Reasons For Hair Damage And Its Treatment

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  • What causes hair damage!
  • Don't you wonder what is hair detox?
  • Follow these simple home remedies to detox hair
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Hair is one of the first things that a person notices in you and it can totally change the way a person perceives you and vice versa. (Imagine the compliments like....ooohhh...beautiful hair!!. Remember Goldilocks and Rapunzel for their hair?

Hair is believed to be one of the most essential accessories someone could possess. For both men and women hair stands as one important thing but managing them in their busy schedule could be a daunting task. And in order to style our hair we damage them so badly that they take a long time to regain their original texture. The best way to treat damaged hair is to detox them. One of the most natural way to detox hair and restore their natural shine is by using ayurvedic oils for hair. 

Our life is so hectic nowadays that we are always under tremendous stress. We don’t even get the time to eat properly. Or let’s say that people don’t spend time on their nutritional requirements as they are pre-occupied with things. As a result, a majority of the people suffer from nutrient deficiency which is the one of the main reasons behind increasing skin, hair and other health problems.

What causes hair damage?

causes hair damage


Needless to say, pollution has an adverse effect on our hair. Constant exposure to pollution and dust particles damages hair and make them lifeless. And in the long run it causes hair breakage and hair fall. To avoid the effects of pollution on hair, always cover your hair with a cotton scarf. To overcome the effects of pollution, use any ayurvedic oils for hair and massage them into the hair.


Perming refers to the process of either chemical straightening or chemical curling. It breaks the inner bonds of the hair and re-forms them in a different way. Like bleaching perming also weakens our hair and gives them a dull appearance. Perming your hair for a long time leads to brittle and lifeless hair.

Highlights and colouring:

Highlights and semi-permanent dyes cause less damage to hair than bleaching or perms. But each one comes with its own set of problems. Even highlighting and colouring have negative result on hair. They also change the inner structure of hair and make them dry. This happens more to people who frequently colour their hair. Frequent hair colouring  may also result in the onset of early greying of hair.

Flat iron and blow-drying:

Undoubtedly, your hair looks awesome when blow-dried. But have you ever thought that heat styling your hair could be the reason behind your lifeless tresses? Heat causes temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together making hair look dull and lifeless. Over time, the temporary changes can lead to more permanent damage. Especially, if you are habituated to blow dry or iron your hair on a daily basis.

Tip: By using ayurvedic oils for hair, such as Tea Tree Oil, Bhringraj oil, and Amla Oil, one can reduce the adverse effects of hair styling techniques. These ayurvedic oils for hair are the best oil for hair growth, hairfall control oil ,and work best in minimising hair damage..

Ponytails and braids:

Ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially if you style by pulling them too tightly. If you have a habit of doing it on a regular basis, it may result in permanent damage to your hair. Braiding or putting your hair in ponytail when it is moist can cause even more damage as wet hair is very delicate. Make sure your hair is dry before creating braids and ponytails. Additionally, you can use ayurvedic oils for hair and hair serum to enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Ponytails and braids is causes hair damage


You should know that you are not doing your hair any favour by brushing them numerous times a day. Over-brushing your hair makes the hair follicles weak which inevitably leads to hair breakage. Also, the constant friction between your hair and the brush causes split ends.
*Pro tip: Always use wooden combs especially neem wood combs since they are gentle on the hair, glides easily over the scalp, and prevents split ends and tangles.

Using wrong products:

The shampoo you bought from your hair stylist could contain harmful chemicals. Hair products which contain sulphates rips off the moisture from hair making them look dry and limp.To maintain healthy hair, use natural shampoo or ananti dandruff shampoo.

Tips: Use Ayurvedic oils for hair oils or Ayurvedic hair care products which include herbs like Bhringraj, Shikakai, Neelambarai, and amla etc.

What is hair detox?

Hair Detox is the process of eliminating the build-up of all the hair products you have used, from your hair and the process included natural herbs like almond, shikakai, coconut oil, Bhringraj. During the Hair Detox process, the hair gets rid of all the plastics and toxic chemicals that have built up on hair over many years. Hair Detox is crucial to repair the damaged hair and make them healthy again.

Ways to detox hair

First, you need to visit a hair stylist to cut or trim off all of the dead ends from your hair. This should be done as a regular practice. Use ayurvedic oils for hair oil like Amla, Coconut or Bhringraj oil after head wash.  Mixing few drops of ayurvedic oils for hair with some warm water makes a natural hair serum,which can be sprayed on wet hair tips. The other Hair care tips that should be followed to detox the hair are:

Say bye-bye to Chemical-laden hair products

Instead of the chemical shampoos and conditioners use baking soda, apple cider vinegar (ACV), bentonite clay and raw honey. With these four basic products, you can perform a simple hair cleansing and Detox process. After the detox process you can apply ayurvedic oils for hair such as Bhringraj oil for reducing dandruff and hair itchiness.

Follow these simple home remedies to detox hair:

Remedy 1:

Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Detox

  • In a bowl mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of filtered water.
  • In a second bowl mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of filtered water.
  • First apply the baking soda mixture through your hair. Rinse with cool water.
  • Follow the same with apple cider vinegar mixture.
  • If you want additional shine and conditioning use a generous amount of raw honey while your hair is completely wet then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

The frequently you rinse your hair with baking soda and ACV, the faster your hair will detox.

Hair detox process included bhringraj oil 

Remedy 2:

Bentonite clay hair mask to hasten hair detox

Bentonite clay is basically a permeable powder that draws the toxins and excess oils out of hair and scalp. The Bentonite clay hair mask should be used at least once a week to reap maximum result.

To arrange the mask, mix equal parts of Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar until it is the same consistency as that of a mustard sauce. Apply this clay pack on your hair making sure to cover from roots till hair ends. Allow the mask to sit for about 30 minutes but make sure it doesn’t dry completely. Wash it thoroughly. 

Regular use of essential oils (coconut & bhringraj oil)

It is very important to avoid using any conventional products during the hair detox regime. Ayurvedic oils for hair Oils and essential hair oils like Coconut oil, Tea tree, Shikakai or Bhringraj oil are helpful if you use them for head massages regularly. After conditioning your hair with the apple cider vinegar the smell might linger in your wet hair. Normally, the smell will fritter away in about a month as the detox processcontinues. You can use amla hair oil and bhringraj oil as their scents usually hides the smell of apple cider vinegar conditioning and provides nutrients to your hair. Bhringraj oil reduce the itchiness and Dandruff.

Gently massage hair with Bhringraj Oil

There are many herbal and ayurvedic oils for hair oils available in the market like  Coconut oil, Amla oil and Bhringraj oil. Always make sure that you choose the one which is the best blend of herbs and natural oils. Some of the herbs that work best for hair are Amla, Neel Patra, Mulethi and Bhringraj .

Hair repair oil (Bhringraj Oil) could also be used to detox hair. One could apply a few drops of ayurvedic oils for hair on hair strands, after shower. To distribute the ayurvedic oils for hair evenly through hair, a wide tooth comb should be used as it avoids snagging knots or causing ends to split.

Tips: Use ayurvedic oils for hair before shower and make sure while massage Bhringraj oil & any other oil into your head using your fingertips and let the oil sink in for an hour. Shower, and if your hair still feels oily, shampoo twice.

A good head massage with ayurvedic oils for hair followed by a hot towel steam also gives very good result in restoring the health of hair.

Natural hair spa

Washing hair with eggs, oils and honey after the conditioning acts as natural hair spa. It helps in retaining the luster and silkiness of hair.

Wheat germ oil, Bhringraj oil or coconut oil could also work quite well in conditioning the hair. These ayurvedic oils for hair oils not only do the conditioning of the hair, but they also protect against the ends from breaking off, dandruff and itchiness . Consequently, these ayurvedic oils for hair help you achieve strengthened hair and promote hair growth.

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