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  • What is a hair serum?
  • What are natural hair serums?
  • Benefits of Hair Serum
  • How do you know whether you should use a hair serum?
  • How to use a Hair Serum?
  • Types of hair serum
  • How to pick the right hair serum for your hair type?
  • How much hair serum should you use?
  • Does hair serum have side effects?
  • What is the difference between hair oil and hair serum?
  • Can we use hair serum and hair oil together?
  • Which is better - hair serum or hair oil?
  • Key Takeaway

Have you ever watched TV commercials for shampoos and conditioners and found yourself pondering how the actors manage to achieve such lustrous, silky locks that can be styled into any hairdo? However, this thought is often followed by wondering when you'll attain that perfect, long and healthy hair and be able to experiment with different hairstyles without causing damage to hair.

Along with the extravagant shampoos and conditioner that the actors use, there are other haircare products needed to make the hair look smooth and shiny. A good nutrient enriched ayurvedic hair oil give healthy hair even after many experiments done on hair. A natural paraben free shampoo and conditioner  gives frizz free and dandruff free hair and a hair serum gives shiny looking, perfect hair.

Hair serum,  wooden comb leaves are on white table

Yes, you read it correctly.  Hair serum is a beneficial solution for hair that appears dry and frizzy, as it not only protects against damage and humidity but also has a softening effect. Whenever your hair feels deprived of natural oils, applying hair serum on special occasions or regular hair days can help to bring back moisture to your strands.

Let’s find out more details on hair serum and how it can help us achieve perfect hair.

What is a hair serum?

By definition, hair serum is a liquid or gel-like formula that is that is applied to the hair, either before or after styling. It acts as a protective layer between the hair and the environmental pollutants that can damage the hair. While acting as a barrier, it also provides shine to the hair and makes them frizz-free.

Hair serums are a great way to hide the split ends and protect the weaker hair. Irrespective of the hair types, hair serums work on detangle and smoothens the texture.

What are natural hair serums?

A natural hair serum is a type of hair care product made with ingredients that are derived from natural sources such as plants, fruits, and herbs. Natural hair serums are typically free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can potentially damage the hair over time. Instead, they use nourishing ingredients like natural oils, vitamins, and antioxidants to provide moisture, shine, and protection to the hair. Some common natural ingredients found in hair serums include coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.

Benefits of Hair Serum

While there are a lot of misconceptions about using hair serums and how they damage the hair, there are a lot of benefits of using a good quality enriched with active ingredients.

Unlike the hair oil, the serum brings back the shine but doesn't look greasy at all.

1. Hair serum controls the frizz

    Just after washing the hair, they tend to look rough and frizzy. A hair serum smoothens the hair but without greasiness. It helps in sealing dampness and provides the hair with vitamin E content.

    2. Hair serum protects the hair strands

      Hair serums that provide active ingredients form a protective layer and protect hair strands from the styling, the heat and the dust. Applying hair serums on the strands provides deep hydration till the roots and provide a beautiful fragrance.

      3. Hair serum provides moisture and nourishment to the hair

        One product that provides adequate nourishment and shiny looking hair at the same time. It provides hydration to the roots and works on hair follicles. Hair serums passively work on hair health.

        4. Hair serum reverses the oxidative stress

          Hair serums actively work on protecting the hair from sun exposure and the harmful rays that can damage the hair. Usually, doctors recommend getting enough sunlight for the vitamin C. But it can disturb the hair health if the harmful rays are abundant. 

          5. Hair serum helps in hair growth

            Hair serum with essential active ingredients boosts blood circulation and gives a healthy scalp. It gives stronger and thicker hair and minimizes hair breakage.

            women is taking out the hair serum on her hand

            How do you know whether you should use a hair serum?

            For a beginner, if someone is not sure if they should use a hair serum or not, there are simpler ways to find out.

            Well, if someone has a tendency to have frizzy or dry hair after the hair wash, they certainly should use a serum. They even make hair combing easier and prevent tangled hair.

            Hair serums are great for styling. Before using heating appliances like hair straighteners, curlers, protecting hair is really important and preventing the hair cuticles from damage.

            Basically, hair serums should be added in the hair routine for all the hair types. Maintaining the straightness or the natural curls, they work effectively for whatever hairstyle is desired.

            How to use a Hair Serum?

            To get the best results, it is extremely important to use hair serums on the hair wash days i.e., at least twice a week.

            But before that, a right product according to the respective hair type has to be chosen. Go for something that has natural ingredients to help provide necessary vitamins.

            Add 2-3 drops of the hair serum on the palm and warm it between your hands for like 5 seconds. Start by applying from the ends to the middle of the hair strands and spread evenly on all the hair. 

            Try not to reach the scalp and the roots of the hair and don’t use more than 2-3 drops as excessive product will make it look greasy.

            Hair serum gives an instant finish and makes your hair look shiner. After applying the serum, comb the hair gently and try avoiding hair breakage. Once the process is complete, you can style your hair as you like.

            Types of hair serum

            One product that can protect the hair and provide nourishment is a go-to-product for every girl. Although there are different types of hair serums in the market, the primitive use remains the same.

            1. Oil based hair serums - They are infused with the necessary mineral oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc. They are specially created for dry and untamable hair.
              2. Water based hair serums - Especially for the oily scalp and very thin hair, water based serums are weight-less and give a sleek finish.

                3. Silicone based hair serums - The chemically tested hair serum is curated according to the hair requirement types and gives instant smoothness and luster.

                4. Nature based hair serums - The natural ingredients promote hair growth, prevent dryness and also gives thicker hair by strengthening the hair strands. They control the hair fall naturally and control scalp irritation.

                How to pick the right hair serum for your hair type? 

                Depending on the hair type and hair problems, there are different hair serums curated.

                For dry hair, which  requires extensive nutrition and hydration. Hair serums can be applied for dry hair and left it overnight so they are hydrated well. The hair serums for dry hair should be cream based and not oil based consistency. The main focus of the hair serums for dry hair is to provide moisture to the hair strands and reach the roots.

                Lady is applying hair serum on her hair ends

                For curly and oily hair, which are more susceptible to entanglement and frizz. While preventing the softness and making the curls bouncy and glowy, a hair serum should have moisturizing properties and hydrating oils like almond, coconut, jojoba etc.

                How much hair serum should you use?

                While the hair serum should be used on the washed hair, so if you wash your hair daily, the hair serum can be used daily. Take 2-3 drops of the hair serum and not more than that, as it is more than enough to cover the hair strands. For a person having really long hair, 4-5 drops could be done.

                Also, depending on the hair requirement, like to have frizz-free or curly, wavy or straight and silky looking hair, the quantity of hair serum can vary.

                Does hair serum have side effects?

                The hair serums formulated with chemicals like silicone can damage the hair if used for a long time. Using excessive products on the hair can lead to hair fall and dryness. Inflammation, irritation, even rashes and itchiness are some of the side effects of using hair serums.

                To avoid all such side effects, a hair serum with ayurvedic herbs like rosemary, almond oil, Hibiscus, Bhringraj etc should be preferred any day. It prevents hair loss and dandruff and promotes hair growth and hydration.

                What is the difference between hair oil and hair serum?

                The basic difference between hair oil and hair serum is in its application. The hair oil is primarily used on the scalp to provide deep nourishment impacting the overall hair growth. 

                Hair oil penetrates the cuticles and improves the blood circulation and strengthens the roots.

                Irrespective of the hair types, hair experts suggest using hair oil once or twice in a week. If it makes the hair look greasy, at least it should be used before washing your hair. Oiling the hair and massaging it once a while rejuvenates the hair follicles and improves the overall health.

                Hair serum, on the other hand, is a styling product and applied on the hair strands to have smooth and silky hair. It acts like a protective layer from the heat and pollutants. It doesn’t provide overall nourishment and cannot be applied on the scalp.

                Can we use hair serum and hair oil together? 

                Yes, hair serum and hair oil can be used together but at different intervals. Hair oil should be used before washing the hair for preventing hair breakage, while the hair serum should be used after hair wash and once the hair is dry to protect rough hair.

                Which is better - hair serum or hair oil? 

                While hair oil and hair serums are used for different purposes and gives different benefits, picking which is better is slightly tough. If the health of the hair is really dry, one must stick to hair oil and work on improving the overall health. 

                But if the hair is already in good condition and has good density, then choose a hair serum to provide additional shining and smoothness.

                Both the products have unique properties that make it special and depending on the hair type, and hair problem, you can choose one product over another.

                Key Takeaway

                Usually hair serum will make your hair look smoother and silkier. Given that, the common complaint people have when it comes to hair care products is that it looks greasy. Good quality hair serum curated with natural herbs can even help in achieving healthy hair and enhance hair growth.

                Lady is applying hair serum on her hair ends

                Isn’t that like a dream come true? A single product has all the qualities which don't even damage the hair and provide adequate hydration and nourishment.

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