7 DIY Face Tonics for best skincare routine

7 Effective DIY Face Tonics that will change your skincare game

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First and foremost, what are the Face tonics everyone seems to be raving about?

The holy grail of skincare can be essentially broken down into three steps: cleansing – toning – moisturizing. Tonics, like any other middle child, are often forgotten, and this mistake might just cost you. Face tonics are essentially hydration supplements that are designed to restore the balance of your skin. They reduce the appearance of pores and tighten the skin, giving you a rosy look. They soothe and refresh your skin; because they're so gentle, you can integrate them into your morning or evening routine.

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Some of the major benefits of using Face tonics are:

Face Tonics help in removing excess oils from your face: Face tonics can remove excess oil, prevent blackheads, and exfoliate—all frequent issues for people with oily, acne-prone skin. It penetrates the pores to provide a complete wash and help balance your complexion.

Face Tonics helps in balancing the pH of your skin: Your skin's normal pH, which is about 5.5, can be altered by pollution, oil production, and cosmetics, which can occasionally even result in long-term environmental harm. Face tonics regulates your skin's pH to give it a healthy appearance.

Face Tonics give Hydration to your skin: It gives your skin a fast boost of hydration and aids in clearing away some dead skin cells from the surface. The outcome: supple, radiant skin. Face tonics preps your pores and removes pollutants, and restores your skin's natural acidic state.

Face Tonics give deep cleaning to your face: Face tonics can assist in removing impurities that were left behind after your initial cleanse for a more even, radiant skin. Any traces of oil, debris, or other pollutants that could cause clogged pores and breakouts are removed from the skin.

Face Tonics help in minimizing pores: Its molecular composition makes it simple to absorb into your skin. As a result, and minimizes their appearance. Additionally, your skin has a pure glow and appears smoother, cleaner, and healthier.

Face Tonics regulate production of sebum: The main problem with oily skin is the overproduction of oil, which gives the skin a greasy appearance and frequently causes blemishes to appear. Oily skin makes the most of this hydration boost by providing sufficient hydration to your skin cells.

And the most important benefit is that you don't have to empty your pockets for tonics! You can even make them at home, and they'll be just as refreshing. Face tonics essentially hydrate, and you can pick from tones of available natural ingredients as per your skin type and needs. A few DIY Face Tonics recipes you can use are:

Rose face tonic

The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of rose face water are perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Rose face tonic reduces puffiness, irritation, and redness by soothing and hydrating your skin.

Ingredients for homemade rose face tonic :

Rose petals

Few drops of essential oil like chamomile

1 tsp of carrier oil like jojoba

3-4 cups of distilled water

Ice cubes


Add rose petals and distilled water to a vessel and make sure the petals are completely submerged. Then add drops of your essential oil and carrier oil to that vessel along with ice cubes. Put this mixture in a double boiler, and once mixed, take it off the heat and put it in the refrigerator to cool it down and your Rose face tonic cum rose face water is ready.


Benefits of using rose face tonic / rose face water on skin:

Rose face water is a gentle cleanser; it will leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.  Rose face tonic is a natural toner and an astringent which minimizes the appearance of pores, giving you a smoother look, and it can even prevent wrinkles. Rose face water is a non-irritant tonic with antimicrobial effects that will suit even the most sensitive skin.


Rose Face Tonic bottle with Red Roses and Jar has been placed on table

Cucumber and lemon juice face tonic

It moisturizes and refreshes the face by getting rid of pigmentation and acne.

Ingredients for homemade Cucumber and Lemon Face Tonic:

1 peeled cucumber

½ tsp lemon juice

1 tsp Rose face tonic / Rose face water

1 tsp Aloe Vera gel/liquid

2 cups of distilled water


Extract juice from the cucumber. Then mix it with lemon juice, Rose face water, Aloe Vera gel, and distilled water. Combine well and put the bottle in the refrigerator to cool.


Lemon juice will combat acne and premature aging. Due to its high-water content, cucumber calms and hydrates your skin. It functions as an anti-inflammatory and aids in minimizing skin puffiness. Cucumber tonic also benefits oily skin. Less oil is secreted as a result of the pores being reduced by the face tonics. It will treat open pores and soothes sunburn.

Green tea Face Tonic

The simplest one to make and use is the Green Tea Face Tonic. Rich with antioxidants, green tea face tonic hydrates dry skin from within. This face tonic is good for all skin types.

Ingredients for homemade Green Tea Face Tonic:

Green tea bag

2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil


Make green tea in a cup by brewing it for a few minutes. Place this cup to cool in the refrigerator. Once chilled, add Vitamin E oil and mix it well.

Benefits of using Green Tea Face Tonic on skin:

Antioxidants and tannins included in green tea extract can effectively heal puffy eyes and dark circles. In actuality, they shrink the blood vessels beneath the delicate skin around the eyes. This lessens darkness and puffiness. It's an effective antimicrobial substance that assists in regulating hormonal imbalances, which are a major contributor to acne. This face tonic will even out your skin tone.

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Witch hazel and Aloe Face Tonic

This face tonic reduces oil production and cleans the excess dirt from your face. It is also an anti-inflammatory face tonic.

Ingredients for homemade Witch hazel and Aloe Face Tonic:

2 tbsp of witch hazel

1 tsp of aloe gel

1 tsp face tonic


Mix witch hazel and aloe gel in a vessel till the gel has broken down into smaller parts. Transfer it to a bottle and shake well before using this face tonic each time. You can add rose face tonic for fragrance.

Benefits of using Witch hazel and Aloe Face Tonic on skin:

Witch hazel effectively reduces acne and acne scarring because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Despite being abrasive, witch hazel helps to dry up your skin and unclog clogged skin pores. Through the removal of skin pores, the skin becomes smooth and clean to the touch. Witch hazel is anti-inflammatory; you can use it for eczema or a skin allergy. Aloe provides relief from skin redness, stinging, and swelling.

Mint and honey Face Tonic

You must try this face tonic if you have acne, eczema, or even psoriasis. Honey is rich in moisture and restores dry and flaky skin in weeks. And mint has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, which prevent clogging of pores

Ingredients for homemade mint and honey face tonic:

10-12 mint leaves

Distilled water

2 tbsp honey


Add mint leaves and water to a cup and let it boil for a good five minutes. Then strain the water and add honey to this water. Mix it well to liquefy this honey. Let it cool down before using it.

Benefits of using mint and honey face tonic on skin:

Mint leaves include salicylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamin A, which regulates sebum production in the skin. It will function well as a mild astringent that aids in naturally toning your skin. It has the ability to remove dirt from pores, get rid of dead skin cells, and give your skin a tone that is smoother, supple, and well-hydrated. Additionally, it tightens the pores to keep the moisture in your skin.

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Peppermint tea and Lavender oil Face Tonic

One of the most aromatically calming ingredients is lavender. This face tonic will mend blotchy skin.

Ingredients for homemade Peppermint tea and Lavender oil Face Tonic:

1 peppermint tea bag

2-3 drops of lavender oil


Brew the tea in a cup of boiling water. Let it completely cool down before adding drops of lavender oil. Mix well to dilute it before using it.

Benefits of using Peppermint tea and Lavender oil Face Tonic on skin:

Lavender helps to cleanse your skin and reduce inflammation and redness. Lavender can help prevent eczema since it has antifungal qualities and soothes irritation. Peppermint is used for more than just fresh breath. The cooling and relaxing properties of peppermint can provide relief for burns, skin rashes, and dry skin. It is a stress reliever, and it can revive your skin. This face tonic helps to cleanse your skin and reduce inflammation and redness. This tonic will heal breakouts and unclogs the pores.

Apple cider vinegar and rose face tonic

Get rid of dirt and pollutants inside your pores and balance your skin's pH using this apple cider vinegar and rose Face tonic. It is an acidic spray that can reduce bacteria that worsens acne if diluted correctly.

Ingredients for homemade Apple cider vinegar and rose face tonic:

2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp of rose face tonic

½ cup of distilled water


Mix the apple cider vinegar and rose face tonic in equal parts before diluting it entirely with distilled water. Refrigerate this mixture and shake well before using it.

Benefits of using Apple cider vinegar and rose face tonic on skin:

This Face tonic will rejuvenate your skin back to life. Apple cider vinegar helps your skin's pH return to its natural state. It is a helpful treatment for acne and for clearing up your skin. It functions as a vinegar because it has acetic acid, which is antimicrobial, as well as malic acid, a mild chemical exfoliator. Apple cider with rose face tonic will do wonders for your hyperpigmentation.

A lot of skincare has become really complicated lately; having ingredients you recognize helps you understand their effects and thereby will lead you to identify the products that work for you. Skincare has no universal solution. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in skincare. There are a lot of factors that affect your skin, your diet, lifestyle, environmental impact, stress, etc. Because of this, you need to experiment with ingredients and focus on your needs.

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Face tonics are one of the very few skincare essentials that you can DIY, and they can be just as effective. You can customize your face tonics according to your needs, and as life goes on, your needs are constant. You can switch ingredients for any reason or in any season till you find exactly what works best for your skin. Having control over what goes in your skin leads to a smarter skincare regime.

Face tonics are preventive measures that will save you bucks in the long run. They're less concentrated than harsh chemicals, making them good to use frequently throughout the day. Having natural ingredients in your face tonics will restore the balance of your skin. They're gentle and refreshing, and you can easily build your skincare or makeup on them.

You can add a moisturizer to your night time routine or sunscreen for the day. It's one of those essential buildable products that significantly impact your skin. Taking regular care of your skin using these face tonics will slow down signs of aging and wrinkles. Face tonics reduce the appearance of pores and brighten up your skin instantly by maintaining your pH balance. Depending on the ingredients you use, you can target a problem area effectively and easily.

Face tonics are one go-to solution to prevent major problems like breakouts, wrinkles, pollution, scars, aging, dryness, etc. And you must know prevention is better than cure!

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