How to stop hair fall naturally with ayurvedic hair treatment

Who doesn’t like thick, strong, voluminous hair...but hair fall (which can be reduced by using oil for hair growth) has become a fairly common problem. Work, education, family, we have so many roles to juggle each day and with that comes stress which has become a part of our life and so have improper diet, pollution, hair treatment and styling.

A combined effect of all these has a detrimental impact on our immune system which leads to hair fall. Covid gave a major hit to our immune system and one of the after-effects of it has been excessive hair fall. In this kind of unwanted circumstances, it is very important to take care of our hair health, to switch to natural hair treatment methods and natural, ayurvedic hair oil, which have a positive impact on our body.

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There is a rise in demand for ayurvedic hair oil – oil for hair growth, hair grow oil, hair fall control oil, bhringraj oil, ayurvedic shampoos, natural hair serums  and natural hair masks. Ayurveda practices natural treatment since ages. All the ayurvedic formulations uses herbs which have been proven beneficial by science.

We can buy these ayurvedic hair oils or make the oils for hair growth at home using available herbs. Let’s  first understand the reasons for hair fall and how we can make few simple ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth, reduction of hair fall and dandruff and to strengthen the hair using hair grow oils.

Primary reasons for hair fall

Stress: Once a guy visits a doctor with hairfall as the problem and the doctor says, “You’re stressing out too much that’s the reason for your hairfall. and the patient replies I am stressed because I am facing hairfall. Pretty much seems like an issue, you are facing. Ain’t it.

With busy lifestyles, hustle bustleetc. most of us face anxiety and stress on a daily basis. To reduce the negative impacts of stress we can practice mediation and yoga, for atleast 10 min a day, to reduce the mental strain. A warm ayurvedic hair oil massage with bhringraj oil not only helps in releasing stress but also has a calming effect and promotes hair growth. Bhringraj Oil is a natural oil for hair gowth, and hairfall control oil.

Poor diet: To maintain strong hair and promote growth of new hair, our body requires a few necessary vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, D, Iron, Zinc etc. Don’t we all love our Nani’s hair which is strong and thick.

Why do you think she still has it intact, it was because of the type of food she had which was local, healthy, and full of necessary nutrients, but this generation of adults and children thrive on packaged food and junk food which have no nutrients at all.

When our body doesn’t get the necessary nutrients, it falls weak and cannot provide enough strength to our hair, leading to hairfall. Thus, it is important for us to imbibe a healthy diet along with external care using ayurvedic hair oils and natural shampoos using hair grow oil.

Hair styling: Straightening, blow drying, dying our hair with colors, have become a popular choice to make hair look beautiful. The chemicals and heat from these hair treatments cause unwanted damage to our hair. They make our hair dull and void of moisture if they are done frequently.

We cannot completely avoid hair styling  but we should try to reduce the frequency of these hair treatments and hair stylings. You can also minimize the adverse effects of these hair styling methoda by using ayurvedic hair oils like Bhringraj oil, Tea tree oil, Amla oil etc. These natural ayurvedic hair oil work as  hair growth oil, hair treatment oil and hairfall control oil., Using them consistently once or twice a week to massage the scalp can do wonders in lessening the damage.

Medical conditions and Flu: Flu caused due to viruses cause infections like Covid, viral fever, Influenza and many more. These infections and some other medical conditions like PCOS, thyroid etc. attack the immune system of our body.

To fight these infections our body uses all the energy in trying to get rid of the disease ignoring areas like hair and skin. This leads to excessive hair loss for weeks to months. Strong dosage medications and treatments used to cure these infections and medical conditions also cause hair loss. It becomes crucial to take good rich nutrient diets, necessary vitamin supplements and ayurvedic external care by applying ayurvedic hair oil or using hair fall control oil to arrest the hairfall.

Hormonal imbalances and hereditary: Not only medical conditions and diseases but hormonal imbalances like menopause, pregnancy and other reasons could cause hairfall. We can control hairfall in these situations also, with proper diet and care. Hereditary is also a major reason for baldness and hair loss. Though baldness due to hereditary cannot be cured but its impact can be reduced with the right ayurvedic and allopathic treatments.

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Now that we know that chemical hair treatment, hair styling, chemical-based shampoos, play a major role in harming our hair,we shouldn’t fall into the trap of chemically made hairfall control oils and shampoos filled with chemicals. We should instead opt for natural ayurvedic hair oil. It is essential for us to understand the importance of Ayurvedic hair treatment and natural alternatives and make them a part of our lifestyle. In the case of hairfall control, ayurvedic hair oils , hair masks, natural ayurvedic shampoos have great benefits, they not only control hairfall, but also control dandruff and scalp related infections and promote new hair growth.

Methods to control Hairfall naturally

There are multiple ways to control hair fall naturally.Enlisted below are some of many natural hair treatment:

Massage with ayurvedic hair oils or oil for hair growth: Head Massage with ayurvedic hair oil is a great way to relieve stress and improves blood circulation. Ayurvedic oils for hair growth have a lot of herbs which penetrate into the hair follicles and strengthens the hair. Using ayurvedic hair fall control oil for head massage nourishes the hair while maintaining a healthy scalp, prevents early greying of hair and controls hairfall.

Consistent use of ayurvedic hair tonics and hair serum: You can prepare many DIY hair tonics using rice water, onion juice etc. at home or you can buy ayurvedic hair tonics and hair serum from the market like Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Growth Tonic which consists of the goodness of Bhringraj Oil, Rosemary Oil, Aloe vera, Almond and Hibiscus. It is non-sticky, has a mild fragrance and provides the hair with the necessary nutrients and gives the hair a lustrous shine and smoothness.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga improves the flexibility of the body and maintains the body’s equilibrium. It reduces hormonal imbalances and strengthens the immune system by improving circulation of white blood cells in the body. Yoga and meditation help relieve stress in the body by lowering your heart rate. They also help reduce chronic pains, boost your mood, and keep you active throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated: 8-ounce water a day (2 liters) is essential to keep your skin hydrated, retain moisture in your hair and flush out toxic substances from your body. Drinking right amount of water everyday will improve gut health and regulate the temperature of your body, besides many other advantages. Ensure that you stay hydrated and have a healthy diet every day to promote hair growth.

Protect your hair from dust and pollution: Dust and pollution remain at an all-time high, and they cause many allergies, acne, scalp infections, dandruff and hairfall. Therefore, it is very important to cover our hair and face with a scarf when we go out, wash our hair atleast 2-3 times a week to keep our hair clean, use ayurvedic hair oils to prevent scalp infections and stay hydrated to flush out any toxins that enter our body. Following these precautions will ensure healthy scalp and hair.

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Natural Hair treatments to reduce hairfall: Oil for Hair Growth

There are many natural ayurvedic hair oils, ayurvedic shampoo, hair tonic, hair serum and hair mask alternatives that you can easily include in your weekly routine and thus decrease the use of harmful chemicals.

Ayurvedic hair oil: The ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth are listed below. Hair growth oil not only decrease loss of hair, but they also promote regrowth of hair. Few of the ayurvedic hair growth oils are listed below

Cut and mix of 2 parts of coconut oil and one part of castor oil and apply on your scalp.

Boil 3 parts of coconut oil, 1 part of Bhringraj oil and fenugreek seeds for 1-2 min. Apply after it cools down.

Boil 1 part of Coconut oil mixed with 1 part almond oil, 3-4 hibiscus flowers, 1 tsp onion juice, Aloe vera and 1 vitamin E capsule for around 5 min, let it cool down and then apply to your hair.

Mix 2 parts of coconut oil and 8-10 drops of tea tree oil and massage this oil for hair growth on your scalp.

Boil coconut oil with 5-10 curry leaves, 1 tsp fenugreek seeds and apply it after the oil cools down.

Hair masks: Salons offer a range of different hair treatments and hair spas, but they only last for a week or two and are very expensive whereas herbal hair masks are comparatively cheap, and their benefits last longer. You can make some simple hair masks at your home in less than 10min, so let’s check out a few DIY hair masks

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and make a paste of them. Mix this fenugreek paste with curd and 1 tsp of castor oil and 2 vitamin E capsules. Let it rest for 30 min and then wash it off.

2 spoons shikakai powder, 1 spoon amla powder, 1 spoon soapnut or reetha powder, 1 tsp bhringraj oil and some water. Apply and let it sit on your hair for 15-20 min and wash it off with an ayurvedic shampoo.

3 tablespoon hung curd, 1-2 egg whites, 1-2 tsp onion juice, 1-2 vitamin E capsule. Apply as soon as you prepare it on damp to wet hair. Let it sit for 30 min and then wash off the hair mask. Do not use conditioner after using the hair mask.

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Herbal shampoos: Shampoos in the market have lots of sulphates, parabens and chemicals which are very harmful for our hair. Markets fool usclaiming that these shampoos have anti-dandruff properties and are enriched with hairfall control oil and herbal properties. Though they promote that their shampoos stop hairfall, their ingredients list tells the opposite, with a list of chemicals which cause hair loss in the long term. Like ayurvedic hair oils and hair masks we can also prepare our own herbal shampoos at the comfort of our home or you can buy blue nectar anti dandruff shampoo that has goodness of bhringraj oil, and shikakai oil that clears up flaky scalp and is best for frizzy hair.

Take half litre water and after it comes to a boil, add equal amounts of reetha, shikakai powder and amla powder, mix it and let the mixture boil for 15 min. After 15 min add flaxseeds powder, aloe vera gel and again boil for 10 min. Then filter the mixture and use it as a shampoo after cooling. You can store it in fridge and use it every week.

Boil reetha powder, hibiscus flowers, aloe vera gel, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds in 3-4 cups of water. Filter it and use the shampoo after it cools down.

Quick Tip: You can increase reetha powder if you want more lather and add 1-2 drops of bhringraj oil, tea tree oil or coconut oil for the conditioning effect.

Use these natural ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth, hair masks and shampoos and say hello to healthy, strong gorgeous hair.


The more nutrition you give to your hair internally and externally, the healthier and stronger it will be. Healthy hair is always beautiful to look at, switch to ayurvedic hair tonics, hair serum, shampoos for hairfall control and ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth. Invest in your hair and body health and you will never regret it.  If your busy schedules are a roadblock to using herbal home remedies, then do check out Blue Nectar’s hair products like ayurvedic hair oil, shampoos and hair serums, many other. They are safe, easy to use and give life to your hair. Never again have a bad hair day, let your Elegance show through your hair.

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