Beat Your Winter Hair Problems with Ayurveda

Winter season can undoubtedly take a toll on your hair; no matter what is the texture of your hair or type of your hair. Just like your skin, your hair also needs proper protection from the winter season to remain healthy as well as soft. You should try and protect your locks from static electricity, indoor heat, whipping winds and arctic air. Ayurveda can help you a lot when it comes to dealing with winter hair problems. One thing I really like about Ayurveda is that it all its products and treatments used for hair care are 100% natural.

 Hair repair oil


5 Rules You Should Follow To Avoid Winter Hair Problems: 


  1. Cover Your Hair When You Step Out

You must wear a hat or a cap when you go out during the winter season to protect your tresses from dry air that can rob your hair's moisture. Fabrics like wool and cotton can cause breakage, so you must line your hat or cap with satin or silk to help prevent damage.

It is a great idea to use a dry oil spray to fight static electricity. Dry oils are weightless plus have natural oils which will moisturize your hair and bring back its natural shine. 


  1. Use Ayurvedic Oil Regularly

Oiling is very important when it comes to fighting with winter hair problems. You must use a good quality and natural ayurvedic oil once or twice a week to give your hair the nourishment and care it truly deserves. Apart from nourishing your locks, an ayurvedic oil will also help you deal with many other hair issues such as dandruff, hair fall, premature graying and split ends.

I really like the way how an ayurvedic oil penetrates deep into my hair shaft plus repairs damaged medulla and gives me rejuvenated and healthy hair. 


  1. Get a Humidifier for Your Home

Another great way to beat winter hair problems is by using a humidifier. Indoor heating can make the air in your house extremely dry and that in turn will pull out all the moisture from your hair. A humidifier will help out in rehydrating the air in your home to make your tresses look shiny and lustrous. Good enough reason to buy a humidifier for your house.


  1. Wash Your Hair with Parabens and Sulfates Free Shampoo

If you want your hair to shine throughout the winter season then use a chemical free shampoo which does not contain harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Such shampoos will help you in retaining the natural moisture of your hair and will also make sure that your hair doesn't lose its shine plus softness. 

 Paraben free shampoo


  1. Apply Chemical Free Conditioner

You can say bye to frizzy hair during the winter season by applying a chemical free conditioner. Regular use of such a conditioner can work wonders for your hair. A chemical free conditioner generally contains a mixture of oil plus butter; which is combined with a natural fragrance and nourishing ingredients like honey, aloe vera and protein. 

I am sure after going through this informative blog, you will be able to beat all your winter hair problems with ease. Apart from following the above noted hair care tips, please make sure that you keep yourself hydrated during the winter season because this will help in preventing split ends plus brittle hair and will give you those shiny and radiant tresses which you always wanted to have. Just remember, a little care and effort on your part will make your hair look and feel good not only during your winter season but