Shagun, who kept this name, I wonder …. Shagun ka lifafa, my name means encashed…Also, my mother sings the chorus “Shagna da din.” It is the time when I cry. Every girl dreams of D-day, but I don’t.  Jokes apart, the literal meaning of shagun is Omen, Luck, Fortunate, and Auspicious moment.  Well, I am lucky. Lucky for others. I spread happiness and leave a footprint wherever I go.  A flashback to my college years. I majored in Economics. The mathematical models went overboard and went above my mind. However, it was exciting and challenging at the same time. Post that; I majored in business and marketing. 

A little about me! 

I am Shagun Azad and I am a Hindu Punjabi, and I work as a Seo- Content marketing manager. Some people are food lovers and dog lovers though I am idiosyncratic. I am a father lover. I preach, follow, and love my father unconditionally.

I did slip into dark times it is than my father acquainted me and told me 👍 “ Find happiness in your work”. It is then I did self introspection , stumbled upon different things and found my path into writing and marketing. From that very day, I have been considered a successful writer and wrote inspiring stories , metrical composition and much more. I am an introverted person and I find solace through the piece of my writing.

A little about me!


Because music heals

I love music as it always connects the chords to my heart.


“Nature never goes out of style”

My nickname is kept as kashmir apple as I have red toppings on my face and I am chubby.


You did not wake up today to be mediocre.

Fitness is my go to friend and I don't miss a day without my workout.

Let me share the secret recipe for my glowing skin:

“As I said, I am a naturalist; I eat and apply raw production.”

I first wash my face with Dove face wash, creamy and milky. Afterwards, I applied for Gulab Jal. I scrub my face with the Banana peel. Keep it and let it absorb into my skin. Afterwards, I rub Curd on my cheeks and scrub Aloe Vera on my forehead. An Under-Eye Mask and Black Head Mask are a must to clear the pores on the face.