Guide To Choose The Best Men Facial Wash

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  • Why men facial wash is an important part of skincare?
  • How often should men use men facial wash?
  • Can men facial wash be used every day?
  • Ingredients to look for in men facial wash
  • Men facial wash according to skin type
  • Men facial wash aftercare/ what should men apply after face wash
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended products by Blue Nectar 


To give a head start to any skincare routine or a makeup routine per se, the first and foremost step is to cleanse the face with a facial wash such as an ayurvedic face wash . It removes all the dirt and environmental pollutants contacting the face throughout the day. It removes excessive oil production giving a clean face and a list of benefits. But are facial wash important for men too? How to find the best face wash for men? Is there a need for a specific men facial wash or they can use any facial wash?

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There are a lot of questions and confusion about men facial wash. Let's find out some answers for them, shall we?

To start with, are men facial wash important? Definitely yes. Facial wash helps keep the build-up of dirt and dust on the face and also removes the excessive oil produced. They tend to make the face look dull and tired. Facial wash irrespective of gender gives a clean and natural look while preserving the inherent radiance.

How to find the best face wash for men? Is an ayurvedic face wash best face wash? The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. We need to consider some basics before finding a men facial wash. To buy a men facial wash, we should be well aware of the skin type. Whether we have oily skin and a problem of excessive oil on the face, or a dry skin type where the skin is dull and chapped. Normal or combination skin types for which mostly all the products can be used.

There are various men facial wash products available depending on the skin type - face wash for oily skin, face wash for dry skin, neem face wash, even pimple face wash for acne-prone skin, and ayurvedic face wash to prevent any side effects. Knowing your skin type becomes really essential here.

To answer the third and most important question, is there a need for a specific men facial wash, we need to first understand what is different in women’s and men’s skin. 

Why should men facial wash be an important part of man’s skincare?

Why men facial wash is an important part of skincare?

While the damaging factors are the same for both men and women, how do they damage men’s and women’s skin differently? What is the primary difference between men’s and women’s skin? 

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To our surprise, other than the masculinity difference, men’s skin is tougher and has more oil glands producing more oil in men than women. According to the skin experts, skin parameters of hydration, trans epidermal water loss, sebum, microcirculation, pigmentation, and thickness are generally higher in men which is a clear indication of why men need to have a skincare and to use a Men facial wash which will take care of the hydration, excessive oil production while cleaning the external dirt.

Since the skin parameters of men are slightly different than those of women, and the skin is tougher, it is important to use natural and ayurvedic skincare products that are specifically formulated for extra oiliness and toughness.

How often should men use men facial wash? 

According to Dermatologists, people irrespective of gender should ideally wash their faces twice a day. It can go up to 3 times a day in the summer season with more sweating and sun exposure. We just need to thoroughly cleanse the face of dirt, oils, and harmful particles. Face wash for oily skin may be of ready help here.

Wash the face twice with cold water, to make a fresh and renewed look on the face.

Washing the face multiple times has its disadvantages. It takes away the protective layer of the skin making it dry.

Can men facial wash be used every day?

It is highly advisable by experts to use men facial wash or face cleanser every day. Most men tend to skip this step and simply clean the face with water and then rub the face to remove dirt and dust. This makes the skin dry and acne prone in the long run.

Men facial wash especially an ayurvedic face wash, comes with the advantage to protect the face and regain moisture and making the face look fresh and relaxed. 

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Depending on the requirement and skin type, ayurvedic face wash, neem face wash, face wash for oily skin, face wash for dry skin, and pimple face wash for acne-prone skin are all available for men. All they have to do is to use the appropriate facial wash and it will keep them looking younger.

Even Neem face wash with the goodness of ayurvedic neem is an ayurvedic face wash, which can be used for all skin types

Ingredients to look for in men facial wash

To have a natural skincare routine, people nowadays are more inclined towards ayurvedic skincare products. When it comes to Men facial wash, Blue Nectar has come up with a unique range of Ayurvedic face wash which are proving to be the best face wash for men.

Ayurvedic herbs like raw honey to brighten the skin, natural Vitamin C - Neem to prevent Acne and fights blackheads, Aloe Vera for skin moisturization & Anti-aging, rose extract for its astringent properties, and several other 100% natural ingredients are used in making the ayurvedic face wash that is suitable for men’s and women’s skin.

Men facial wash according to skin type

We have already figured out the importance of men facial wash but choosing the correct and the best face wash (ayurvedic face wash in our case) is even more necessary.

There are different products for different skin types. So using the right combination of products along with your skin type increases the perks of using the men facial wash.

Ayurvedic face wash for dry skin - Men are mostly working outdoors and so they are more prone to sunburn and dehydration which makes their skin dry.

The best face wash for dry skin is the one that mitigates sunburn and gives a soothing effect. 

The goodness of cucumber, aloe vera, and saffron as ayurvedic herbs, gives hydration to the skin while rejuvenating the skin health and are key ingredients to look for in an ayurvedic face wash for dry skin.

men is splashing water on his face

Ayurvedic face wash for oily skin – People with oily skin type have a major problem with blockage of skin pores due to excess sebum production resulting in acne and breakouts. They have more oil glands compared to women resulting in having more oil on the face which also attracts the dust from the environment to stick it to the face.

Best face wash for oily skin should have salicylic acid as a prime ingredient which has proven to control the oil production and thoroughly cleanse the oil present on the skin and hydrate the skin.

Even the pimple face wash or neem face wash, which are ayurvedic face wash, can be used by the oily skin type people to avoid breakouts and acne and give a cooling effect and relief from any irritation if caused.

Ayurvedic face wash for sensitive skin - Sensitive skin is very prone to irritation, rashes, redness on the face, and itching for a very minute reason. People with sensitive skin should choose face wash very carefully. They should avoid men facial wash having paraben, sulfates, or any kind of fragrance.

The best face wash for men having sensitive skin type would be a natural and an ayurvedic face wash with Vitamin C in it which reduces redness and irritation. Neem face wash can also be used as it has natural vitamin C.

Ayurvedic face wash for normal skin - People having normal skin types are born lucky and they need not be very specific when it comes to choosing the best face wash for men. They tend to have a balanced pH level and so don’t have issues like irritation, or redness. 

They can use any ayurvedic face wash for their skin which gives them hydration and nourishment for a long time.

Men facial wash aftercare/ what should men apply after face wash

To have and follow a skincare routine daily for 365 days a year can be tedious, especially for men. They could be traveling, working long hours, away from home, or for any other reason. 

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However, using a men facial wash preferably an ayurvedic face wash is a crucial step and the face has to be washed twice a day no matter what, and then gently pat it with a soft cloth.

What is the next step? Is it enough to wash the face with cleanser or do we need to apply some cream to restore the dryness? 

After cleaning the face using a men facial wash, moisturize the face daily. It could be a face cream for men or a men’s face glow cream or a light face oil like kumkumadi tailam or a face serum for glowing skin, moisturising the face brings back the lost moisture and retains the skin elasticity and keep you from feeling itchy or flaky. 

Again, depending on the skin type, choose a good moisturizer. For dry skin, choose a face cream for men with olive oil, shea butter, argon oil.

For oily skin, choose moisturizer or men face cream having aloe vera, neem, chandan, cucumber and other cooling ingredients.

For beard and facial hair, you should shift to specific beard oil to keep it shiny.


Man’s skincare and men facial wash are not an alien concept. Men in 21st century are more aware of their skin’s needs and how the external factors are affecting their skin balance.

To have a healthy, younger and firm looking skin, a series of procedure needs to be followed but first the correct men facial wash needs to be chosen.

As the world is routing back to the Ayurveda, there are wide range of Ayurvedic face wash available for men depending on their skin type. Using the correct ayurvedic face wash suiting the skin type is the first step towards having a healthy, hydrating and younger looking skin for a long time.

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