Importance of face tonics and how to use them

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  • What is a skin tonic?
  • Is face tonic and face toner the same?
  • What does a face tonic do?
  • What are the best face tonics for your skin?
  • On what basis should you choose a specific face tonic?

  • Do you need facial tonic in your daily skincare routine?

  • How to use a face tonic?
  • Conclusion


Frequent skincare blog followers may already be familiar with face tonics and know their significance in daily life. Again, we have provided you with crushed gold in this blog.

Using face tonics as one of the essential steps in the facial washing procedure becomes routine. Once it becomes a habit, it should always be noticed. You will regret waiting or not using it even as you read about the advantages for your skin.

Additional hydration, keeping your face clean and rejuvenated, reducing the look of pores, and other benefits can all be achieved using a face tonic.

face tonic and cotton wipes are on pink table

What is a skin tonic?

Unfortunately, despite playing a significant part in skin cleansing, many women skip using tonics when washing their faces. But we can tell you instantly if you want to know what a tonic is.

A tonic is a substance that resembles water in appearance and behaviour but contains more hydrogen and oxygen than normal. To maintain the pH or the acid-alkaline balance of the skin after soap, tonics have been used historically.

Vetiver is a natural tonic that benefits our skin and hair, whether internally or topically. Additionally, it enhances immunity. Vetiver can treat acne, heat boils, and heat rashes efficiently. If used in face packs for glowing skin, its antioxidant capabilities also give our skin a beautiful glow.

Also another common face tonic variant is the rose face tonic. It helps neutralise skin by removing dust and stubborn impurities. Also, they are suitable for all skin types.

As time has passed, these formulae have grown even more potent, and because of the advantages we'll discuss in the upcoming sections, they have evolved into a skincare product.

Should you try using a face tonic if you were using a toner?

Despite the proven benefits, you can try to experience the best of both worlds. Using them as per the directions leads to the following results:

  • Your skin's pH levels can be restored by using a face tonic, keeping it young and healthy.
  • Even after thorough cleansing, traces of makeup and stubborn grime may still exist. After cleansing, a face toner helps you get rid of all the dirt.
  • A tonic can reduce pore size and eliminate all the extra oil on your face for skin prone to acne.
  • Toners create an extra layer of protection, lowering the possibility of environmental toxins getting onto your skin.
  • A face tonic has moisturizing properties. Some contain humectants, which are components of skin care that draw moisture from the environment and deliver it to the skin.

Is face tonic and face toner the same?

Even those in the cosmetic industry occasionally have trouble distinguishing between face tonics and toners because of how similar the products initially appear.

Toners were originally developed as an additional "cleansing" treatment to remove any residue, serve as an astringent for oily or inflamed skin, and provide additional nutrients to the skin to help it prepare for hydration. As a result, Witch Hazel and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are frequently found in toners since they aid in removing any greasy residues and unclogging pores to prepare the skin for the following procedures properly.

On the other hand, face tonics is an extended "hydrating" step that concentrates on conditioning the skin and giving one's skincare regimen a moisture boost.

Hyaluronic acid and rose face water are two examples of humectants and moisturising substances commonly found in tonics. While toners are used for cleansing and toning, face tonics are used for conditioning and enhancing moisture. In Asia, face tonics are occasionally called "essences," but the fundamental concept is the same.

What does a face tonic do?

Here are the primary considerations to bear in mind when deciding whether to incorporate a face toner into your skincare routine:

1. Face tonics keep your skin 24X7 hydrated

    Water-based facial tonics work to replenish moisture in your skin after cleansing. Many face tonics also contain additional moisturizing substances to bond the water to your skin and produce longer results.

    2. Face tonics help to neutralize the skin

    Some cleansers can dry up your skin while they cleanse it by overstretching it. After cleansing your skin, using a face tonic helps to restore equilibrium, preventing your skin from feeling overly tight or dry.

    Also, a terrific way to begin and end your daily regimen is to apply mist on your skin with a spray bottle of face toner. Occasionally, consider treating yourself because it feels great. Most importantly, we highly recommend you include an additional face toner to clear your skin from extra grime and other impurities.

    3. Using face tonics you get less acne

      Face pores make debris, oil, and pollutants easier to enter the skin. By closing the pores on the face, face tonics stop this process. As a result, the environment's hazardous substances are strategically kept away from your skin.

      Moreover, by eliminating facial oil and dead skin cells, face tonics assist in lessening the outburst of acne and pimples.

      4. Face tonic provides a deeper cleanse when used with a toner

        It is now widely known that a double cleanse has advantages. But did you know that face tonics combined with a toner may give you the second cleansing you need? They will remove any makeup residue that your usual cleanser missed.

        This is because toners help remove extra oil and dirt accumulated throughout the day or night.

        Using a facial toner in your twice-daily skin care regimen is simple, quick, and inexpensive, and it can significantly alter how your body's largest organ appears and feels.

        girl is applying face tonic mist on her face

        Where to apply face tonics?

        In our face, the U-region and T-region are the two prominent spaces exposed to dirt and pollution. What body parts are these regions referring to?

        The U-zone is nothing but our cheeks and chin. These areas are typically more prone to straining, dryness, and discomfort. Contrarily, the forehead and nose on our face make up the T-zone. Compared to the U-region, this area is greasier.

        The U-region needs to be the starting point for the face tonic application, followed by the T-zone and then the neck region. We start by applying the face tonic to the U-zone since it is drier, and then we move on to other areas of the face. Not to forget, the neck region is one of the primary requirements.

        What are the best Face tonics for your skin?

        We advise you to use a toner morning and night for optimum results. These impactful face tonics can be included in your daily lifestyle for positive results in terms of skin health.

        1. Shubhr steam distilled rose toner water & face tonic mist

          The greatest level of purity and hygienic standards are guaranteed in this ayurvedic skincare product as it is made using the steam distillation technique. It balances the pH of the skin and reduces excess oil production.

          Also, its natural astringent properties aid in treating skin conditions such as acne and pimples. Quite significantly, it is an alcohol-free toner that has no chemicals, artificial fragrances, or preservatives.

          2. Ayurvedic kumkumadi serum and rose face water & face Tonic

            26 Ayurvedic herbs are combined to manufacture the 100% Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Tailam. These Ayurvedic skincare products are renowned for reducing pigmentation marks and brightening skin. Additionally, it aids in skin firming and fights ageing signs. Every respondent who used Kumkumadi Serum saw their skin look younger, brighter, and healthier after just 28 days. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or mineral oils in Kumkumadi Serum.

            3. Shubhr steam distilled vetiver toner & face tonic mist (alcohol & preservative free)

              If you aim to secure flawless facial skin, you cannot go wrong with this item. Fit for all skin types; its therapeutic powers may help prevent acne. This is because vetiver tightens pores and draws out ingrained debris and oil. The killer combination of vetiver's characteristics aids in the healing of scars and imperfections.

              Additionally, irrespective of age, it aids in hydrating to give clear and healthy skin, showing zero sunburn effect. Many even report its effectiveness as an aftershave or as an additional component that maximises the benefits of Ubtans.

              On what basis should you choose a specific face tonic?

              Everybody has a unique skin type, as we all know. Therefore, using the same product on people with different skin types will not be appropriate. Similar to other face care products, face tonics are created by considering various skin types' primary characteristics and issues. After reading this article, you will be able to select a face tonic that is suitable for your skin.

              Use face tonics with ingredients that clear the pores and balance the oil production if you have oily, acne-prone skin. Tea tree oil, AHA, and salicylic acid-containing toners are suggested for oily and acne-prone skin.

              Consequently, since dryness and peeling are the main issues with dry skin, these skin types shall benefit from face tonics that boost moisture levels, such as vitamin E, rose water, and hyaluronic acid. Again, applying the same sense since irritation is the main problem for sensitive skin, soothing face tonics are essential for them. Rich face tonics containing aloe vera and chamomile extract will refresh the skin and lessen inflammation for people with sensitive facial skin.

              rose water, vetiver face tonic and face brightener cream with some pink roses are on blue background

              Do you need facial tonic in your daily skincare routine?

              For many of us, using facial tonics has been difficult. The usefulness and significance of these products in one's skincare routine continue to divide the beauty community; However, some consider them unnecessary, and fervent supporters vouch for their benefits in regulating pH.

              It's vital to remember that your moisturiser or moisturising serum may also contain key components of a face tonic. This leverages you to use one less product in your skincare routine while still seeing the same results. But still, face tonic incorporation continues to be an indispensable step in one’s skincare routine because their most important roles are (CTM) cleansing, moisturising, and exfoliating. On top of that, to see the best outcome, you must use sunscreen.

              Additionally, many dermatologists advise using a face tonic and toner once daily, either in the morning or the evening. It will be sufficient if you wish to level up your skincare regimen. Use your favourite face tonic to dampen the skin right after cleaning it for optimal results. Just use a few drops of it on a cotton pad. Apply a moisturizer for face and sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 after that.

              How to use a face tonic?

              There are a variety of responses to this query, and it stresses that anyone can use the face tonic on their face and neck by selecting the most practical and effective application method for oneself.

              Option 1: Cotton discs are used in our first technique. You apply the face tonic to your face as described in the preceding section by soaking cotton discs.

              Option 2: The second technique involves using our clean fingertips to apply the face tonic to our face. It is advised to keep massaging your skin until the tonic has fully absorbed.

              Option 3: The final approach is dependent on the tonic's packaging. You can effortlessly apply spray-packed face tonics to your face and neck.


              Fortunately, using face tonic is pretty simple. After washing your face, use the face tonic before applying face serum or moisturizer for face . Keep rubbing your entire face, neck, and chest with a cotton pad dipped in the formula of your preference. You can also apply toner to the palms of your hands and press them against your face if you want to go without a cotton pad and save the environment.

              girl is holding vetiver face tonic in her hand

              Use a face toner morning and night for optimum results. Try it once a day or every other day, though, if your skin tends to grow dry fast.

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