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Who doesn’t love a good session of relaxation with a special body massage oil? In this day and age, we’re all tense, overworked, burnt out, and simply trying to cope with daily exhaustion with our health. In times like these, a few hours at the spa every once in a while, come as a blessing to us all. But, they’re certainly on the pricier end. Going au natural with DIY massages and homemade products is usually the way to go for those not looking to damage their pockets with the fancy-schmancy spa days.

The concept of relaxing one’s body and mind using Abhyanga i.e. ancient Body massaging techniques with specially crafted oils, has existed through Ayurveda-imparted knowledge for a long time. The rituals of massaging sore, tension-holding spots in the human body have ensured good balanced health and increased physical ability to function better.

Masseuse is giving hand massage by applying ayurveda product at the back of the lady


    History of Body Massage Oils in India

    Though some would trace the onset of popularity around massages with oils back to the early Indo-Aryan settlements, the practice of massaging certainly earned its name during the preceding era of the Indus Valley culture. A body massage oil in ancient India had its roots in medicinal healing while also being a pioneer of social relations and a bridge between financial classes and religious customs.

    The authentic texts of Ayurveda still hold a full body massage to be an indispensable medicinal factor in healing. To this day, profound Ayurvedic health practitioners prescribe massages with warmed oils with guidance intricate pressure points and techniques as a complete therapy to be used systematically with aim of curing serious illnesses.

    Not Just the Ingredient You Want, But Also the Ingredient You Need

    Now on to the more important ingredient at hand, sesame oil. You’re aware and convinced that massages are good for you. They’ve existed and have been respected in not just India but the larger part of the Asian subcontinent for more than a millennia. So, if you’re looking into the concept of massages now, which oil should you pick? Why do we recommend sesame body massage oil with such enthusiasm? Is it better than other massage oil options out there? And, if so, why?

    Sesame oil is first and foremost a delicious condiment used throughout Asia and the Middle East in all sorts of tantalizing dishes. But its sheer awesomeness doesn’t end with its application to food. The primary reason behind this ingredient being our first choice for a body massage oil is its Taser (effective temperature). Sesame oil’s effect is warmth, meaning it helps a great deal in relieving stiff muscles and reducing discomfort and pain from rigid joints. so when using this as a body massage oil, it’s not just the pressure of the hand movements that help alleviate pain but also the properties of the oil you’re using.

    When to Use and How Often?

    If you take our advice, body massages should be a weekly ritual. This frequency ensures that you have regular access to a mode of relaxation where you can unwind from all of the stress your body has collected over the week. It also facilitates the possibility of improved mood, better working capacity, and an increase in performance in most aspects of your life, whether they’re professional or personal.

    As for “when to use sesame body massage oil”, we have to admit there is no perfect timing. Any time you feel the need to get a massage is a good enough time to use sesame oil. However, the evening time is usually preferred. Whether it is after a long day of work or at the end of the week. Using this oil for a full body massage can destress your mind, and give you physical comfort while also preparing you to have higher energy for the next few days or the upcoming week!

    How to Use Body Massage Oils the Right Way

    While there is no single “perfect” way to massage your body, the one we’re about to mention is a pretty easy, effective and optimum manner to use your massage oil.

    • Line the floor with an old bedsheet (one that you’re not worried about staining). You can use a bunch of newspapers or a large plastic cover as well.
    • Position yourself on top of the sheet and preferably ask someone to assist you. Make a whole activity out of it with your partner!
    • Slightly warm up your massage oil of choice (sesame is the best). Take a few drops and work them between your palms.
    • Start by slowly applying the body oil to the center of your forehead, working your way down to your neck & shoulders, followed by your chest & back (first upper, then lower; ask for your partner’s help). Move on to your buttocks, down to your thighs and knees. Then work your way down to ankles, and heels and finally end at your toes.
    • You can also lay down and ask someone else to singularly perform the entire massage ritual on you for maximum comfort.
    • Once finished, take a nice, relaxing bath with warm water and go to sleep immediately after. You’ll wake up the next morning fully rejuvenated and with glowing skin !  

     Masseuse is giving massage to lady, by hand with different techniques so that the muscles can be relaxed

    Good Body Oil Massage Benefits

    For centuries, the practice of body oil has proven to be a powerful tool that helps one take charge of their health and well-being. Here are some of the many benefits of body oil massage:

    • It improves the functioning of your immune system.
    • It enhances the alertness of your mind and centers your body’s energy to be more productive.
    • Helps with medical issues like anxiety, sports injuries, nerve pain, etc.
    • Lowers increased blood pressure and stabilizes heart rate.

    Reasons to Use Sesame Body Massage Oil

    • If your vata dosha is heavy, you’re likely going to experience a lot of dryness. The warm, nourishing properties of sesame oil can help balance out Vata and restore the natural state of your body.
    • Massages with sesame oil can improve your physical health to an extent and in turn, increase your body’s ability to handle stress.
    • Sesame oil can support sound sleep patterns and boost the growth of your hair , whilst also keeping your skin healthy.
    • It is packed with a wide variety of antioxidants which help the skin maintain its vibrancy, slow down the onset of wrinkles and promote youthfulness.
    • It is suitable for all skin types, with varying quantities, so you don’t have to fuss over finding a body oil that works for you because of your skin type!


    Which Sesame Oil to Choose

    A bottle of sesame oil meant for cooking and another meant for massages are different in consistency, as well as usability. So, as much as you’d like us to say it, no, you cannot use the sesame oil that you find at the nearest grocery store. With that being said, any good-quality sesame oil specifically formulated for bodily application should work. Choosing one from a dedicated ayurvedic brand will ensure you receive the best quality and get your product’s worth. While making your purchase, compare ingredients and price points to ensure you receive your product’s worth. As for our recommendation, you can always go for a trusted bottle of Blue Nectar’s Balalakshadi Aromatic Sensuous Bath and Body Massage Oil.

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      Precautions to Take

    • Avoid consuming sesame oil meant for massages. Even if it is natural, some of the ingredients are still not suitable to be ingested.
    • Do a patch test on your arm 24 hours before using it all over the body to ensure you’re not allergic to sesame.
    • If you experience frequent anaphylaxis flare-ups. Limit your sesame oil usage as its excess can worsen your condition.
    • Don’t apply your sesame body massage oil on sensitive areas like your genitals. If you’re curious, please consult with a licensed medical practitioner before you do.


    Bottom Line

    Sesame body massage oil is a miraculous concoction with its roots in Ayurvedic practices from ancient India. It promises a great deal of relief and comfort, along with a plethora of health benefits and delivers on all of them alike. Using sesame oil for weekly massages can bring about a profound change, not only in one’s way of life but also their outlook on what it means to live. Be safe while using this body oil, follow the above-mentioned precautions, pay attention to all the information mentioned in this blog, and most of all, remember to enjoy yourself during this experience!



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