go for a bath with warm water. 

Blue Nectar body massage oils

Blue Nectar is one of the websites with many body massage oils; you can buy the oils from there. The variety does not end, and they are effective as well. 


Body massage oil is beneficial in many ways. It helps freshen up the body, helps relieve the pain, etc. There are many more benefits of body massaging. You can choose the oil as your choice, and to see the effects of this, you should regularly indulge in body massaging. 

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