Busting myths & learning facts about Hair oiling

Busting Myths About Hair Oiling

Hair oiling has existed in the Ayurveda and Indian subcontinent for centuries. Oiling the hair with ayurvedic oils for hair is a way of expressing love and affection in most Indian families. Many pieces of research from the west and the thick luscious braids of our Nanis and Dadis are proof enough that hair oiling with Bhringraj oil or any other ayurvedic hair oils is undeniably the best way to look after your hair and make them healthy.

People may say oiling is pointless and unnecessary but that doesn’t change the fact that ayurvedic oils for hair are truly revolutionary. Sadly, a ton of misinformation about this ancient -ayurvedic treatment for hair practice exists out there. Fret not! We’re here to help you learn and unlearn hair practices with hair repair oil.

In this blog, we will be busting some of the most popular but baseless myths about massaging hair with hair oil. Keep reading and let us know which myth bust surprised you the most!

Lady is getting hair massage by ayurvedic hair oil

1. Myth - Ayurvedic hair oils need to sit in your hair overnight

We’re certain you’ve heard people say that the longer your hair oils stay in your hair, the better they penetrate into the roots, thus giving better results. That makes sense, right? Except that it doesn’t!

Any advice to leave your ayurvedic oils for hair overnight or throughout the day is baseless. 2-3 hours post-application are likely to bring you the same results as leaving them overnight. So, all those extra hours are inconvenient at best and catastrophic for your hair at worst!

Oil because of its sticky nature, when applied and left alone for longer than necessary attracts dirt and impurities from the environment. These polluted elements make themselves comfortable on your scalp and wreak havoc. The result? Increased hair fall, dandruff and even scalp infections!

Besides, sleeping with oil on your hair willruin your pillowcase, forever. So, just apply your Best ayurvedic hair oil like Bhringraj oil, Cocnut Oil, Olive oil, anywhere between 45 minutes to 3 hours before washing and you should be good to go!

2. Myth - Oiling your hair with ayurvedic hair oils is the best way to treat dandruff.

Be honest… How many times have you read an article on the internet or a random “hair influencer” telling you that dandruff is caused by dryness in the scalp and the best way to treat the dryness is a good old champi session? Seems like it’s sound advice, right? Nope! Well, not entirely… This advice fails to account for some of the most important things one needs to evaluate when planning ayurvedic hair treatment.

Any hair treatment would largely consider the following – hair type, type of scalp (oily or dry), hair issues (prone to breakage or not) When a person with an already oily scalp (when the scalp produces plenty of sebum) slathers on even more oil, their dandruff situation can actually be aggravated further, to the point that their dandruff turns into permanent persistent flakes that show up immediately after a wash. So, before you dive into the hair oiling journey or any hair treatment plan with any hair repair oil , please take the time to identify your hair & scalp type and only then, choose ayurvedic oils for hair accordingly. Pro tip: Bhringraj oil, which is also known as best ayurvedic hair oil, mixed with some tea tree essential oil, is known to be quite beneficial for treating dandruff, so check that out!

Lady is getting hair massage

3. Myth - Braiding your hair post-oiling with ayurvedic oils for hair boosts hair growth.

Tying your hair in a tight & secure braid post-oiling seems to be the norm, right? Wouldn’t that mean braiding is probably a good practice to increase the speed at which your hair grows? Nope, it does the opposite in fact. After hair oil massage, your hair is at its weakest, even when you are using the best ayurvedic hair oil.

Pulling the tangles out while combing through your hair and putting all that unnecessary pressure from the tightness of a braid will actually cause a ton of breakage straight from the roots and give your hair a head starts on the dreaded hair fall. The stimulation of the scalp received from a 10-minute-long head massage with ayurvedic hair oils is enough to increase blood flow near the roots, which is what ultimately boosts hair growth.

So, next time you use ayurvedic oils for hair, be sure to comb it and take all the tangles out before oiling and once you’re done with the massage, simply roll your hair into a relaxed bun (such that the hair doesn’t feel pulled) and secure it with a silk scrunchie or a claw clip (yep, ditch those hair ties, they cause a lot more breakage than you think)!

Ayurvedic hair oil bottle is on white table with some flowers

4. Myth - You can get the same results from oiling as a conditioning hair treatment.

Nope, as much as we love wishful thinking, you can’t get the same effects as a full-on conditioning treatment plan from some ayurvedic oils for hair. The role of oiling your hair with Bhringraj oil is completely different. When massaged in with care, the hair repair oil nourishes your hair, gives it an extra boost of nutrients, and creates a healthy coating around the shafts of your hair, thus protecting them, and ultimately making them softer and shinier. But to expect the results of professional conditioning care from a simple ayurvedic hair oil is misleading, to say the least. It doesn’t account for the fact that the purposes behind both are far from close.

While chemical conditioning sessions at the salon can prove to be harsh on your hair, ayurvedic oils for hair do exactly as their name suggests… they provide ayurvedic treatment for hair. The results of this hair treatment may be somewhat similar to professional care but you likely won’t observe a difference instantly. On the upside, with proper oiling with any ayurvedic hair oil that contains bhringraj oil or a hair repair oil that contains mahabhringraj, the improved status of your hair is likely to remain that way much longer.

5. Myth - Only your scalp needs to be oiled with Ayurvedic oils for hair.

Most of us focus all our attention on the scalp when indulging in those beloved champi sessions with ayurvedic oils for hair. Since it’s the closest to the roots, that’s where all the nutrition must be needed, right? Actually, no! In fact, your scalp could do without the extra oil. The lengths and ends of your hair need the conditioning qualities of oiling more.

Your scalp produces sebum, also known as natural oils, most of which get concentrated around the roots of your hair. This is what makes your hair look greasy before a wash. As a result, the ends become super dry and the lengths are left extremely frizzy. Even the best ayurvedic hair oil can’t give your lovely strands the proper nourishment they need if the application is limited to your scalp. So, don’t neglect the rest of your hair and stop putting all the oil only on your scalp. You’ll be surprised by the results, so thank us later.

6. Myth - You need to apply a lot of ayurvedic oil for hair for it to reach your roots.

Revisit the old saying “Less is more” and apply it to your oiling practices starting today! Will applying a ton of ayurvedic hair oils supply the right amount of nutrition to your roots? No. The only thing slathering copious amounts of oil on your scalp will do is it will weigh your hair down, and make it super greasy to the point where even a wash won’t help. We get that you want all the good nutrients of your hair oil to reach your roots but over-oiling is certainly not the way to achieve that. Instead, try introducing steam to your scalp post-oiling. This will allow your hair follicles to expand and open up, and the oil present on the scalp will sort of slip in to reach your roots. Be careful not to fiddle with your hair afterwards for at least half an hour. As a result of your scalp being relaxed, your hair is fragile and will break even with the slightest of force, or lack thereof.

7. Myth – All hair oils serve the same purpose.

Saying all types of ayurvedic oils for hair are the same is like saying all vegetables have the same nutritional content. Sounds bizarre, right? That’s because it is! Ayurvedic oils for hair are very different when it comes to their formulation. Some are meant for the scalp while others target the dry ends.

Bhringraj oil may be the best ayurvedic hair oil for preventing hair fall, but it’s castor oil that will boost hair growth most efficiently. Some heavy oils (castor oil or olive oil are pretty thick) are not suitable for an oily type scalp. So, ayurvedic oils for hair that are lighter in consistency, such as sweet almond oil and rosemary essential oil may be more suitable. Hair oils are unique in their consistency, colour, fragrance and most importantly, effects and should be used as such.

Ayurvedic hair oil is pouring down

8. Myth - Hair repair oils alone are enough for your hair treatment.

To expect ayurvedic oils for hair to treat all the damage endured by your hair is like expecting your food to taste good when the only flavour you’ve added to it, is a bunch of salt. Sure, it’s important but nowhere near enough to complete the care your hair needs and deserves. The task of a hair repair oil is to restore your hair’s health and heal all the trauma it has gathered at the hands of terrible products, pollution and unsuitable hairstyles. Ayurvedic oils for hair can give your luscious strands the right nutrition but you need supporting products like a damage repair shampoo, conditioner and post-wash serum alongside a healthy dose of protein, some essential vitamins, and other supplements in your diet to completely repair your hair and outgrow the damage.


Final Takeaway

While there are certainly some nefarious myths about all sorts of ancient Indian self-care practices, they haven’t managed to shake centuries worth of faith. Hair oiling is as big of a part of hair care in India today as it was a millennia ago. And we couldn’t be happier. If you’re a sceptic, try giving some good ayurvedic oils for hair a fair shot and see the results for yourself. And if you’re on the hunt for ayurvedic hair oils that suits your needs, check out Blue Nectar’s collection of Ayurvedic hair oils and give your hair the love & nourishment it deserves. Share this blog with someone who might find it helpful and frequent this space for more content on beauty and wellness. Until next time.

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