Importance of man's skincare routine in 20s, 30s and 40s

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  • A man’s skincare routine in his 20s
  • A man’s skincare routine in his 30s
  • A man’s skincare routine in his 40s
  • A man’s skincare routine after the 60s
  • What are the basic man’s skincare products to maintain a healthy skin health?
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar 

Even though you can't block the passage of time, a good skin care regimen may help your skin look younger and healthier no matter how old you get. We've compiled a list of the top man’s skincare products for your three prime decades of life—your 20s, 30s, and 40s—to assist you in developing a grooming routine. Eventually, your skin will always look its best if you put some effort, research, and preparation into it.

The priority for men in their 20s should be fool-proof safety and protection of their skin. Man’s body typically stops producing collagen around 25 (or earlier if he smokes). As he reaches 30 years of age, he might start noticing ageing symptoms like wrinkles. By  30s, every man wants to stop the ageing process from happening. However the objective at this age and beyond should be to upkeep the skin quality you've been meticulously caring for the past 20 years.

man is washing his face with ayurvedic face wash

A man’s skincare routine in his 20s

Men in their 20s may not consider applying an anti ageing cream to be something they should be concentrating on, but by having a long-game perspective, those modest daily actions (err, we mean anti ageing cream) will pay off hugely when you need them to. It is beautiful if your profession is just starting and all of your income goes toward the necessities including skincare. 

You can spend a little money at this stage to attain the long-term profits you're pursuing. Along with everything else with living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself and your skin plus your skincare products should be on that list.

These three fundamental aspects and associated concerns will help you start if you want to look young forever or, at the very least, continue to receive praise for a presentable look.

  • Pimple treatment for man’s skincare in 20s   

  • For most guys, pimples do not miraculously go away after they pass their teenage years. There will always be the occasional acne issue that knows just when you have a big work presentation or event to go to and always manages to appear only days in advance.

    Thus, specific ayurvedic skincare products for acne spot treatment treat your zits like band-aids. They have a dual purpose: to stop you from popping the pimples and administer a medication that hastens the healing process. You'll be pleasantly mesmerized by how well they function in such little time if you wear them overnight and take them off before you leave the house. Some other popular pimple skincare products include a neem face wash and pimple face wash which are medicated with natural herbs like neem and aloe vera.

    Top recommendation: Blue Nectar Pimple Face Wash with herbal benefits of neem and tea tree.

  • Protection against sun exposure for man’s skincare in 20s

  • A face moisturizer with minimum SPF 30 should be the only skincare product you should be buying to ensure healthy skin as you age. This cannot be negotiated. You are wasting your money if you are getting too much sun, no matter how many mens face glow cream and body lotions and potions you apply to that mug.

    While various products and anti ageing creams can help you ward off the effects of ageing, sunscreen is better for your health than just your face. Wear SPF every day to protect the largest organ in your body from skin cancer, which has the potential to be fatal. 

    Also, to ensure optimal skin glow try combining sunscreen with a tan removal pack for face. Even we may share an effective home remedy to remove tan, given you want to learn about each step of de-tanning and how to remove tanning on face . 

  • Getting rid of dead skin cells in 20s

  • Skincare products with natural exfoliators helps to remove dead skin cells and offer you smooth, soft skin without using abrasive scrubs. Natural face scrub, with added benefits of face oils such as Kumkumadi Oil, exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells and improves the appearance of the skin. If you apply Kumkumadi Scrub to a cotton pad and wipe it around your face each night after washing it, you will see a difference in the texture and appearance of your skin in less than two weeks. 

    Face scrub aids in reducing irritation and redness associated with active spots and pimples. 

    Men is taking kumkumadi tailam on his hands from the dropper

    A man’s skincare routine in his 30s

    When you are in your 30s, a cleanser should be the first step in your skincare routine. Mind it not to go for chemical laden cleansers here, instead opt for ayurvedic face wash and cleansers. In addition, a moisturizer and a  men face cream should be used as the foundation, along with a face scrub. To offer your skin more support while you relax, it's also a good idea to start incorporating a quality anti ageing men's cream and dark circle removal cream.

    Even sunscreen with a high SPF must be added. It will help if you use only products with natural components, as we always advise. Always prefer products that eliminate root causes of skin irritation, such as:

    • Sulphate and parabens-free men facial wash
    • Body polishing oil without artificial fragrances
    • Mineral oil free solutions that fit perfectly into your skincare routine at night

    The frequent appearance of dark spot on face bothers men in their early or mid-30s. This happens more to those who have religiously neglected skincare sessions while they are in their 20s. Now, finally, as you realise you are steadily gaining the signs of ageing, you can follow these measures to slow down the process:

  • Incorporate face serums as man’s skincare in 30s

  • Face serums are ayurvedic skincare products that target and reduce specific skin issues, like wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Moreover, natural vitamin A and Vitamin E, present in face serums, assist in accelerating collagen formation.

    The protein collagen gives skin fullness and elasticity, which gradually deteriorates as we age without treatment. More collagen equals fewer lines and wrinkles. Thus, any premium men's face glow cream should also contain this ingredient.

    Coming back to face serums, all antioxidant-rich compounds in them help firm up the face and balance out skin tone for puffy eyes. Additional botanical components like saffron oil, manjistha and nagkesar make them even more desirable for youthful skin.

  • Start using Kumkumadi Tailam for man’s skincare in 30s 

  • For optimum healing, this herbal face oil should be used at night. A maximum of three to five drops of Kumkumadi Tailam should be applied to your face. Keeping it kumkumadi face glowing oil for 20 minutes or so is just about right. Afterwards, you need to wash off with warm water if you have oily skin, else you can keep it overnight.

    There are several antioxidants in this Ayurvedic solution called Kumkumadi Tailam. It aids a man’s skincare warding off wrinkles, fine lines, and other ageing symptoms. It is also popularly known as kumkumadi face glowing oil.

    Kumkumadi tailam controls pigmentation and contributes to its ability to prolong the glow. This herbal face oil will ensure that your skin glows and heals from the inside, regardless of your acne scars or dark circles.

    Also, this organic component possesses antimicrobial qualities, which undoubtedly aid in preventing acne for those with dry skin types. But, for those with a sensitive skin type, we recommend using a pimple face wash or a neem face wash. Depending on your preference, pick one product listed among the best face wash for men and use it consistently to achieve breakout-free skin. 

  • Keeping the skin moisturized as part of man’s skincare in 30s  

  • A quality moisturizer calms and hydrates the skin without irritating it, lowering the likelihood that dust and grime may clog pores as you sleep.

    Shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera are excellent moisturizer ingredients that can be used in body lotion

    men is trying to squeeze his pimple on face

    A man’s skincare routine in his 40s

    At this stage, while the harm previously made to your skin cannot be undone, you can still stop future harm from occurring and assist in reversing some of the changes that have already taken place.

    Wondering how? We will only keep you waiting for a short time as you have come to the one-stop destination for all skin-related issue-solving. As we have already discussed the skin care regimen for men in their 20s and 30s, it is time to pay attention to our most veteran guests. Here is what you should do as a part of man’s skincare in 40s:

  • Man’s skincare routine in 40s- Start getting a routine body oil massage 

  • Only an oil massage treatment can restore your body to health as life becomes more demanding owing to your busy schedule. Additionally, the therapeutic benefits of oil massage on body will be enhanced by adding olive oil.

    Science has demonstrated that virgin olive oil increases the skin's collagen production. As a result, it stops the skin from sagging and prematurely ageing.

    Using olive oil for body massage can effectively do away with stretch marks. These impressions conjure only pictures of women in our minds when we hear the word. Although women are more likely to develop stretch marks than males, no group is immune to these skin scars. Stretch marks can come up, especially for bodybuilders, athletes, youngsters, and gym users. As a result, anyone looking for a solution to eliminating stretch marks may find that an olive oil massage is the best option.

  • Man’s skincare routine in 40s - Hydrate the skin around the clock

  • To lessen the dark spot on face and level the skin tone, apply a prescribed dose of night cream. This ensures that your skin will shine and be luminous each morning. Components like niacinamide and natural Vitamin E are the main ingredients that help nourish the skin and rejuvenate it from the inside out. Night creams for men also work as men’s face glow cream and always keep the skin hydrated, thanks to their hyaluronic acid solutions.

  • Man’s skincare routine in 40s - Invest in a face brightness cream
  • All skin types are taken into account while formulating these creams. These are supplemented with the goodness of elements like vitamin C, B3, E, etc. 

    A face brightness cream fortifies and lightens the skin complexion. A combination of vitamin C, B3, Jojoba oil and other similar extracts rapidly absorb into the skin, providing hours of continuous moisture. 

    This keeps your skin glowing and plump while counteracting the effects of daytime sun damage. Together, these components protect the skin from blemishes and dullness and provide a more radiant, luminous complexion.

    A man’s skincare routine after the 60s

    Man’s skincare routine after 60s should require a few mild additions if you were wise enough to take good care of your skin in your 20s, 30s and 40s. But, you need to take a more radical approach and not look at dermatological procedures like Botox, if you haven't practised skincare at an early age and have noticed those fine lines develop into wrinkles. 

    Given that you have throughout maintained a general skincare routine, here are two simple measures to follow to look younger in your 60s:

  • Use a cleanser, my man

  • Your preferred men facial wash must not include harsh scrubs that lead to inflammation. Instead, go for a gentle ayurvedic face wash and cleansers featuring soothing elements like aloe vera, honey, liquorice root, neem, etc. Man’s skincare in 60s has to be gentle and as natural as it could be!

  • Stay hydrated

  • Permit me to say it once again if it isn't evident already: “The secret to beautiful skin is proper hydration”. It instantly offers you silky, soft skin that doesn't feel oily or heavy. 

    If you have extremely dehydrated skin, use lightweight moisturizer for dry skin in the morning and Kumkumadi serum at night. If you have a combination of oily skin, skip the moisturiser in the morning and use SPF with minimum 30 instead.

    man is taking cream from his finger

    What are the basic man’s skincare products to maintain a healthy skin health?

    The answer to this question must be straightforward, and the reply must remain on point. The reason is simple, with many skincare product options available in the market, beginners who are new to adopting a skincare routine need to be more relaxed. So, here are  few things that should be on your list of indispensables:

    • Hydrator (this can be a moisturiser, men face cream, face serum or any other product that helps you stay 24x7 hydrated)
    • Body oil
    • Night cream
    • Anti ageing cream
    • Face Scrub
    • Ayurvedic Face Wash

    We have elaborately discussed the usage of each of these items in the sections above. If you go through them, you can relate to the fact that, eventually, this is what you would need to build a full stack of man's skincare items at your home. 


    If you are already in your 30s and thinking about getting started in the skincare game, then there is still time to make things happen naturally. All you need to follow is a disciplined course of action where you include our skincare tips in your daily routine. For instance, before you  shave, you probably need to moisten appropriately.  Thereafter, follow the after-shaving process with toner and sunscreen. These slight inclusions will uplift your personality so that you steadily acquire the edging factor.

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