Ayurvedic remedies to get rid of winter stiffness

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  • How to get rid of winter stiffness
  • What is a Pain relief oil?
  • Ayurvedic pain relief oil benefits
  • Composition of ayurvedic pain relief oil
  • How can a body oil massage with pain relief oil helps in winter?
  • Conclusion
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    Winter is around the corner. It's time for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Sweaters and woolen clothes are finally in use. The mornings are full of fog and cold breezes. Just as you wake up to enjoy the morning, you feel some stiffness in your joints, especially your legs. 

    Some kind of body pain and difficulty in moving is prevalent in winter. The dropping temperature makes it worse. Due to the weather, we are most likely to stay in one place covered in quilts and not move a lot. This doesn't allow the blood to circulate properly in the body causing the muscles and joints pain.

    Pain relief oil, leaf and ayurvedic herbs are on table

    This problem is more frequent in old age and people suffering from ortho diseases. Is there a solution to this? Winters come every year and so does pain. What can be done to reduce the pain? Will an oil massage with a pain relief oil benefit?

    One common, homeremedy to get rid of the stiffness and pain is - oil massage, Simply use the available oil / body massage oil such as coconut oil, and almond oil at home and massage the joints. If the pain is worse by the day, you could try an oil massage with pain relief oil and enjoy body massage oil benefits.

    Can oil massage and pain relief oil actually work and reduce muscle pain and stiffness? According to Ayurveda, massaging joints or doing an oil massage with pain relief oils can soothe aching muscles and improve blood circulation.  Body massage oils, and pain relief oil with a combination of essential herbs with carrier oils are used for centuries now. Before the invention of massaging chairs and other instruments, people used  body oil massage for all the joints, and the whole body, thoroughly, to get rid of winter stiffness and joint pain.

    How to get rid of winter stiffness 

    Originating in India, Ayurveda is the oldest medical system. It has answers to almost all illnesses using the goodness of all-natural herbs and oils. Well aware of the nutrient requirement of the body, Ayurveda has given treatments depending on deficiencies, and health conditions. 

    man is massaging his knee with pain relief oil

    Winter stiffness and joint pains are mainly due to Vatta imbalance. According to Ayurveda, the human body mainly functions on the balance of 3 doshas (Vatta dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha). Consuming adequate food helps us balance Vatta dosha and keep your body warm and supplement it with oil massage and pain relief oil. 

    To cure winter stiffness and muscle pain, Ayurveda suggests some tips and remedies.

    1. Wear warm clothes

      Wearing winter-appropriate clothes not only keeps the body warm but helps in preventing stiffness. Especially when you go out, if you forget to wear hand gloves, your fingers feel swollen and stiff. Exposure to cold weather for a long time can increase stiffness and cause joint pains. It is extremely necessary to cover the body with warm clothes. Using thermal wear and then layering it with other woolen clothes, with warm socks and gloves to cover the hand, you can easily avoid winter stiffness.

      2. Consume warm food

      A well-balanced diet is essential in winter. It keeps the body nourished from the inside and prevents any aches or pains. Eat a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables and whole grains. As far as possible, avoid processed food and prepare fresh meals and eat it when it is still warm.

      Ayurveda suggests using turmeric in food for its medicinal properties. In India, especially in the winter season, everyone is asked to drink turmeric latte or turmeric added to milk. It keeps the body warm and even prevents catching colds and viral diseases. Turmeric latte is a very easy recipe and yet has a high anti-inflammatory effect. 

      Recipe for Turmeric Latte: Add ground turmeric to Almond milk along with cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla extract and whisk it gently over heat and serve it with a pinch of cinnamon powder on the top.

      Adding cinnamon, and cloves of garlic to the food is also suggested by Ayurveda for long-term relief of knee pains and stiffness.

      3. Exercise regularly

        To keep moving as much as possible and working out indoors can also help you keep up the flexibility in the body and elasticity in the joints.  Exercise improves bone health. It is highly advisable to follow an exercise routine even in winter. Not necessarily joining a gym but following a 15-minute routine indoors can also allow the whole body to stretch helping the muscles to relax and avoid joint pains and stiffness.

        Ayurveda suggests the traditional way of exercising i.e., 10-15 reps of Surya Namaskara and grounding and calming exercises like yoga, walking, and jogging. This helps in agility and flexibility and keeps the Vatta Dosha balanced for a long time.

        two massage potli are on grey marble slab

        4. Hydrate well

        Hydration is vital in all seasons but especially in winter. You might have a misconception that you need to increase the water intake in summer because of the weather and heat but in winter, due to the dry air, you feel dehydrated and tired. You might not know the reason but it all boils down to hydration. 

        Ideally, warm water is suggested to drink in winter to prevent cold and maintain water levels. According to Ayurveda, adding essential herbs and spices can enhance water quality. Adding lemon, ginger even tulsi, and mint can be added to the water, and slightly boiling it can work great for dosha and winter pains and stiffness.

        5. Increase Vitamin D intake

        Adding food that contains Vitamin D in the diet can also help in the cause. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in cell growth, and bone strengthening by absorbing calcium and phosphorus from food. So adding Vitamin D is not only important for overall nourishment but can help reduce muscle and joint pain substantially. 

        Sources such as milk, yogurt, mushrooms, tuna fish, oranges, etc rich in Vitamin D can be used as the main ingredients in day-to-day meals.  

        1. Body oil massage with an ayurvedic pain relief oil 

          Regularly massaging the body with a body massage oil or an ayurvedic pain relief oil can be of great help. Devtvakadi Pain Relief Oil and Potli Joint and Muscular Pain has 17 ayurvedic herbs. An oil massage with Devtvakadi pain relief oil provide relief to back pain, joints, and knee pain. The pain relief oil can be supplemented with warm ayurvedic potli massage which helps in relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation reducing joint pain and winter stiffness.

          What is a Pain relief oil?

          Pain relief oil or painkiller oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Frankincense oil with the properties of healing and anti-inflammatory reduces soreness and relaxes the joints and muscles by releasing tension. Known for providing instant and effective relief, a gentle oil massage with pain relief oil can mitigate severe joint pains.

          On the other hand, Pain killer oils are known to manage muscle disorders. Oil massage with pain relief oils gives relief to the ortho diseases such as arthritis, spondylosis, sprains, etc. pain killer oil massage  can be used on the affected areas and can prevent the soreness and stiffness of the joints

          pain relief oil with flowers are on grey slab

          Ayurvedic pain relief oil benefits

          Treating illness naturally and by using all the ayurvedic ingredients, Ayurveda has proved to be effective in almost all illnesses and pains. For winter stiffness and joint pain, body oil massage with the help of Ayurvedic pain relief oil is also proving beneficial according to the reviews of the customers.

          Listing some of the benefits of using pain relief oils -

          • Pain relief oil massage relieves from joint pains and muscle soreness
          • Pain relief oil massage helps to strengthen muscles and increase joints mobility
          • Pain relief oil massage helps to  reduce chronic pain
          • Pain relief oil massage  improves blood flow and circulation
          • Pain relief oil massage nourishes and firms up the skin

          Composition of ayurvedic pain relief oil

          All natural and ayurvedic ingredients are used in making pain relief oils and pain killer oils.

          The goodness of cinnamon oil, clove oil, neem, and turmeric, along with 16 other ayurvedic herbs goes into making these pain relief oil with the properties of anti-inflammatory and calcium to strengthen the bones and help alleviate any kind of joint pains.

          The Ayurvedic pain relief oils can be used as a body massage oil after an experience of hiking or an excessive workout. It will release tension throughout the body and helps in relaxing and replenishing the body.

          How can a body oil massage with pain relief oil helps in winter?

          Using body oil massage in winter is highly recommended by the experts. Body oil massage helps in pain relief and maintaining a healthy body and minimizing any stiffness or pains in the joints. Body massage oil benefits in various ways: 

          • Body oil massage boosts immunity and protects from viral diseases. 
          • Body oil massage keeps the whole body warm and improves joint mobility. Body Massage oil benefits in improving overall skin health by working on skin hydration and stimulating collagen production.
          • Body oil massage boosts metabolism and keeps weight in check. Blood circulation and releasing stress are also some of the perks of using body massage oil.

          pain oil bottle is on wooden tray with white pot around it


          Oils can sink into deeper levels of the skin by oil massage. So, using the body massage oils, the pain relief oils can help you work on the joint pains and stiffness and let you enjoy the winters and festivals. 

          Using all the natural and ayurvedic products for pain relief and body massage oils will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals our body demands and also gives instant relief. 

          Curating ayurvedic pain relief oil with the goodness of natural herbs helps in joint flexibility and tenderness.

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