Body Mist: Something You Must Have in Your Fragrance Collection

Nowadays, we have such an extensive range when it comes to fragrance options that we do not consider any new fragrance trend. We might think when we are already using a perfume and a deodorant, then why we need to buy a body mist. A perfume has around 15-25% fragrance oil whereas a deodorant just has around 10% solution of fragrance oil. The former offers complete aroma while the latter just helps in preventing underarm smell. If you also feel that a body mist is not that important then read on to know more.

A body mist is a very important part of fragrance layering. If you want to have that long lasting and fresh scent all over you then you must buy a body mist for long lasting aroma. It is not a replacement for your perfume or deodorant but rather an add on which is bound to fetch you many compliments.

Body mist use


Why a body mist is better and safer than other fragrance options?

body mist is tamer, lighter and softer as compared to other fragrance options available in the market. It gives that pleasant all over scent feel. We all know how important is to smell nice and refreshing when we go out for a meeting or for a romantic date, after all first impression is the last impression. The subtle fragrance boost offered by the best body mist in India is truly worth it. One thing we really like about a body mist I that it is much cheaper than a perfume. The light plus breezy touch offered by a body mist is just too good. No wonder more and more people are making body mist a part of their fragrance layering routine.

Body mist fragrance


How to use a body mist?

A body mist helps in hydrating your skin. So like a perfume, it should be used directly on your skin. Make sure your skin is clean before you apply a body mist. It is a great idea to apply it after you take a shower. You will surely love the pleasing and light aroma offered by your body mist. Like in ancient times, people used to apply It, a body mist is used in a similar manner. You can even use a body mist before you hit the bed, no harm in smelling good while you sleep. If a body mist is part of your fragrance layering routine, then you must reapply it twice. This will help in keeping the scent fresh.

Some other uses of a body mist:

Sky is the limit when it comes to using a body mist. Since a body mist contains a low concentration of oils, you can use it even on delicate fabrics. You can use it on your bedsheet, to get that scented bliss while you sleep. You could also use a body mist on your clothes before you wear them. Although, the fragrance won't be that strong, but will be refreshing for sure. You can also use a body mist in your car to get that touch of unique fragrance.

Body mist for dry skin


We are sure after going through this blog, you would agree that a body mist is something you must have in your fragrance layering routine. So, go ahead get one right away and smell fresh all day long. Just make sure the body mist you buy complements the other scents you have because scent confusion is something you will not like. A good quality body mist will definitely work like magic for you and give you that nice fragrance you were looking for.

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