Effortless ways to protect your skin during summer

Come summer and my daughter becomes like a mad woman headed towards Menopause, absolutely moody and ready to kill even at the slightest provocation

Come summer and I start to dread her. I make sure that I am always out of her way and find myself diving for cover most of the time. This does not have anything to do with her being a “teenage” but simply because she feels extremely “hot” during the summer months. The hot temperature raises the heart rate. This further raises discomfort, increases frustration leading to increased possibility of being more aggressive and angry.

But this is not all. change in season can also affect our skin adversely. Which in turn has an effect on our emotional wellbeing.  Summer months can leave our skin feeling greasy, breakouts become more common, skin can feel drier and lack moisture, sweat glands become more active, sun exposure causes pigmented patches and redness or even sun burns, eczema can worsen, one can fall prey to heat rash (prickly heat) etc.

Dealing with the effects of heat to calm our mind and body requires only awareness and a few simple healthy steps to changes to our daily regime.



This is a no brainer. By now you have read and seen countless blogs, video blogs, info graphics, ads all proclaiming the importance of drinking water. How it aids in flushing out toxins from our body, aids digestion and prevents constipation, stabilizes heartbeat and normalizes blood pressure, cushions joints and protects organs and tissues and etc.

What water does for the skin is prevents acne, gives an even skin tone, prevents premature ageing, reduces puffiness, helps to heal faster from sunburns, makes skin tighter and more supple, maintains the PH balance, prevents heat related skin eruptions and much much more.

If you are like me and have a tough time drinking water, just infuse it with lemon or orange or cucumber and mint. Not only will it give it a pleasant flavor but you will benefit from the properties of the fruits or herbs which have been used to infuse.


Fresh juices

One can be very tempted to opt for cold drinks during summer. These sugary sodas have no health benefits and in fact do quite the opposite. Opt for Fresh Fruit juices when the need to have a drink takes you over.

Natural drinks during the summer


Seasonal fruits and vegetable

There is a place and time for everything in nature and we should be following nature's code for consuming fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are based on the body needs of that particular season. A lot of energy is expended by our bodies in the summer to stay cool. The seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the summer are high in water content, have cooling properties and are light on our digestive system. This keeps the body well hydrated and rejuvenated.


Hydrate your body

Hydration is not only about drinking enough water. While water is required to hydrate, the skin needs an extra boost of hydration as well.

This can be achieved by using a humectant to lock the moisture in the skin. You can do this by selecting a hydrating serum containing Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, using face mists or even a moisturizing face mask to increase the hydration and radiance.

Healthy diets for body hydration


Moisturize well

It is vital to protect your skin in the summer. A good moisturizer, preferably of non-greasy formulation with antioxidants like Vitamin A and C, will help you do that. If the moisturizer contains SPF then it is even better. We must moisturize immediately after bath, while the skin is still dampl, to lock the moisture in.


Exfoliate for healthy skin

We need deep cleanse to remove excess oil and dirt and dead skin cells so that our skin can breathe freely. Choose an exfoliator as per your skin and gently scrub away in circular motions. Don’t neglect the areas around your lips and neck. You can opt for an Ayurvedic Ubtan as well, which works very well as an exfoliator and the skin gains many more benefits from the pure herbs used in these ayurvedic ubtans.

Ayurvedic ubtan


Breathable fabrics

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down. As the sweat is hit by the air, it evaporates and, in the process, cools down the body. Loosely fitted cotton garments in light colors are the best to wear during summer. Not only is cotton soft, lightweight and breathable, it takes the sweat away from the body, allowing it to cool down. Another fabric similar to cotton is Linen. Dark colors should be avoided in summers as they tend to store the heat energy rather than reflect it and it makes us hotter.


Bathe twice a day

The sweat makes the dirt and grime to stick to the body and further clogs the pores. Bathing twice a day to maintain a good hygiene routine in summer is very important. This will not only help you to feel fresh but also ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.



Toners are an absolute must during the summer months as they will not only keep your skin oil free and clean but also reduce the appearance of pores. Pay special attention to the “T” zone of the face as this is the part which secretes the maximum oil during the summer months. 


Avoid heavy make up

Choose to wear minimum or no makeup as too much make up can easily clog the pores and result in breakout. Look for makeup products with SPF 30 in them. You can easily achieve a fresh, dewy look in summer and play with lip tints and colored eye pencils to make a statement of your own while keeping it light and natural.

Skin care in summer 


Sunscreens, eye glasses and hats

The sun is cruel on the skin, more in Summer than in any other month. A Sunscreen is a must to protect from the harsh UV rays of the Sun that lead to photo ageing, pigmentation, sunburns, wrinkles and maybe even cancer. Apply a sunscreen half an hour before stepping out of the house. Ensure to reapply it every 2 hrs, especially when you are out in the Sun. Use a wide brimmed for further protection from the Sun.

Eyeglasses are just as important to protect the eye from the harmful UV rays of the Sun damage as sunscreen. Eyeglasses can protect the eyes from retinal and cornea damage caused by exposure to UV rays.

Well, it's time for me to face the devil and push her off for a cooling bath. We would love to hear about how you keep yourself cool (both mentally and physically) in the scorching summer month.