Complete guide to age defying skincare routine for men

Age-Defying Skincare Routine for Men

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Do you guys remember the time when the world of makeup and skincare was reserved only for women? Well, now that time is long gone! Gone are the days when a man could aggressively splash water on his face, rub it with a towel vigorously and that'd be it! The lack of care and regard for their skin is just no longer acceptable… The result? Men too have started to step up, or at least they need to because beauty is equally important for all.

A proper skincare routine is a secret to not only looking good and youthful well into your old age but also combating skin diseases and improving skin health. Research suggests men are way more susceptible to ailments like skin cancer and melanomas. Most skin issues in men arise from sun exposure, where they don't use a men face cream with SPF beforehand to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays. All of that stops today!

What is Age-Defying Skincare?

These skincare terms that somehow defy age sound too fancy schmancy when you see them in adverts and blogs just like this one. One can't help but wonder… How? The natural process of time? Sounds a bit bizarre, doesn't it? Well, we're here to help clear up any confusion!

No… you cannot stop time. And you definitely can't stop aging, what you can stop are the effects of time on your skin. This cannot make you younger (we so wish it could!) but it can make you appear younger than you are. That's gotta count for something right?

Making you look youthful as well as preserving the plumpness of your skin is exactly  . It fights off wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines from your skin, keeps your skin well hydrated to delay the inevitable signs of aging, and nourishes your skin to look radiant and retain its appearance over decades. Sounds like a dream? It isn't! A decent age-defying skincare routine with a simple can do wonders for the male skin. There are a lot of products formulated exclusively for men face cream. Don't believe us? Try one out yourself!

Men is massaging the cream all over his cheeks

What should be a Man’s Skincare Routine?

When it comes to a proper skincare routine for men, the steps aren't really that different from a woman's skincare routine. The products are where most of the variation is at! The face cleansers may have different ingredients, some toners may be specially crafted for facial hair, and for moisturization, it may be beneficial to invest in the best men face cream crafted specifically for male skin.

The following step-by-step skincare routine is easy enough to follow and best suited for men:

1. Cleanse - Removing any dirt and grime collected on one's face is imperative to prevent acne. If you let all that bacteria fester on your face in your natural oil for long, it can wreak havoc on your skin. So choose a gentle cleanser with some exfoliating properties. Look for ingredients that suit your skin type, if you have oily skin, then key ingredients like charcoal, neem, etc. will be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, then choose face washes that may have Kesar or other ingredients that give it a creamy consistency. Take a small amount of your cleanser or wet palms and massage it all over your face and neck with light pressure for 40-50 seconds. Wash off with water. Be sure to cleanse your face twice daily to keep it clean.

2. Tone/Hydrate - Depending on the climate where you live and your skin type, it is entirely possible that your skin ends up either dry or dull minutes after you wash your face. Dryness and lack of proper hydration are the top causes of ! How can that be prevented? It's easy enough to  . Sure, drinking plenty of water is important but even that isn't sufficient to keep your skin hydrated. That's where toners come in. Working some toner on a freshly cleansed face hydrates the skin while also balancing the pH. This ensures that your skin stays calm and reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts. It's usually best for both women and men to use alcohol-free toners because alcohol actually does the opposite of hydration, it pulls all the moisture from your skin, leaving visible dry, pale patches. You could try rose water as your toner instead before applying your men face cream. It may not sound very manly according to stereotypes but it gets the job done!

3. Face Serum - This step is optional but highly recommended. Face serums are great for all adults alike. They often do things your regular men face creams can't. Face Serums are packed with essential concern-specific ingredients that target your skin's needs effectively and give you amazing-looking skin. When chosen correctly, face serums can transform your skin over time while adding a luxurious, calming feel to your routine.

4. Moisturise - Moisturising the skin is undeniably the most important step for men. A good men face cream can transform your skin. Keep it soft, supple, and plump for hours, thus preventing those pesky wrinkles and fine lines that form as a result of dryness. You can get even better results if you go for a men face glow cream as its formulation over time will make your skin look radiant and youthful well into old age.

5. Sun Protection - Sure, getting some much-needed vitamin D from the sun is all fine and dandy and probably good for you health-wise. But is it all that good for your skin? Especially without protection? Absolutely not! The sun's rays are extremely harmful to the human skin and increased exposure can result in cancerous lipomas and what not… But, all of that can easily be prevented if you simply wear some sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply it every 2 hours for maximum protection. If SPF doesn't suit your skin, you could also go wear natural Ayurvedic ingredients that protect the skin, these can easily be found in good men face creams from Ayurvedic, natural, chemical-free brands.

6. Lip Balm - why should the rest of your face have all the fun? After all, it doesn't make much sense for your face to be all smooth, soft, and glowy, while your lips look dry, crackly, and dull, does it? Nope! So invest in a good lip balm (bonus points if it has SPF or sun-protection ingredients in it) and apply a small amount over your lips (Pro tip - apply your men face cream on the outlines of your lips before the lip balm for extra plumpness and hydration for longer).

How to Choose the Right Skincare Products for Men?

The market is saturated with products that are "specially crafted for men" but how many of them are worth it and which men face cream should you choose? How must you do it? These questions can be confusing and stressful but that's what we're here for!

Even though it may seem like it, selecting the right product for you isn't rocket science. Here's what you need to keep in mind while choosing best men face cream:

  •  Be sure to choose products that are concern specific. Meaning opting for products that are crafted for issues you observe in your skin (whether they're formulated for men or women doesn't matter *that much).
  • Choose men face cream or skin products that suit your skin type. Before that, figure out exactly what your skin type is. If you blindly choose a product that claims to be the best face cream for men but the primary ingredients in that men face cream aren't compatible with your skin, you likely won't be able to get its benefits. So it's important to choose products that will suit you in the long run.
  • Read reviews from other people. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we now have the facility of finding out what other people think of a product and what their experiences have been with it, all in just a few clicks. How cool is that? This allows men to know what other men think about that one men face glow cream you've been eyeing.

Men is taking out some moisturizer from the bottle on his finger tip

Which Ingredients should you look for in Men Face Cream?

As we said, choosing the right products isn't rocket science and you shouldn't treat your research like it is. Do not overcomplicate anything and try not to drown in complex terms. Look for simple, effective, well-researched ingredients that do what they claim. It's that easy. Here are some ingredients you should keep an eye out for men face cream:

  • Collagen-boosting ingredients like retinol found in natural sources of vitamin-A (a type of retinol itself) or plants like bakuchiol (which is plant-based retinol itself) can help retain the elasticity and plumpness of the skin and keep it from getting saggy and wrinkled at younger age
  • Actives or (found in Amla a.k.a. Indian gooseberry) and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, etc.) & E (found in almonds, avocado, etc.) when applied topically clear the skin of its uneven texture and help a great deal in eliminating age spots.
  • Look for natural humectants in your skin care products that pull moisture from the environment into your skin and keep it hydrated for longer. When paired with natural exfoliators, this combo can boost skin cell regeneration and promote a higher level of collagen production.

Are Men Face Creams different from Women Face Creams?

Only slightly. Men can use face creams that are targeted towards women and still get their benefits but it's better to opt for a men face cream that is crafted specifically for the male skin. This is because of the different thicknesses of the human skin in men and women as well as the presence of facial hair which influences how a man's skin reacts to and adapts to regular skin care or changes in the dermal routine.

Both Men & Women are applying face cream on their face infront of the mirror

Which is the Best Face Cream for Men?

The best men face cream is one that suits the male skin uniquely, one that can adapt to different skin types and weathers, one that's gentle on the face, etc. Whether you find this fix in a chemical formulation or Ayurvedic concoction is completely up to you. But if you're in the mood for something natural yet effective, do check out Blue Nectar's Shubr Anti-Aging Brightening Face Cream. It's crafted especially for men and is enriched with the goodness of sandalwood and saffron. What more can you ask for in men face cream?

Final Takeaway

We are all about smashing the patriarchy and discarding gender stereotypes. A big step in that is keeping men involved and engaged in the world of beauty. Taking care of one's skin is one way of doing just that. We believe that all people, regardless of their gender or age, deserve to look and feel beautiful, and masculinity should never step in the way of that. So, this blog is an ode filled with love for all our male readers. Look after your skin and check out other anti-aging products from Blue Nectar crafted especially for the ever-so-young man in you. Until next time!


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