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Love Handles


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Some call them love handles and some describe them as muffin top!!! Either way those deposits of fats on tummy, thighs and upper arms are tough to lose.

Visualize those unsightly bulges hanging down from here and there! These bulges make it difficult for your favorite outfits to fit properly. And ultimately this dimply, cottage cheese-looking skin starts causing distress to many men and women.

LOVE HANDLES, they are called!! But they have nothing to do with love. It only shows your love for fatty food!!

Love handles, like most types of stubborn abdominal fat, can be quite challenging to get rid of. A comprehensive approach that involves several things like dietary changes and high-intensity workouts along with other treatments can collectively help you lose weight.

To tackle the problem better, let’s understand what is cellulite?


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing but normal fat underneath your skin. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, cellulite can be caused by a number of factors such as toxicity, hormonal imbalance, endocrine imbalance, water retention and poor lymphatic drainage.

The dimpled bulges around your thighs, arms and stomach show that your body is suffering from an inflammatory disorder which requires some internal cleansing and detoxification. Regular massage with herbal fat burn oil, deep breathing, dry brushing and exercising can all support the body to get rid of toxic fatty tissue.

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Fat Burn Oil - Treatment to Get Rid of Love Handles

Say good bye to those bulging ‘love-handles’ with Ayurvedic Fat Burn Oil and Creams

Fat burn oil mostly contains sesame oil as base oil and is formulated using a number of medicinal herbs such as Jalada, Ushira, Durva, Madhuks, Kushta etc. These body massage oils directly stimulate your skin tissues and improves circulation, which in turn helps dislodge the extra cellulite deposited under the skin.

There is a huge variety of anti cellulite creams and oils available in the market. Ayurvedic anti cellulite cream slims and tones your body. They also smoothen skin for a bright and youthful complexion. Regular use of these products may help you eliminate those stubborn love handles.

Anti cellulite creams contain a variety of plant and fruit extracts with essential oils such as Rosemary and Lavender. These natural extracts and essential oils helps in removal of harmful toxins and boosting blood circulation.

Regular massage using ayurvedic body massage oil and anti cellulite cream is the best weapons, when it comes to fight against cellulite. It is important to remove the harmful toxins to help to get rid of love handles and dimpled skin. If the accumulation of toxins keeps growing it will only become harder and harder, with time, to get rid of cellulite.

One should invest in a good quality ayurvedic formula-based skin tightening cream. This will not only help to get rid of love handles from your belly, arms and legs but will also work as a muscle relaxant and help alleviate pain and stiffness.

Most of the over-weight people try to hide bulging fat in their belly, arms and thighs under loose-fitting dresses. Apart from giving you an uneven shape and low confidence the excess fat can actually increase your risk of diseases like heart ailments and cancer.

How To Choose and Use Fat Burn Oil?

One should choose an Ayurvedic fat burn oil that includes cellulite reduction and has skin tightening properties. Always read the label and look ingredients which have specific properties such as cellulite break down and body contour. Triphla is one such ingredient.

Warm the body massage oil and get a gentle massage done when the oil is lukewarm. Be careful to check the oil temperature to avoid scalding. Gentle massage with warm body massage oil on the body aids in faster absorption of the oil. Regular use of herbal fat burn oil tones the flabby skin and gives you a refreshing and revitalizing effect.

Triphala, a combination of three ayurvedic fruits of indian subcontinent


Popularity of Fat Burn Oils – Do they really work?

The main reason behind fat burn oils popularity is that they work as an essential element of body-reshaping therapy. They also support your skin become firmer, younger and tighter after every use. With ayurvedic fat burn oil massage, you can target the stubborn fat on your tummy, thighs and arms which doesn’t go away even with the high-intensity work-outs.

Fat burn oil containing extracts from Triphla, Sesame, Lemon, Pomegranate and Rosemary etc. are storehouse of properties that work naturally to deal with stubborn fats, without causing any side effects.

But always remember…….

Fat burn oils work in tandem with healthy lifestyle and regular workout.


Importance of Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

We all know the importance of healthy food and active lifestyle when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Do remember that the weight loss achieved using such creams and oils can be maintained in long term only if you strictly follow dietary changes and adopt a more active lifestyle.

Results of various scientific researches prove that people who engage in strenuous jobs gain less weight than those who are in a deskbound job. Regular exercise helps burn calories. Consult an instructor for a customized exercise regime.

Don’t opt for extreme diet for quick weight loss instead go for a balanced diet containing essential nutrients and vitamins. This will ensure that you do not have any vitamin deficiencies or other diseases due to malnutrition. Low energy foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, grains, and beans can help you lose those extra pounds. On the other hand, high-energy dense foods like red meat, deep fried snacks, fast foods; cake, burger and pizza etc. provide you empty calories without much nutrition.


Last But Not the Least –Udwarthanam Massage

Udwarthanam is a special dry ayurvedic body massage oil which helps you lose weight easily and naturally. In this massage, a herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and massaged with specific movements for about an hour.

The herbs used for the body massage oil are helpful in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. This therapy is usually recommended for new mothers because it tones muscles, builds strength and provides a youthful skin. It also promotes vitality and reduces fatigue and pain.

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Udwarthanam combined with other natural treatments like Shirodhara can give you excellent results in weight loss management. Combination of herbs and oils used in these therapies are carefully selected after thoroughly analyzing your ayurvedic constitution (pita, vata, kapha).

To get rid of those love handles and cellulite, one need to balance his lifestyle, food habits and workout regime. Further, massage practice like Udhwarthanam and Ayurvedic Fat Burn Oil can boost the process of weight loss.


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