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As a child, I had a few favorite Aunts whom I loved to visit and the reason (besides them being loving) was “gifts”. Every time that we visited them, a Gift would magically appear as we were about to leave. The items were rarely expensive but always thoughtful – a set of beautiful glass jars with printed red roses, apt for storing and displaying achars, a cute bath towel for the little me, trendy dears, knick-knacks indigenous to a country travelled, making us Inadvertently a part of their journey and many more that are evading my memory as it’s been too long and there have been too many.

Reflecting back, I admire them for always having something on hand to gift, the effortless and elegant way in which they would present it and the warmth and love with which it was given. The gifts didn’t wait for any occasion but receiving a gift itself became an occasion. A gift never has to do with how expensive it is but the mindfulness behind it.

Now that I am running my own household, and having learnt from the best, I admit that I am a hoarder of items that I can gift and always on the lookout for more unique, useful, quirky items that make the receiver feel luxurious and elated. I am addicted to the sudden rush of dopamine on seeing the surprise, anticipation and thrill on finally unveiling the wrapped packages by the receiver. Beautifully packaged gifts in unique papers, fabrics, boxes, baskets with ribbons, bows, flowers and personalized messages also add on to the pleasure of receiving a gift by the loved one. Or luxurious experience gifts like Spa etc are sometime that could absolutely delight almost everyone

With the pandemic in full flow and not showing any signs of relenting, gifting has taken a whole new meaning. It is an instant mood uplifter for people who are feeling depressed, a quiet “I am there” for the ones who are feeling lonely, a bit of immunity boost to keep a loved one safe, or just a reminder that you care which might make all the difference in someone’s life.

Covid has also shaken our modern-day habits and beliefs and forced us to look inwards and examine the impact that these have on us, as individuals and collectively on mother nature and to turn back to our ancient roots-Ayurveda.

Luxurious Ayurvedic Products and kits make for the best gifts this year. You can find something for everyone and as they are based on age old practices of Ayurveda, made with the choicest ingredients and bereft of chemicals and preservatives like Sulphates and Parabens, they are the safest to be used without interfering with our immunity.

Blue Nectar Contemporary Ayurveda, has become my favorite one stop shop for all my gifting needs. I find something for everyone here. Pick any item from this shop and it can be a gift in itself or you can combine it with other products and make a hamper out of it. They also have pre-packed gift packs that you can select from, in beautiful luxurious packing to make anyone feel like royalty.

Blue Nectar Assam Mogra Green Tea Leaves with Himalayan Rose has been my very favorite this season with the hedonistic Himalayan Rose Aroma, it relaxes and uplifts the mood, something we are all in much need of. This Tea befits all people and all occasions. But this is the best gift for “no occasion”.

I gifted the Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Gift Pack containing Kumkumadi serum and Kumkumadi scrub to my mom and dad on their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Kumkumadi or in other words “saffron oil” is an age old and one of the most potent ayurvedic formulations for rejuvenating and renewing skin cells bestowing glowing, healthy skin. I love watching their glee as serum and scrub take effect and they witness the changes in their own skin and on each other after regular use.

Kumkumadi Gift Pack


Blue Nectar Darjeeling Immunity Booster Green Tea, fortified with troika herbs – Turmeric, Tulsi and Ginger, is bound to be one of the healthiest green teas and a must for every household. Again, a perfect gift for all.

A new mother is grappling with hormones, sleepless nights, healing and a little bundle who is depending on her to help it acclimatize to this strange world. It is easy to fall prey to post-partum depression in such a state and many women do not acknowledge it due to the social stigma attached with it. A little personalized gift can go a long way to make her feel loved, pampered, elevate her mood and prepare her to face the world. Blue Nectar Cinnamon Pain Relief oil for pain in muscles that she never knew existed, Blue Nectar Body Massage Bio Oil for stretch marks reduction to reclaim her body. And there are many more to choose from. These make perfect gifts for the New Mother.

Our Men folk have it the toughest, though the society does not acknowledge it. They have to be the bravest when all that they want is to break down. They silently provide without seeking anything for themselves. It is time that we show them that we know, understand and appreciate them, be it father, husband, brother, son, boyfriend or just a friend. Blue Nectar Kit for men containing Beard Oil and Sandalwood cream for the beard lover. Blue Nectar Jasmine & Patchouli Nourishing Night Repair Face Cream to nourish and repair skin from the damage caused on a regular basis by pollution, sun exposure. So let “Your Man” know that you care.

Lip balms with ghee make the perfect gifts for little girls who emulate their mom’s. Vitamin C serums for skin repair and glowing skin for everyone but especially more for the ones exposed to Sun and Pollution. Honey and Neem Acne Clear Face Cleanser for the teenage boy. Blue Nectars Luxurious Skin and Hair Care Kits suits all skin and hair types and one does not have to think twice before gifting it and knowing that it will be loved. And there is still much more to explore.

Online platforms have made it so much easier to gift in this unforeseen and unique situation by providing many options of products and opportunity. They deliver while keeping the contact to a minimum so that you can reach out to your loved ones.

With all the gifting happening, do not forget to get one for yourself as well. After all, you deserve it!

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