Ayurvedic Treatment- Body Massage Could Help in Treating Back Pain

Body Massage

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Does your back feel stiff in the morning? Is tightness in your back and neck your best pal? Do you find it tough to bend and get up again? Whatever it is, whenever it is, you definitely need a relief from back pain. You want to be up and running and doing your chores again.

Back pain is one of the most potential problems that is faced by the elder section of the society. With the growing age, the strength of the bones and the muscles decreases leading to several joint related issues. This problem is eternally associated with age. Therefore, it is better with people who are aging, to start something healthy today that would benefit them tomorrow.

The worst of pain occurs during the change of seasons and during winters. During winter season the joints become inflexible, creaky.  This is followed by unbearable pain making it impossible for you to move. As it is in winter, your body tends to become stiff, back pain, joint pain become a common problem. During summers, although there is little stiffness but people suffering from arthritis experience no ease.

Generally, common people term every joint pain as arthritis. However, there are two distinct types of arthritis and their symptoms vary too.

Osteoarthritis: when the cartilage between bones weathers away, until a bone vexes on another bone. Rheumatoid arthritis: causes inflammation of the synovial membrane that leads to loss of bone.


General ways to keep joints healthy

  • Balanced diet: As you already know eating a balanced diet daily maintains the well-being of the overall body. For people who suffer from joint pain must have a diet rich in Vitamin K and D. They must also have oranges, cabbage, spinach, tomato in their diet to keep away knee problems. There are ample weight loss pills & supplements available in the market, one should take them by consulting a doctor.
  • Drink water: You must ensure that the amount of water you drink every day is sufficient. A proper balanced diet along with correct intake of water helps in keeping the body fit. Water just not prevents dehydration but also works wonderfully to reduce the joint aches. Water keeps the cartilages and joints from getting stiff and promotes smooth functioning.
  • Physiotherapy: People who suffer from several orthopaedic problems should regularly visit a physiotherapist and undergo physiotherapy to maintain the flexibility of the joints and keep them safe. People suffering from joints problems must consult a physiotherapist before winter hits hard and makes the pain worse. The session provides the accurate amount of movement, warmth, and medication to soothe your knees, backs, shoulders and necks.
  • Regular exercise: Motion is the best lotion for any kind of joint pain. Exercising is the healthiest habit that anyone can adopt. Daily exercises also help in keeping the joints and the bones healthy for a longer period of time. However, it does not need to undergo strenuous physical regime, you can do simple easy physical exercise to get the same health benefits. The basic reason for joints pain is the stiffness and immovability of the joints. Physical exercise helps in keeping the joints moveable and reduces the chances of joint pains. Regular walk is a good form of exercise for aging people.

Young fitness woman practicing yoga at sunset

  • Wear proper shoes: You should be aware regarding the shoe that keeps you going for long. Hills and designer shoes are always in for fashion, but too much of it can cause serious joint aches later. So, avoid wearing hills and designer shoes always. You can wear slippers, kittos, and sneakers sometimes to give rest to your foot muscles. If you are already suffering from problems, visit a doctor and take advice about what shoe should you wear in your condition and try to follow it always.
  • Avoid same standing position for long: Sitting in your cubicle for 8-10 hours constantly and working or standing in your kitchen and working without sitting for a while are both very harmful. If your work needs constant standing or sitting, try to take breaks within and either sit or stand. The more strain you provide to your knees and joints now the more they will make you suffer as your age grows.
  • Avoid smoking: Well, smoking has the only negative effect on your body and there is nothing good about it. It not only destroys your lungs but it also reduces the bone density of a person. If you want to keep your bones robust make sure you quit smoking as soon as possible.
  • More calcium intake: Calcium is good for bones. It keeps them strong and maintains the body balance. It is advisable to have food that contains more of calcium so that with age your bones do not get eroded and becomes fragile.
  • Vitamin D: More and more people are getting Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium. Hence, the importance of Vitamin D. Sun is the most important source of Vitamin D. There are very little edible sources of Vitamin D. The only option left is Vitamin D supplements.


Body massage as an ayurvedic treatment for back pain

Benefits of oil massage on body makes the blood circulation better and makes the pain less acute. Apart from the medications and the other things that have been mentioned before there are several ayurvedic treatment for back pain that work wonder. There are several body massage centres in India, which offer potli massage therapy with Vitamin D Oil, which is very effective for joint pains.

Balalakshadi aromatic sensuous bath and body massage oil

Benefits of oil massage on body

  • Pain relief

Chronic pains and cramps lessen when you start having the body massage on a daily basis. Depending on the health, age and tolerance level that you have the body massage ayurvedic treatment for back pain vary. Along with the above-mentioned steps, a good body massage is what keeps your joints healthy and fit.

  • Stress relief and blood circulation

Stress is a part of everyday life. But stress causes serious health issues. Body massage is a wonderful way to treat the stress. Body massage helps in stimulating muscles by increasing the blood circulation. Relieves pain and also increases the circulation system of the body. This helps in the equal distribution of nutrients and oxygen in the body. As the benefits of oil massage on body releases the stiffness of the body, the joints and muscles become more flexible and help in better body movement.

  • Boosts immunity and improves postures

As your daily work makes you do a thing for a long span of time, your body loses the flexibility and this weakens the immunity system of the body. As there is a little physical exercise that you go through usually in your regular life, there are chances that you grow diseases like spinal cord depression.  A whole body massage removes the stiffness allowing the proper flow of blood and oxygen. As a result, your joints and muscles do not get stiff and you have better and proper postures so the chances of your bone related and other diseases decrease.


Final Takeaway

So, unless something majorly important is waiting for you, step out, take a walk-in sunshine, hit a Spa, have a glass of milk, every day. We assure that you will never ever lie down with back pain.


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