Life of Experiments

When I was growing up, my father told me “Life mein sab kuch ek baari to try karna chahiye. Basis that experience, you decide whether you want to repeat it or not"

Knowingly unknowingly, this has been a common thread in my life. 

Born and Brought up in a Punjabi family in North Delhi, it was a very conservative middle class upbringing. Being the youngest of three siblings, I had an added weapon to get things done my way - Cry or Complain! Unfortunately, now I am married and have two sons, so I dont have this weapon any more. Infact, my sons use this on me to get things done their way!

Till I completed my Engineering and MBA, life was going in a cliched manner. Things started taking experimental turns when I started working. I was staying alone in Sri Lanka for 1.5 years and loved the entire experience, never for a moment getting bored. That's when I realized, I am one of my best friends! I fell in love with solitary walks so much that my friends used to call me ‘Walkman’. I still continue to Walk and have done 100 km walking trails multiple times so support NGOs!  This is one of the photos from one of the walks. Surprising , we are still smiling after finishing 100 kms in 36.5 hours

Over the last 2 decades, I had a constant companion of hobbies - Tennis, Ghazal. Both these started as experiments, they have stuck with me for the last 2 decades. I have picked up new experiments in the last 3-4 years - Bread, Wine & Beer making (principles are same in all 3 - Fermentation!), Piano lessons, Treks and few more. This is my surprised, anxious and confused image just before Piano concert (luckily post concert image was happy one😀)

I experiment alot with Skincare products. This is partly professional and partly personal. I love to try different creams, perfumes, masks, oils and try to learn and pick up the best from something. This how my bathroom shelf looks like

Having handled Spas for almost 10 years, we had to try different aromas. Internally, we used to and still have a challenge as to who has the best Dog’s nose - who can identify the aroma by smelling it. That was and is still my favorite challenge. As I spend a lot of time in research and developing new products, I love to try, develop and incorporate different and new aromas in our products. Getting positive feedback from customers about products gives me higher than any spirit of the world. 

Lastly, I was told to write my Skin care routine for this article. Because I experiment so much with Skin & Hair care products, I don't stick to any routine. I have only 2 advises 

  1. Incorporate a good Oil in your routine (daily basis if possible) for Skin and Hair to keep skin & hair moisturized. Apply Oil on top (Hair) and bottom (Sole of feet) of your body and keep them moisturized
  2. Drink lot of water to keep your body hydrated

I strongly believe and feel that keeping the body hydrated and moisturized is key not only to glowing Skin & Hair but also to keep a lot of life diseases at bay! 

Stay Happy, Moisturized & Hydrated!