Shubhr Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil with Organic Ghee, Almond Oil & Vitamin E for Healthy Babies


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Complete Ingredient List
Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter), Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Rose Flower, Mulethi, Ashwagandha, Saffron, Coconut oil, Lavendar Oil, Sesame Oil, Sankhpushpi Oil.

Ideal for daily massage for your precious loved one and suitable for all skin types.

It may seem intimidating in the beginning but it is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable activity to see your little one relaxing and enjoying while getting massage. Therefore, it is all the more important that you do the right thing that helps him/her to relax and feel better. 

    Q.Can we apply this oil at night?

    Yes. It is perfect to be applied at night.

    Q.Can I use it for my 10 years boy?

    Yes, ofcourse. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is completely natural, with no artificial chemicals, or mineral oils and has a pleasant mild fragrance. It is absolutely well suited for children of all age groups.

    Q.How long should I keep this oil on the baby's skin?

    Best is to leave it overnight. 30 minutes before the bath is good too, for the absorption of natural nutrients

    Did you know that Your baby's skin loses moisture 2 times faster & is more prone to dryness? Shubhr Baby Massage Oil, specially created for first 5 years of Baby's growth, contains Organic Ghee (Purified Butter) which is very essential for the healthy growth of bones & muscle mass.

    Baby oil by Blue Nectar, with a delicate fragrance, is mild and keeps babies smelling fresh and fragrant longer.

    Proper nourishment to body and skin in the early years goes a long way in the growth of strong bones & muscle mass.

    A gentle massage with good massage oil for Babies can do wonders to your baby - it can calm your little one's skin, ease her tummy and give proper nourishment apart from providing important hydration and lubricant to bones & Muscle.

    Shubhr Baby massage Oil has all-important 13 Ayurvedic Herbs that combines best of all words for your most precious. Massaging with this oil calms baby skin, builds immunity & strength and helps them sleep better. Baby oil makes it easy for you to give your little one loving nourishment and your touch helps in stimulating her senses which is critical for her happy and healthy development.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    Manali adesara
    Bluenacker baby massage oil

    I love this product in this product no harm full chemicals with ghee and almond this is to good product for the baby I love this product

    Anjali pandey
    Good product.

    I love the fragrance of the oil.

    The best oil

    The prestigious baby oil I've ever used for my kids

    Amazing product

    This baby massage oil from the house of blue nector

    Pragya Samdariya
    Amazing product for baby

    I bought this for my little girl for before the shower massage. The best part about this oil is that it is made up of all natural and organic products. It doesn't cause any skin problem and skin is left smooth. The scent is really amazing. I use it myself sometimes. Worth money not too pricey .

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    Shubhr Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil with Organic Ghee, Almond Oil & Vitamin E for Healthy Babies

    Shubhr Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil with Organic Ghee, Almond Oil & Vitamin E for Healthy Babies

    Rs. 575.00