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Bringraj Hair Oil for Hair Growth

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Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil (100 ml)

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Brigantantadi means Bringadi, Anantmool etc. Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil is an ayurvedic product for complete hair care and contains 9 Vital Herbs like Bringraj, Amla, Nilpatra, Mulethi etcRegular usage of Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil helps to

Prevent Premature Greying, Reduce Hair Loss, Promote Hair Growth and Fight Dandruff

Regular application of Briganantadi hair oil leads to healthy and shiny hair. In addition, it cools the head and is natural conditioner for lush hair growth




Brigantantadi means Bringadi, Anantmool etc. On an average people lose between 50-100 hair strands each day. This is quite normal because new hairs grows to replace that is lost. However, there are times when too much exposure to unhealthy conditions such as heat or chemicals causes hair to fall out.

Briganantadi hair repair treatment oil has three advantages – arrest hair fall, avoid premature graying and prevent dandruff. In addition it cools the head and is natural conditioner for lush hair growth. Bringraj is natural rasayana and promotes hair growth. Amla provides vitamin C to hair and arrest hair fall. Also helps as natural conditioner and has anti dandruff properties. Mulethi is licorice and helps in curing spot baldness in male and female. Malkangani is useful for sharpening the memory and increasing intellent. In all, 9 vital herbs help to promote lush hair growth, prevent hair fall and prevent premature graying and provide anti dandruff treatment.

Ingredients : Eclipta alba Hassk (Bringraj), Phyllanthus embica Linn (Amla), Indigofera tinctoria linn (Neel Patra), Glycyyrizha glabra linn (Mulethi), Celastrus paniculatus Wild (Malkangani), Cocos nucifera linn (Coconut), Sesamum indicum linn (Sesame), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Lavandula stoechas lin

How to use : The appropriate qty (5-10 ml) shall be massaged on scalp every day or as directed by physician.

Making of the product:  Ayurvedic herbs are dipped overnight and boiled till half of total volume is remaining. In cooled mixture, Malkagani, Rosemary, Coconut, Sesame and Lavendar Oil are mixed in sterilized manner.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent hair oil Review by Anshu
Excellent hair oil, for hair fall. just used for a week and my hair stopped falling. got good shine for my hair. I am very much satisfied with this product (Posted on 2/3/2017)
Briganantadi Hair Repair and Treatment Oil is really good Review by Neena
I had been facing the problem of hair fall since several years. I started using the Brigantadi oil since about six months and the results are really good. The hair fall is reduced to a very large extent and it seems that the nourishment from this oil is really effective. Now the hair appears to be healthier, denser and looks better. (Posted on 8/2/2016)
It works for hair growth! Review by Zayn
Using it for 2 months now. It leaves hair shiny n lustrous. I like the smell as well. My dandruff has reduced dramatically and my hair loss also has stopped. I generally use it every night. (Posted on 7/30/2016)
No more hair loss Review by Mohan
Brignantadi Hair Oil from Blue Nectar guarantees the nourishment and provides the lost strength to your hair roots. The oil is made with all herbal ingredients that will not let you hair fall any more. The oil is proven to stop and prevent graying of hair. It also cures dandruff problems. (Posted on 7/23/2016)

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