Causes of Dry Hair In Men

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Think again if you think dry hair is only limited to the winter months. Our hair also tends to get extremely dry during summer, thanks to the rising temperature and increased UV exposure. While dry hair has been a primary hair concern for most women, men are not exactly free from this issue. Dry hair can get pretty annoying and further lead to various other problems like excessive dandruff, hair fall, dull and frizzy hair, and so on. Hence, taking the necessary measures to combat this issue is essential. One best solution is using Ayurvedic oils for hair that can nourish and hydrate your dry strands. Let's examine the advantages of Ayurvedic oils for hair, but before that, you need to understand the causal factors of your dry hair, so let's dive in!

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  • What causes dry hair in men?
  • How to identify if your hair is dry?
  • How to get rid of dry hair?
  • How to care for specific hair types?
  • Additional tips to prevent dry hair in men
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What causes dry hair in men?

Now, there can be a bunch of factors that can lead to dry as well as brittle hair. In this piece, we have listed some common causes that may lead to dry hair in men.

  • Excessive usage of shampoo
  • Product buildup
  • Sun exposure
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Chlorinated water
  • Hot showers
  • Heating tools
  • Hair dye
  • Improper diet

Excessive usage of shampoo

Dirt and sweat are the most annoying part of summer, and our first instinct to combat this issue is to use loads of cleansing products on our hair and skin, including shampoo. Most people think using shampoo in huge quantities is a great idea to keep your scalp squeaky clean; however, that's not the case. Excessive shampooing can do more harm than good as it leads to the shampoo not getting rinsed off from the scalp, thus resulting in product buildup on the scalp, eventually leading to more hair fall. In addition to that, the chemicals used in most shampoo products tend to dry out the hair with excessive usage and can leave the hair looking dull and dry. It is always recommended to opt for the natural best shampoo for hair fall designed to address hair fall concerns. These shampoos cleanse the scalp effectively, prevent hair fall, and strengthen the roots while preserving the hair's natural vitality.

Product buildup

Do you love styling your hair with hair gels and wax? Are you a fan of hair styling sprays and dry shampoo? Well, if you are, then it's time for you to make some changes. While hair styling products can be fun and extremely useful in professionally styling your hair, it is probably better to use them more often as it leads to product buildup and can severely damage your hair health. Do you know what comes along with poor hair health? You guessed it, DRY HAIR. So make sure you're cutting down on those products the next time.

Sun Exposure

You heard that right; the harmful UV rays do not only affect your skin but also damage your hair. Prolonged exposure to these UV rays can make your hair dry and highly brittle, especially during summer. A hat can be a great way to protect your hair from the sun; heat-protectant serum is also a viable option. So the next time you step out of your house, you know who to bring along!

Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid gland on the front of your neck is essential for releasing hormones that aid your metabolism. However, besides metabolism, the thyroid gland is also responsible for hair growth, so naturally, any thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) can lead to dull, dry and brittle hair.

Chlorinated Water

Hard water has become a significant problem for many, and if you live in urban areas, you're the same. Chlorinated or hard water can severely damage your hair and may be one of the major causal factors for dry hair. One solution to combat this is to add a filter to your water taps, or you can also opt for some natural clarifying shampoo that will help you protect the hair from the chemical-infused water.

Hot Showers

Since it's summertime, most people prefer taking cold showers. However, many people love taking hot showers regardless of the season. While hot showers can be pretty refreshing, boiling water can damage your hair more than ever imagined. Thus, washing your hair with lukewarm or cold water is always advisable.

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Heating tools

I know it's tempting to try out different hairstyles, straight, curly, wavy, perm; you name it. But it is also very evident that heating tools are one of the prime contributors to dry hair, and with regular use, they can do some irreversible damage to your hair. Thus, keeping the blow dryer away for a while is best.

Hair dyes

Hair dyes are in and with the K-pop rage. I know you are dying to have some eye-catching hair colour, but before you go ahead, remember that the chemicals found in hair dyes can be highly damaging. Not only can it lead to dry hair, but using bleach can MELT your hair. So you can opt for those extensions instead.

Improper diet

It is a common saying that we are what we eat, and our hair health is no different. Certain lifestyle choices like excessive smoking and drinking may lead to dry hair. Furthermore, oily food high in carbohydrates and fats can make your hair more prone to drying and frizziness.

How to know if our hair is dry?

Now spotting dry hair is a relatively simple task; however, we sometimes need to pay more attention to certain signs and miss out on the timing to treat our hair. So in this article, we have crafted some of the definitive tell-tale signs that will help you get the correct treatment for your hair at the right time.

Split ends

It is widespread to have split ends; however, if you notice that your split ends are enormous, your hair is probably crying for help. Having split ends is the most obvious sign that your hair is drier than you think.

Dull and lifeless hair

Another indication that you must look out for is dull hair. You probably have dry hair if your hair seems dull and frizzier than normal. In addition to this, your hair will also look pretty lifeless and lack shine and luster.


Dandruff occurs due to a dry scalp, eventually leading to dry hair. So your dandruff is a sign that your scalp needs more moisture and that your hair needs some proper care and hydration. Using anti-dandruff hair oil is a natural solution to eliminate dandruff and nourish your hair. Like Blue Nectar Anti, dandruff hair oil comprises 26 ayurvedic herbs that help retain moisture and fight dandruff. Moreover, incorporating natural anti-dandruff shampoo into the hair care routine will provide more benefits to hair. The best solution is to look for an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains ingredients like shikakai, bhringraj and onion juice, as they have antimicrobial properties that help eliminate dandruff-causing fungi and bacteria. Combining the benefits of Ayurvedic oils for hair and anti-dandruff shampoo, you can address both the dryness of your scalp and the nourishment needs of your hair, promoting healthier, dandruff-free scalp and lustrous locks.

Rough texture and breakage

Hair breakage usually results when your hair is weak and brittle. Thus, if you notice that your hair is becoming more prone to breakage and its texture is getting more rough and flaky, then you, without a doubt, have dry hair.

Hairfall and receding hairline

Receding hairline is a significant concern for most men, and though genetics play a massive role in receding hairline, excessive hair fall can also result from dry hair. So, make sure you're taking the required precautionary measures.

How to get rid of dry hair?

Now that you know you have dry hair, let us walk you through some incredible tips to eradicate the issue of dry hair. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is key, and this applies to both skin and hair. Drinking plenty of water will help you combat the scorching heat and dry hair!

Use lesser shampoos and products

Remember, more product does not equate to a cleaner scalp. However, it does lead to drier hair, so make your decisions wisely.

Bid farewell to your blow dryer

It's evident by now that heating tools are not the best option for you; what you can do instead is to let your hair air dry and not use those harsh towels to dry it.

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Avoid Excessive brushing

We all brush our hair quite often to put the hair in place; however, if you have dry hair, that might not be the best idea. Instead of brushing your hair occasionally, you can opt for natural serums and leave-in conditioners to prevent your hair from getting tangled and forming knots.

Cool showers and oiling

We have already discussed the necessity of cool showers earlier in the article, but besides that, one incredible tip will work like magic for your dry hair. Hair oils, especially ayurvedic oils, are the holy grail products for your dry hair, which can drastically improve your hair health. So, do not hesitate to incorporate natural Ayurvedic hair oils to see visible changes in your hair care regime.

Use ayurvedic oils for hair

When selecting suitable ayurvedic oils for hair, selecting one that suits your needs is critical. Consider Blue Nectar Rosemary Hair Growth Oil which harnesses the power of nine potent Ayurvedic herbs, including Bhringraj, Amla, and Mulethi. These ayurvedic oils for hair are specifically formulated to promote hair health by providing essential nutrients and acting as an excellent moisturizer for the scalp.

The formulation of these ayurvedic oils for hair is carefully crafted using all-natural herb extracts. Ayurvedic oils for hair are designed to be non-sticky, allowing for easy application and absorption. By being free from harmful chemicals, these oils prioritize the health and well-being of your hair. With their nourishing properties, these ayurvedic oils for hair ensure that your hair remains healthy, well-nourished, and vibrant. Choose suitable ayurvedic oils for hair and experience the transformative benefits of natural hair care.

How to care for specific hair types?

Just like your skin, each person has a specific hair type, and each hair type requires different care and routine. Following are some tips you can easily add to your routine depending on your hair type.  

Straight hair

People with straight hair tend to have greasier hair than usual since it is easier for the natural oils from the scalp to drip down on your hair strand. Thus, people with this hair type should wash their hair more often, opt for lighter oils like tea tree and rosemary, and avoid heavy oils like olive oil.

Wavy hair

For people with wavy hair, the natural oils from the scalp take longer to seep in than those with straight hair. Thus people with this hair type need to wash their hair sparingly, and they may want to opt for almond or coconut oil to calm their frizz.

Curly and Coily hair

It is especially difficult for the natural oils from the scalp to reach the hair strands for people with this hair type. As a result, the hair tends to get highly brittle and dry and is more prone to damage than other hair types. So, it is advised for people with this hair type to only wash their hair sometimes and also use heavier oils and hair masks to combat dryness. Using ayurvedic oils for hair is also a proven solution. 

Additional tips to prevent dry hair in men

  • Ensure you include all your micronutrients since a healthy diet produces healthier hair.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking since they may be the leading reason for dry hair.
  • Include more protein in your diet to make your hair thicker and less prone to breakage.
  • Exercise regularly to improve health and increase blood circulation, producing healthier, shiny-looking hair.

Make use of natural and ayurvedic oils for hair.


1. Which deficiency causes dry hair?

Biotin or Vitamin B7 deficiency often results in dry hair.

2. What does dry hair indicate?

Dry hair usually indicates hair damage and, if left untreated, may result in split ends and excessive hair thinning and hair fall.

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3. Does dry hair cause hair loss?

Dry hair is often a result of a dry scalp, and a dry scalp is a clear indication that your hair follicle is weak. This may eventually lead to hair breakage and result in hair loss.

4. Does dry hair mean you are dehydrated?

Yes. When you have dehydration, your body tries to cover up for the lack of fluids, compromising the moisture content of your hair and eventually leading to dryness.

Wrapping up

Dry hair is standard among men, and maintaining it can sometimes be challenging. However, remember all the tips mentioned in this article; your journey towards smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair will be easy. But it must be ok if the condition sustains, it is best to seek professional help. Keep oiling your hair with ayurvedic oils for hair.

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