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Some Common Hair Problems

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Hair problems are one of the biggest worries we deal with. These problems are common irrespective of the gender. Both, men and women, get bothered by hair issues they face. In fact, it has become a universal problem. We have heard about hair problems since ever, but the problem has become severe with the passing time. There are many factors that contribute to hair problems – poor lifestyle, exposure to sun and pollution, lack of nutrition, chemical laden hair products. However, a good hair treatment plan including some home remedies and some change in lifestyle will go a long way in maintaining healthy hair.

Let’s have a glimpse of some common hair problems that we face in our daily life:

Hair Fall-

Hair fall can affect anyone at any age. It is a problem which troubles most of the people. However, shredding of 15-20 hair is common, but if it crosses that range, then it becomes a reason to worry. Lack of hair care and lack of nourishment could be the reasons for hair fall. Just like car needs fuel and maintenance for proper running of the vehicle, our body and hair need good nourishment and maintenance for healthy looking hair. If we starve, our body becomes weak, similarly, if we don’t give food to our hair they become weak and soon die. In a layman’s language, this is called nothing but HAIR FALL. According to Ayurved, the best food and nourishment for hair is Bhringraj Oil.

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Damaged Hair-

Hair Damage could be cause due to many reasons. The first and foremost being ignoring the health of your hair and not treating them well. We take care of our skin, but we forget to take care of our hair. We apply chemical laden hair products which cause much damage to the hair. Exposure to sun also damages our hair. It is the UV rays of the sun which is harmful to our skin and hair. Other factors causing hair damage are pollution, chemical treatments for hair. exposure to heat from hair driers & other hair appliances.

Split Hair / Split Ends-

Sometimes we get to see some split hair, mostly at the hair ends, which we call split ends. Sometimes the hair break from the middle of that hair strand and gives a rough and frizzy look to hair. These all happen due to lack of proper care and nourishment, pollution and rough handling of hair. Head massage with Ayurvedic Hair Oils replenish hair with much needed hair nutrients. Massaging with Bhringraj Oil, post exposure to extreme sunlight and pollution, repairs the damaged hair and prevents them from further damage.

Graying of Hair-

Hair graying is a natural process. Our hair follicles contain pigment cells that make melanin. Melanin is responsible for our hair colour. Greying of hair is caused when pigment cells that make melanin, start to die. If the hair turns prematurely gray then there could other underlying reasons. This premature graying can occur due to some genetic problem, over exposure to pollution, not treating your hair properly, not massaging with ayurvedic oils for hair or an unhealthy diet.


Dandruff has become a major problem with kids, teens and adults. Usually, people get dandruff in winters due to dry weather which dries up or skin and scalp. Some people also get dandruff in other seasons, all round the year. So, what causes Dandruff? One of the main reason behind dandruff is undernourished hair. The hair doesn’t get proper nourishment, so the scalp becomes dry along with the hair and causes dandruff. Other causes which may require medical consultation could be fungal colonization on the skin’s surface, Malassezia and Eczema.


To keep our hair healthy and problem free, a good hair care routine is a must. A good hair care regime includes proper nourishment, massaging with an ayurvedic hair oil or a herbal hair oil or a natural hair oil like Bhringraj oil.

Here are some quick remedies that will go a long way in treating the most common hair problems-

Hair Oil treatment-

A good head massage with an Ayurvedic Hair Oil provides nourishment and moisturization to hair. Oil is the main food and nourishment for hair. It makes hair strong and healthy, while maintaining their shine and making them frizz free.

There are plenty of hair oils available in the market. So, how does one decide on which hair oil to buy? While choosing the best hair oil for oneself, always look for a hair oil which does not contain mineral oil or artificial / synthetic fragrances. Go for Ayurvedic Oils for hair which contains natural herbs like Amla, Aloevera, Coconut Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Almond Oil. These ayurvedic oils for hair are a mixture of natural oils like Bhringraj Oil, Tea Tree Oil and some ayurvedic herbs and ingredients.

There are some natural cold pressed oils – Bhringraj Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame oil, Almond Oil, which are available at drug stores and the provision stores. Other than these, there are some herbal / Ayurvedic Oils for hair available in market. These would have a carrier base oil like coconut oil or sesame oil and would have other additional oils like bhringraj oil along with herbs like amla, shikakai, aloevera, manjishtha etc. 

Always read the label of the hair oil while buying them from the shelf or online. If the ingredients have natural oils and herbs then the hair oil is good to be used but if a hair oil has chemical and mineral oils in it then it is not good for maintaining hair health. If one of the ingredients is Bhringraj Oil then it is a bonus as Bhringraj is known as the king of herbs and has plethora of benefits for hair.

Hair pack treatment-

There are many powders of dried fruits of different plants which help to reduce hair fall. They prevent shredding of hair, make hair strong, shiny and healthy.

DIY - Using the powders of Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Gudhal, make a paste by adding water to it. This natural hair mask will provide a lot of benefits to the hair. Henna is also a natural product which comes from the leaves of mehndi plant. The powder of dried fruit of this plant is a great product for hair. We can apply this by making a paste from the dry and ground leaves. For conditioning hair, try adding oil like bhringraj oil to mehendi paste. This works wonder as a hair conditioner.

Hair spa treatment-

Hair spa can be really beneficial for hair. A regular hair spa treatment, will give awesome shiny, healthy hair. One can easily do a hair spa in a home setting.

Choosing the correct product for our hair-

Using the wrong product on hair may cause much harm than the benefits. There are many hair products available in the market. If we don’t choose the perfect shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, ayurvedic oil for hair, then it won’t be beneficial for us rather it can cause some serious damage to our hair. Ayurvedic hair products are the safest products and so are ayurvedic oils for hair such as Bhringraj Oil.

Cold water treatment for hair-

Yes, cold water or water at normal room temperature is perfect for our hair; hot water causes dryness and damages our hair. Hot water washes away the natural oil present in our hair which causes damaged, dry and dull hair. Giving steam to hair by wrapping a hot, wet towel on your head will be more beneficial.

Hair Care Tips

To maintain healthy hair for life time, we need to follow a good hair care routine. Here are some tips listed below-

  • Oil your hair regularly, with an ayurvedic, natural oil, which is best suitable for your hair. Some of these oils are Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil.
  • Wrap a hot, wet towel on your head, after a good hair oil massage with any of the ayurvedic oils for hair.
  • Wash your hair regularly with a sulphate free and paraben free shampoo.
  • Do not wash your hair with warm water.
  • Choose the appropriate product for your hair, which is natural, herbal and ayurvedic.
  • Tie up your hair while sleeping.
  • Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb.

These are just few of the suggested hair care tips but there are many more which one can consciously involve in their hair care regime and get healthy, problem free hair.


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