Guide to Nalpamradi Thailam and its benefits

Surprising Benefits of Nalpamradi Thailam Beyond De-tanning

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With its yellow-from-turmeric tinge and magical herbal concoction, Nalpamradi Thailam uses are especially known for its de-tanning properties. This ayurvedic body oil called Nalpamradi Oil, is suitable for both - face and body, and is great at treating sun damage on the skin. For years, Nalpamradi Oil has been used as a home remedy to remove tan. 

But what if we tell you that this is not all Nalpamradi Tailam benefits are? 

This versatile ayurvedic body oil is made up of over 16 herbs. It is only natural for it to have surprising Nalpamradi Tailam benefits that you may have not heard of. Thus, the benefits of Nalpamradi Thailam go well over what you have heard of so far.

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What is Nalpamradi Thailam and what are Nalpamradi Thailam uses? 

The problem of sun damage has existed in India for centuries. Thanks to its tropical location, tanning was a problem our ancestors faced too. This is what led to the creation of the magical face oil and body oil we are going to talk about today. Made out of ayurvedic herbs, the Nalpamradi Thailam uses has been dubbed a natural skin illuminator for years. 

The key ingredient of Nalpamradi oil is four focus trees - Religiose (Peepal Tree), Bengalensis (Banyan Tree), Microcarpa (Kamaroop Tree), and Racemosa (Gular Tree), which are collectively known as the “Nalpamara”. 

The other key ingredient in the Nalpamradi oil is turmeric, which gives it yellowish tinge. Apart from this, the Nalpamradi oil includes Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amla and Turmeric. Nalpamradi Thailam uses include components that combine to create the ideal mixture for removing tan from body and giving it a lighter skin tone and thus helping in skin brightening. Sesame oil also known as body oil serves as the foundation for its development in addition to these essential ayurvedic herbs. 

While initially the oil was made as a home remedy to treat tan and sun damage, the amazing ingredients of Nalpamradi Thailam make way for this astonishingly versatile skin brightening oil. Let us now know all about Nalpamradi Thailam uses.

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Surprising Benefits of Nalpamradi Thailam 

Let us now discuss some of the astonishing Nalpamradi Tailam uses that benefits beyond its traditional use in de-tanning. 

How Nalpamradi Thailam uses could treat Skin Allergies?

Nalpamradi Tailam Oil has a rich, healing texture. With its sesame oil base, it can speed up healing in one’s skin, thanks to the boost of moisture that Sesame Oil gives. Nalpamradi Thailam uses on daily basis can also help you to get rid of bacteria and fungi that may build up on the skin and cause allergies. Further, the potent herbs in Nalpamradi Tailam act as anti-inflammatories that reduce the chances of itching and irritation. 

All in all, since the Nalpamradi oil is known for no side effects, it is safe to use it for treatment of skin problems like eczema, scabies, and dermatitis. This is just one of few benefits of oil massage on body – by oil massage we mean Nalpamradi Oil Massage.

How Nalpamradi Thailam uses can prevent Aging?

Poorly aged skin is a concern for all of us. Ayurvedic Body Oils, especially ones such as the Nalpamradi Tailam, are great at improving skin resilience. They are occlusives that create a barrier on your skin, protecting it from damage. Moreover, the benefits of oil massage on body also means that even if your skin moves a lot, it can bounce back into its original shape much easier. Therefore, one can easily include Nalpamaradi Thailam uses in their skincare routine to prevent premature aging and have ever glowing youthful skin. 

Further, herbs such as vetiver, amla, and sandalwood add to your skin the exact nutrients it needs to stay plump and soft. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Nalpamradi Thailam uses on daily basis, could even prevent wrinkles in the long run and delay the signs of aging. 

How Nalpamradi Thailam uses can make your body relax?

Applying Nalpamradi oil on both one’s face and one’s body is an act of self-love or “Abhyanga” or “Sneha” in Ayurveda. This is because whenever you apply nalpamradi oil, you are required to massage it into your skin to optimise the benefits of oil massage on body. Thus, the application of Nalpamradi Thailam uses is a relaxing body massage. 

Oil Massages improve your mood instantly. The act of touch in itself is magical. Of many benefits of oil massage on body, the aroma and the pressure of oil massage can get you rid of any knots or pain in your body. We are all usually stressed at the end of the day because we have hectic lives. Massaging Nalpamradi Oil and bathing just before you go to sleep acts as the perfect relaxation you could need! 

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How Nalpamradi Thailam uses can prevent Acne and Skin Infections?


Acne is a problem that people with oily skin often struggle with. And while you may think that body oils or face oils are a big no for you, Nalpamradi Thailam uses can actually help you with acne too! 

Don’t be too perplexed. It makes perfect sense. After all, one of the key ingredients in the Nalpamradi oil is turmeric. Turmeric is known to be natural skin brightener, but it is also known to be an amazing antiseptic. It has antifungal properties and cleans your skin upon application. That is why turmeric was for so long used in natural soaps as it’s the best home remedy to remove tan and heal skin

With regular but limited use of Nalpamradi Tailam on your face and body, you may be able to effectively prevent acne. This goes for acne around the body too! Often, skin infections may occur when there’s too much oil on your skin. It can attract dirt and bacteria. The Nalpamradi Thailam is traditionally known to be blood purifier body oil, which can help you with this problem. Thus, Nalpamradi Tailam uses on regular basis can give you clean and smooth skin. 

How Nalpamradi Thailam uses can heal dark circles?

Dark circles and puffy eyes are nightmares that we’d all like to get rid of. Did you know that most undereye creams are composed of lots of Vitamin K to lighten and heal dark circles? 

One of the key ingredients in Nalpamradi Tailam, the peepal tree, is abundant in Vitamin K. This is partly why Nalpamradi oil works great as a skin illuminator. Combined with turmeric, vetiver, and amla - Nalpamaradi Thailam works as the ultimate remedy for dark circles! 

All you have to do is gently massage the nalpamradi oil under your eyes before going to sleep. Regularly going through an overnight treatment could work wonders for your eyes. 

Girl is worried and looking her dark circles

The Takeaway

The ancient recipe of a wonderful Ayurvedic oil that creates the Nalpamradi Tailam is truly one of a kind. Though it is traditionally known for its de-tanning properties and as a home remedy for removing tan, in a broader perspective, Nalpamradi oil can be helpful for many other purposes. Nalpamradi Tailam benefits include preventing aging, healing dark circles, relieving stress, and getting softer skin. But these are not all the uses of Nalpamradi Thailam. You can add Nalpamradi Thailam to besan aka chickpea flour and use it as a home remedy to remove tan from your face.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Get your own bottle of the amazing and versatile Nalpamaradi Thailam today and get going!!


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