Dark spots on face? Ayurveda has you covered

What are Dark spots?

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Dark spots on face are the ultimate foe of any girl’s life. These pockets of pigmentations on skin stay for a long time, but are obviously obliterable if you follow the correct skincare regime.


Dark spots on face are often described as results of pigmentation. A dark spot on the skin or patch, or even a general darkening of the skin is called skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Our skin color is produced mostly by the pigment melanin, which is evenly distributed in our skin. As we've seen, dark spots happen when certain parts of our skin produce more melanin than others. There are many factors that can contribute to the development of dark spots, including the sun's harmful UV rays or hormones.


Freckles, melasma, dark circles, etc., are some other types of skin pigmentation. A dark brown patch of pigmentation on the skin called melasma is caused by pigmentation on the skin that develops as we age. Sometimes, injuries and inflammation can also discolor the skin. They each occur due to different reasons. Inflammatory pigmentation refers to skin pigmentation caused by an inflammation in the body. Dark circles around our eyes are a common form of pigmentation that makes us look tired and dull.




Causative agents:


Exposure to sun rays:

Sunlight contains harmful UV rays which impair the skin greatly. UV rays are detrimental to the skin, as they cause sunspots, freckles and age the skin. These can be prevented by good sunscreens or dark spot removal cream


Hormonal effects:

Hormones play a significant role in hyperpigmentation. PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), Pregnancy hormones often cause pigmentation on the skin.



Often certain medications cause spotting,due to certain chemicals present in them that react with the skin, causing elevated levels of melanin production.


Inflammation or any injuries:

Inflammation or scars on the skin often result in dark spots on face. However these are not permanent, and can be removed with care.



A bunch of remedies and skincare products are available in the market, in the name of dark spot removal creams, moisturizers, and skincare gels(namely a few skin peeling masks and acids). However, the best treatment for dark spots comes from natural and organic ingredients and ayurveda has solutions to all skin related complications.


Home remedies:


Manjistha herb:

As a blood purifier and skin toner, Manjistha has numerous skin benefits.  Manjistha capsules have a sweet, bitter, and acidic taste,  and can be taken twice daily to treat dark spots on face. Manjistha powder can be mixed with honey and applied on the areas affected, and it is effective in removal of pigmentation.



Turmeric is widely used in Indian skin care methods. A mixture of turmeric with curd and besan works like magic on the skin. Clean it with lukewarm water, and voila. You can also opt for dark spot removal cream with turmeric and natural ingredients. Did you know Nalpamradi thailam is an effective ayurvedic face and body oil, which is very helpful in treating dark spots as it has turmeric in it.




Tomato paste:

Lycopene in tomato paste protects the skin from sun damage. Application of tomato paste helps in lightening of dark spots and hence, brightening of the skin as it heightens the inner glow.


Red lentils:

A popular depigmentation treatment is using masoor dal face masks, which you can easily find in every Indian household.  A fine paste of fresh soaked red lentils has a remarkable effect on the skin.



A ratio of 2 tablespoon turmeric powder to a few strands of Saffron can be used to prepare a paste to reduce pigmentation and dark spots on face. This paste can be applied to your face, concentrating on the areas with hyperpigmentation. Saffron is an excellent Ayurvedic natural ingredient that has lasting effects on the skin.

DIY tip: Add a pinch of haldi to Kumkumadi Serum and massage your face with it. Rinse it with a mild ayurvedic face wash. This will give you quick results.


Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera is the prodigy of the ayurveda world. A few drops of aloe vera gel applied directly to the skin can cure almost anything, even dark spots! Leaving it on overnight and washing it off with lukewarm water works best.



The refreshing buttermilk is known to revive the skin too, by its dark pigmentation curing properties. A bit of buttermilk mixed with lemon extract revitalizes the skin, by removing acne and pigmentation caused by acne scars. Alternatively, you could also add haldi to buttermilk and use it for hyperpigmentation.


Ayurvedic Treatments and Ayurvedic Oils:

Dark spots scar the skin, and they are for innumerable reasons, one of them is external factors, be it exposure to the sun or the raging pollution of city life. However, home remedies do come in handy, but sometimes some ayurvedic treatment does the trick. There are a number of ayurvedic oils available in the market, and they do work on such skin issues.


Kumkumadi Tailam:

The main component of Kumkumadi tailam is saffron, which removes pigmentation or dark spots by illuminating the skin, thus giving it back its original glow.

This face glowing oil works best on clean skin pumped up with some rose water. Best results can be seen by applying it overnight. Kumkumadi tailam is also available in many ayurvedic dark spot removal creams.



Jwalini oil:

One fact that hampers the Indian skin tone the most is the extremely hot and sunny summers, which tan the skin. Those with oily and acne prone skin become victims of constant break-outs, and these result in dark spots on face. The building block of this jwalini oil is coconut and sesame oil, which helps a lot with after sun care, as they act as effective tan removers.


Nalpamaradi Thailam:

With potent antioxidant properties, turmeric contained in the oil restores pigmentation, evens skin tone, and removes tan marks. Nalpamaradi Thailam is a blend of Sesame oil, Vetiver, Turmeric, Gooseberry, and Indian Madder. It is a strong skin brightener and de-tanner.


Nalpamaradi Thailam is best to apply the oil to dark spots or pigmentation in a gentle manner, covering all affected areas. It works best if left on for 30 minutes. The turmeric in the Nalpamradi oil may stain the skin yellow, so precautions must be taken when using it.



Developing good habits:

Ayurveda works best if you have a balanced daily routine. Just applying ayurvedic dark spot removal cream and home remedies isn't enough, if you have an unpleasant lifestyle. Eat well, have a balanced diet, and drinking ample amounts of water helps in improving well-being by boosting health.




Dark spots on face are legit issues that most people face these days. Sometimes the extrinsic factors do play a role, but most of the time it is the vexatious fast lifestyle that harms our body and the skin. A daily proper routine needs to be followed, along with the remedies mentioned in the blog.


Although some may benefit from these treatments, not everyone will, so a spot check should be performed before pursuing these treatments to rule out allergies and other issues. Dark spots on face are stubborn, but they can be erased by following a proper regime. 




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  • anirudh

    Can I collect your medicine AT Ayurdhan Jakkur?.

  • anirudh

    Can I collect your medicine AT Ayurdhan Jakkur?.

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