10 ways how water works as beauty agent

10 ways how water works as beauty agent


Everyone knows that drinking water is important for maintaining good health. However, regular drinking of water has several beauty benefits as well.


Anti-ageing properties

Drinking the right quantity of water daily results in fresh, soft as well as glowing skin. Other benefits include the maintenance of optimal body temperature as well as the retaining of skin moisture. Water replenishes as well as hydrates the skin tissues which promotes the skin's natural elasticity. Thus, the appearance of the tell-tale signs and symptoms of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles are delayed.


wrinkles and dark circles


Elixir for the hair

Hair experts know that a cool water rinse results in glossier hair. The low temperature constricts the hair's cuticle layer making it lie flatter resulting in more smooth strands as well as greater reflectivity.


Aids in weight loss

Water ramps up the body's metabolism and brings down appetite. So, your body burns calories faster and more efficiently. There is decreased food and calorie intake which leads to effective and long-term weight loss. When there is insufficient water intake, the functioning of the kidney gets slower. The workload of the kidney is put on the liver. Normally the livers aids in burning body fats. However, when it has to do the work of the kidneys as well the liver's performance is adversely affected leading to fat deposition. When weight is shed and the level of body fat comes down, one looks better.


Healthy and appealing nails

Adequate water consumption results in healthy as well as attractive nails. When the nails receive enough water a shiny layer of alpha keratin is produced improving their appearance. Another benefit of water is enhanced nail growth as well as greater thickness. Hydration is extremely important for the nails. Deficiency of water results in brittle nails prone to get damaged and additionally dry, peeling cuticles. Water is free and more effective than cosmetics that claim to have miraculous beauty effects. So why not drink more water instead of relying on treatments.


healthy and appealing nails


Vital for the shining glory

If you desire attractive looking hair, you must consume enough water on a daily basis.  If the body doesn't receive enough water, it is then borrowed from the various other organ systems. Adequate water supply to the hair roots makes them look lush as well as maintain the right level of keratin. Hair volume goes up and there is a healthy and completely natural darkening of the hair color. External dirt is prevented from accumulating on the scalp endowing the individual with lustrous, strong as well as squeaky clean hair. For having a beautiful as well as healthy mane consuming plenty of water is a natural and potent technique.


Nature's detoxifier

Note that the skin is, in fact, an organ. Water eliminates the toxins from all parts of the body and transports nutrients to the body's cells. This results in the proper functioning of all the organs. As for the skin, adequate water supply brings down the occurrence of acne, marks as well as pimples. A bonus is delaying of the inevitable ageing process. A skin care tip is that drinking lots of water results in healthy, clean, glowing and youthful skin.


Hydrates the skin resulting in improved appearance

The human body is mostly made up of water. Heat, perspiration, urination and exercise reduce the quantity of water in the body. This loss must be replaced. The only way to do this is to drink lots of water. Fresh and moist skin looks far better than dry and old skin. Water makes your skin and hair look bright as well as beautiful.


Cleans the skin and hair effectively

Water is better and safer than any chemical skin, hair or face cleanser. It is a superior cleanser as well as free of side effects. Both internally and externally water plays the role of a potent and preferred beauty agent. Note that water effectively as well as efficiently conditions the hair. So, ditch your chemical hair conditioner and use water instead. You will save on money as well as time.


hair conditioner


Endorsed by experts and proven by numerous scientific studies

Long term research observes that this liquid makes a significant difference in terms of skin health. Deficiency of water results in duller appearance of skin health as well as proliferation of pores and wrinkles. Correct hydration maintains the elasticity as well as density of skin bringing down the occurrence of fine lines.  The best protection against blemishes as well as breakouts is supple and well hydrated skin.


Natural moisturizer

Splashing plenty of water on your face frequently is a great way to have clean, fresh, glowing and youthful skin. Wash hair with water to ensure optimal hair health. Regular baths will result in looking as well as smelling good.



The beauty benefit of soft water and why you should avoid using hard water

Soft water when applied on the hair makes it more manageable. This is because it contains relatively lesser mineral salts that result in rough strands vulnerable to tangles. In other scenario, when only hard water is available employ a water softening filter. You will be able to prevent the natural hair color from fading.

Through trial and error, you will discover what is the optimum amount of daily water consumption. The right quantity of water is essential for your skin, hair and face to be radiant as well as gleaming. Listen to your body’s signals such as thirst and others and consume enough water. Consume as well as apply more water to your skin and hair more in the winter season. This is because the cold weather has a drying effect on the skin as well as hair. Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water. Sometimes even when you are not feeling thirsty the body needs additional water. It doesn’t harm you to drink a bit more water than required. However, keep in mind that extreme consumption of water can lead to the potentially fatal condition of water toxicity. Remember that water is nature’s gift to mankind. Use it wisely and leverage it to improve your overall appearance

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