Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea with Idukki Cardamom

Slimming Tea | Destress & Uplifts Mood

Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea with Idukki Cardamom

Slimming Tea | Destress & Uplifts Mood
Slimming Tea | Destress & Uplifts Mood
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Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea is picked from the finest Tea Gardens of Assam. It is a pleasant tasting Green tea without any side effects. It contains Loose tea leaves which is the most natural way of tea consumption.
Cardamom from Idukki, Kerala adds its unique distinct flavor and aroma to Amritanandi Green Tea. Every sip of this tea refreshes the body and awakens the senses.

The distinct aroma and sweet flaour of cardamom makes it a versatile spice. When added to tea, it lowers blood pressure, improves breath and aids in weight loss.

It is picked from the finest Tea Gardens of Assam and has been used as a herbal tea, in Asia and the Middle East. Known for its numerous health benefits, it boosts the overall health quotient of Green Tea, while adding sweet flavor and taste to it.

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Why Amritanadi Slimming Green Tea?

Loose green teas

Use Green Tea Leaves & Not Tea Dust


Our green tea is herbaceous, but never bitter. Controlling water temperature and selecting high quality leaves can make all the difference.

Yes, It can be steeped multiple times but it taste better when it is served fresh. recommended to reuse the leaves.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, this green tea helps lose fat. You need to switch from regular tea to green tea, without adding any sugar and you should experience higher energy levels and loss in fat over a period of time when drinking regularly with complete abstinence from regular tea.

Yes, Green can be sipped both hot and cold, as per your preference.

A cup of Green Tea contains approximately 20-45 mg of caffeine, which is lower than Black Tea and coffee. Thus, it is safe to drink 3-4 cups a day.

All our teas are 100% natural, organic pure teas with no artificial coloring or flavoring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Abhipsa Pradhan
Very Refreshing

It's a very good Product having a very good Aroma, Amazing flavour & healthy for Consumption . It helps to reduce fat deposits of the body . It is enriched with antioxidant that purify our body .

Dharitri S.
I'm in love with this product

I recently bought this product and can't describe how amazing it is....... Really worth buying

Anu Raj
It's so refreshing

This tea is so refreshing with unique taste.It literally have freshly dried tea helps in detoxification.. I'm gonna include this in my daily routine during my detoxification and weight loss journey

Tanisha Sinha
Feels so effective

The aroma the taste everything’s so good!
I’m on my weight loss journey since 3 months now and I’ve lost around 10kgs with regular workout and good diet and this green was a very imp part of my diet. Took it everyday in the morning and it feels so refreshing everytime.

Nooresaba Khan
Makes you fresh

Amazing taste with great aroma. Tea leaves are fresh and big. Good for health and detoxification. Refreshing way to loose weight with the pleasant fragrance of Assam tea leaf and cardamom. I quite enjoyed the delicate nature of this tea, with the slight punch of spice. Overall, Very delightful.

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