Let's Find Out Benefits of Using Face Scrubs

Scrub, Scrub Scrub is all that they say….Scrub, Scrub, Scrub…..again and again…..to the point that it gets annoying. Who are “they”, you ask? Well ……Mom’s, GF’s, Partners….. “they” all have the same idea about and for us.

Don’t they get it? We men, DO NOT scrub! We enter the bathrooms, take 5-10 mins to have a quick bath and that’s it. At the most we will use a moisturizer and oil/gel, and/or beard oil.

But they nag you, saying that scrubbing has immense benefits. And I caved in to the pressure (It’s easier not to argue and just go along with the flow. After all, what harm would be done? It would just add on a few extra minutes to the routine. And no Dude! Do not even think of pretending to have done it. They will know if you are lying).

Hmmm.....I will have to admit (though very grudgingly) that I am seeing some changes in my skin’s texture, complexion and (do I dare use the word) radiance, after a couple of applications. Of course, it does take some time for the results to come through. It’s not magic, that you apply it and are glowing instantly, like they show in the ads.

What benefits, you ask? Well let’s have a look at some of them that I have been able to figure out till now.


Squeaky Clean Skin

I honestly thought that it was all crap when I was told that a face wash does not pull out the dirt, oil and impurities accumulated in the pores. We, of course know, that blocked pores play havoc with your skin leading to pimples, acne and unhealthy-looking skin.

Well guess what! face scrubs turned out to be the answer. After a couple of uses, I actually feel lighter and fresher after every scrub and it feels like my skin is finally breathing.

Pores of your skin become blocked by bacteria and dead skin cells

Exfoliate - Flaky Skin and Dead Cells

Yes, I am Guilty of flaky skin! For the unaware (like I was once), flaky skin gets formed when the naturally produced oil dries up. This also leads to faster loss of water, resulting in small slivers of skin that can easily be peeled off. Trust me when I say that no amount of moisturize really works on this and it’s embarrassing, to say the least, when it starts showing up at work, usually in the second half of the day.

And of course, it leads to accumulated dead cells overtime. I now don’t understand how I could have let it build up when the answer was staring me right in the face every day….Scrub, Scrub, Scrub and Voila your skin is free of the dead cells which make you look tired and dull as well.


Better Absorption

You would say what is this? Well, it’s simple. When our pores are clogged, the skin care products find it difficult to seep in and do the good that they are supposed to. A healthy exfoliation routine will ensure that your skin is ever ready to absorb the goodness of the skin care products.


Smooth Shave

Who would have thought that face scrubs could help with a smooth shave? Not me for sure. Let’s have a look at what the face scrub does.

  • Cleanses the face
  • Removes dead skin that can clog the blades of your razor.
  • Removes and prevents ingrown hair with regular use, helping the blades of the razor to sail smoothly on the skin.
  • Lifts those tough beard hairs for a closer shave.

Using an exfoliator before shaving is actually one of the most important factors in getting a smooth

Spot Reduction - Skin Rejuvenation – Anti aging

As the awareness increases of their skin needs and going back to basic beauty regimes and natural products, the ladies are looking younger each day. We, Men can’t be left behind. And face scrub comes to the rescue here as well.

Our skin regenerates every thirty days and the process of repairing is constant. However, once we cross over the threshold of the twenties, into our thirties, the whole process slows down. Scrubbing, not only improves blood circulation, contains anti-aging elements which help to slow down and reverse the signs of aging and also boost skin rejuvenation.

Regular use of face scrub may also result in reduction of pigmentation, blemishes, acne spots leading to an even skin tone. My acne spots have lightened a bit and complexion is looking much more even.


And Finally - The Glow

I don’t really need to say much here. You would have figured it out for yourself by now that healthy skin will glow.

And if you choose a face scrub with brightening properties, then you will definitely be radiating.


Some More “Gyan”

Well some more “gyan” while I am on the topic of face scrubs. I would say take a step back to tradition and make your own scrub. However, if DIY Home Scrubs are not your cup of tea (like me) or you simply do not have the time to make it, then opt for a kumkumadi scrub from a well-known Ayurvedic brand. The face scrubs are available in powder (to be mixed with rose face water or milk), gel or cream forms in the market.



Ubtans are a great way to exfoliate. And what’s more, you can pick and choose the ingredients as per the requirements of your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, opt for oatmeal instead of gram flour. Ridden with acne, choose neem as an ingredient. Turmeric should be a must in all scrubs as it has anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties and it adds a glow to the face. There are many more ingredients to choose from.

As you can see, I am pro at face scrubs now. And rather than being told which one to use (I do have a spine), I went exploring and found the right one.


Kumkumadi Scrub

Kumkumadi oils, I learnt, is called the “miraculous elixir”. It is a powerful concoction of all the ayurvedic herbs which are good for rejuvenation and renewing the skin, providing even skin tone and brightening the skin. Regular use of Kumkumadi scrub will reduce the signs of aging.

kumkumadi scrub doesn't dry out the skin as it contains kumkumadi oil


How Much Is Enough

I got carried away and learnt the hard way - Excess of a good thing is bad! While a face scrub has multitude benefits, it’s best to restrict its usage to twice or thrice a week.

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