Body oil massage and its benefit in winter season

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The shivering and freezing season is on the door. Winter is approaching, some find the season pleasant while many of us are not in love with it. Happily welcoming winters isn’t everybody’s cup of tea because there is nothing so attractive about it except two things- “the cozy cuddles” and “the beautiful scenic mornings”.

Winter isn’t that kind to all of us as it brings with it various types of health problems for people of different age groups. Dry skin, itchiness, common cold, flu, heart diseases, asthma attacks, joints and muscular pains are the most common health problems faced every winter. Highlighting below are some major health problems faced during winters:

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Winter Woes - Health problems during winters

  • Common cold and flu: These are the most prominent problems that people face during winters. While they avoid washing their hands, skipping a day or two in bathing, basically those who are reluctant to come in contact with water are prone to attract viruses that are highly active in winter that makes them sick of flu and cold resulting in sore throat, running nose and fever, headaches and body aches. A good care of hygiene should be taken to avoid these seasonal flus. Regular use of natural essential oil like peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil could be effective  in opening blocked nasal passage.
  • Asthma attacks: People with asthma can suffer in winter as asthma attacks can be triggered on cold days due to cold and dry air. Asthma patients should always carry their inhaler for the case of emergency and avoid doing too much outdoor physical activities.
  • Triggered Arthritis: It has been observed that people having arthritis are more tortured in winters due to the increased pain and stiffness in their joints. People of an older age group are more likely to have it.
  • Joints and muscular pain: Due to the drop-in temperature the tendons, muscles and tissues expand that leads to stiffness of muscles and joints and make them more painful to move. In this case a body massage with a warm body massage oil could help in pain relief. There are many body oil massage benefits unknown to us. Ease of muscular tension in the body is one of the most noticeable benefits of oil massage in body. There are various pain relief oils available that gives relief in joint pains, back pains, shoulder pains etc. Blue Nectar pain relief oil is made with 17 ayurvedic herbs and provide natural relief from pain. It is the best pain relieving oil available in India

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5 Body oil massage benefits-

Body massage in winters has numerous benefits you won’t have even ever imagined about. Body oil massage benefits are amazing and are naturally therapeutic and have been listed in Ayurveda too. The practice of full body oil massage is termed as Abhyanga in Ayurveda. Health benefits of body massage in winters are huge and innumerable. A good body oil massage therapy from head to toe with warm ayurvedic body massage oil targeting your specific problems gives immense relief and improves your physical and mental health.  Have a look at the top 5 benefits of oil massage in body.

1. Body oil massage benefits by releasing stress

In today’s hard and fast life when people are hustling to survive they have to go through stressful situations. Everybody needs nourishment of mind, body and soul and one of the most reliable sources of that is a body oil massage. A deep relaxation is experienced after the oil massage therapy as it eases out the pain and stiffness in the body and also makes you feel stress relieved. It remarkably boosts the growth of good hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. The ayurvedic body massage oils work as magic as they penetrate deep into your skin and body and give a feeling of warmth and happiness.

2. Body massage oil benefits by improving blood circulation

In the time of winters, we feel more gloomy and tired, our body holds on laziness and we are reluctant to get out of the bed in the mornings and do any physical activity such as walk, gym, or even go out for work. Even the daily household chores upset us.
The only best way to charge up our bodies in winter is with a good body oil massage. It instantly gives warmth to our body and the tension in the muscles get released due to the constant rubbing with a pain relief oil or a body massage oil, as the blood circulation increases our body feels relaxed and revitalized and is good to go for any kind of physical work. Pain oils have powerful and herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, camphor, mulethi, neem, etc.. This is the reason these pain oils have no side effects and are soothing to the skin too.

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3.  A good oil massage boosts immunity

Since our immune system is weak in winters as compared to the other seasons we are more likely to catch hold of cold, flu and other viral infections. But fortunately, there is a benefit of oil massage to our rescue. Yes! You heard it right, oil massage boosts the immune system of our body and helps us stay fit and healthy by getting rid of infections.
The lymph nodes are stimulated by oil massage done rightly and due to this there is an active increase in movement of white blood cells in the body, the increase in blood circulation due to the massage also plays a major role in stimulating the white blood cells which helps the body to fight with infections and diseases. The body cells are energized and revitalized and  the skin feels fresh.

4. A good oil massage reduces skin problems

People with oily skin type even feel dry skin irritation in winters. This may happen due to the cold and dry air and the lower humid conditions. Our skin feels dry, dehydrated and itchy. There are indescribable skin health benefits of body oil massage in winters.
A massage with a good body massage oil enriched with natural ingredients would be best in winters to get a healthy and soft skin. There is a subtle glow on the skin due to the blood circulation caused due to the oil massage. The oil massage therapy acts as a cushion to our skin against the harsh and cold weather, and protects the skin from losing the hydration, the skin remains soft and supple after the therapy if done rightly with the right oil. The skin’s elasticity is regained and there is a visible decrease in the signs of ageing with a farewell to fine lines and wrinkles. Usually the body massage oils used for moisturization and skin revitalization include ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, etc. that are nourishing for the skin.
A sportsperson who is more prone to injury or an adult with stiff joints would go for an oil massage with a pain relief oil that usually has lemongrass, eucalyptus, chamomile, etc. as ingredients. They instantly get absorbed by the skin and give relief as it eases out the muscle pain.

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5. Oil Massage with slimming oil helps in weight loss

Weight loss massage is a boon for people suffering from obesity. People may have tried hardcore exercises, strict diet plans and gym routines but they necessarily don’t get the desired results. Not everybody is aware of this, the body slimming oil massage helps in burning the body fat faster and makes your body slim and toned. The weight loss benefits are long term and effective.

There are various weight loss massages done with medicated fat burning oil that reduces fat and increase blood circulation, some of these massages are skin fold and vacuum massage, lymphatic massage and aromatic massage. These massages lead you to have better sleep, decrease abdominal fat, improves the digestive system and maintains the blood pressure. The fat burning oils are used in the Abhyanga therapy for weight loss massage, they are ayurvedic slimming oils especially enriched with natural minerals and vitamins.

You surely might be awestruck by the body oil massage benefits. Then why not try it? Grab your hands on a perfect body massage oil according to your needs. The Ayurvedic Blue Nectar Massage Oils comes up with prodigious options for you to choose. 

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