How to Remove Pits and Pockmarks?

 What are pits and pockmarks?


Pits and pockmarks are type of scars which are concave in shape. Yes these marks are not only 2D, they are 3D marks which have depth too.

Your face is the first thing which is visible to others. Many people will judge you with the first look they get. In this case a pitted or scared face will not give a good impression to others. Every human being dreams of a clear glowing face. No one would love to have a scarred face. But cause of some things are not in our control, however, their control is in our hand.

To get rid of these scars and pits you should first understand the root cause of these scars.




Causes of pits and pockmarks - Where do these pits and pockmarks come from?

There are few reasons behind these pits and pockmarks. A very common reason behind these pits and pockmarks is the disease ‘Pox’. These marks come from small pox as well as chicken pox. Due to chicken pox or small pox many layers of skin tissue gets damaged. To heal up those damages our body produces a huge amount of collagen cells in that damaged area. The excess collagen is the reason behind the darks concaved scars. Not only pox, these marks could also happen due to some inflammation of infection when the cells damage and these pits and pockmarks are formed.

You can’t stop the disease and the resulting pockmarks. However, you could remove these pockmarks after they are formed.

How to get rid of pitted acne scars



Treatment for pits and pockmarks

There are many treatments for pits or pockmarks. The treatments are stated as follows-

  • Cocoa butter treatment - First of all, a natural way to remove these scars is to apply cocoa butter on the scars. Apply a small amount of cocoa butter on the pitted area and massage gently with your finger tips. Cocoa butter will improve your skin texture and color also. Cocoa butter improves elasticity too. Application of cocoa butter daily for some days will help to remove those scars. Sometimes the pits don’t get totally removed with cocoa butter but it definitely gives a lighter appearance. Along with removing the scars cocoa butter helps to improve the texture and moisture content of the skin.
  • Honey lemon and ice treatment- All of these three ingredients are natural that is why they will not have any side effect. There is no better option than a treatment from natural ingredients. The process to use these ingredients is very easy and simple:

Take equal amount of honey and lemon juice. Mix those two ingredients with some ice cubes. When the ice cubes reduces half of its actual volume then apply this mixture over the pitted area. Leave this mixture over your skin for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off with cold water. Apply this mixture for three to four days a week.

After following this treatment for few months you will get a fairer and smoother skin. The pits and pockmarks would fade or may even disappear totally. 

  • Alovera treatment- Another beneficial ingredient to remove pits and pockmarks is alovera. The gel which comes from the plant alovera is useful in removing pits and pockmarks. Alovera is a common plant which can be found in any household. Application of alovera gel is much beneficial to remove pits and pockmarks.

Aloevera face cleanser


Caution: Many people have allergy with this plant. Be careful who are allergic to this plant. Before getting this treatment it will be better to consult a dermatologist and know about the allergy factor. Else test a small patch just above your wrist to know if you are allergic to Aloe Vera.

  • Facial massage treatment- By getting regular facial massage especially on those pitted areas you can get rid of these pits and pockmarks. But a facial would contain chemical products available in the market so even if they would lighten the scars, they would eventually harm your skin.
  • Ayurvedic treatment- There are many ayurvedic products available in the market such as kumkumadi tailam, Nalpamaradi tailam, ayurvedic face wash etc. which help to reduce acne and pimples. The ingredient kumkumadi is very beneficial to remove scars. A product made from the ingredient ‘Kumkum’, Kumkumadi Tailam specially works for any kind of skin and any kind of scars. Kumkumadi tailam is an effective ayurvedic remedy for acne and works to lighten acne scars, blemishes, pits and pockmarks.

 Face serum


  • Medical treatment- Other than these natural treatments you can consult a Dermatologist to get rid of pockmarks. You can apply chemical creams to remove the scars or you can get a chemical peel of skin to get rid of scars.

Here are some Face care tips stated to keep your skin healthy and blemish free: -

 - Clean up your face with ayurvedic face wash and provide it with proper moisture and hydration.
 - Try not to take help of chemical treatments, always prefer natural treatments such as kumkumadi tailam, nalpamaradi tailam, ayurvedic face wash etc.
 - Protect your face from the polluted world by applying natural kumkumadi tailam, every night, before going to bed.

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