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  • What is dandruff?

  • What causes dandruff?
  • Does dandruff cause hair loss? Can it be reduced using anti dandruff shampoo?
  • Is dandruff contagious?
  • How to get rid of dandruff – treatment for dandruff
  • Home remedies and tips to treat dandruff in hair
  • Over-the-counter shampoos for dandruff
  • Ways to prevent dandruff by anti dandruff shampoo and ayurvedic oils for hair
  • When to consult a doctor
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar 

According to several studies, the prevalence of dandruff is up to 50% in the global population. This information alone is sufficient to tell us the number of people worried due to hair dandruff and hence have further hair problems like hair fall, itching scalp, and baldness. Along with the dirt that is stuck in the hair, dandruff is one of the major reasons for the booming of the haircare industry.

All the products, the anti dandruff shampoos, and anti dandruff hair oil have good sales figure only to solve a simple problem of hair dandruff.

man is seeing dandruff from magnifying glass

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is dry and white flakes which cause an itchy and flaky scalp and it is related to seborrheic dermatitis, or seborrhea which is a common, non-contiguous skin disease.Dandruff is more prevalent in case of an oily scalp and it even enhances oil production along with the growth of the fungus, Malassezia which is already on the skin.

Dandruff, dry and white flakes which sit on the shoulders and clothes are not that harmful but excessive dandruff causes itching and irritation on the scalp. Scratching the scalp due to dandruff can even cause some bleeding. 

There are many remedies to cure dandruff -  Blue Nectar anti dandruff shampoo, ayurvedic oils for hair and anti dandruff hair oil, which soothes the flaky scalp and itching.

What causes dandruff?

The causes of dandruff can vary from person to person and the degree of irritation and itching. But there are some common causes of dandruff for almost all skin types.

  • Oily and irritated skin
  • Greasy patches on the scalp
  • Lack of awareness of haircare and shampoos 
  • Fungus overgrowth called Malassezia
  • Hormonal issues in some adults
  • Sensitivity towards haircare products (reddish/yellowish bumps on hairline)
  • Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Additional symptoms can also include:

  • erythema, which causes red patches on the scalp, and sometimes on the face
  • eyebrow dandruff
  • Forehead pimples
  • hair loss
  • Wear-tear of the scalp skin

However, by understanding the cause and characteristics of the dandruff that is present on your scalp, some of the above mentioned symptoms can be treated. To get rid of dandruff, one can use ayurvedic hair care products like anti dandruff shampoo and ayurvedic oils for hair.

Does dandruff cause hair loss? Can it be reduced using anti dandruff shampoo?

Though dandruff occurs in most of the population, it does not lead to hair fall in all of them. Some medical conditions and fungal infections can cause dandruff and even hair fall. People with normal dandruff may not suffer from hair fall but severe dandruff can damage the hair follicles and the scalp, causing hair thinning and hair growth. Hair oil massage with hair fall control oil or any other ayurvedic oils for hair can have additional benefits for people experiencing low to moderate hair fall.

Repeated inflammation in the scalp region and the hair follicles can cause damage and scarring. Brushing the hair aggressively, or scratching the scalp may make hair loss worse. We need to be careful when dealing with the scalp already affected by dandruff.

Girl is worried as she sees her hairfall on comb

Stress can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. Environmental changes and excessive pollution are others. The environmental changes can make scalp more susceptible as they attract dust and pollution particles and with the presence of moisture in the hair, the growth of dandruff increases. They even cause inflammation which damages the hair follicles and can push the hair from the growth phase into the telogen phase prematurely, causing hair follicles to rest and hair to fall out. Yoga and meditation are natural ayurvedic practices which can reduce stress and stress related problems.

So for treating hair loss, treating dandruff may also work, if that is the cause. Clear scalp and clean hair can reduce damage to hair follicles which then focus on hair growth. But using anti dandruff shampoo will undoubtedly help in reducing hair loss.

Is dandruff contagious?

Dandruff is not contagious at all! Unlike other medical conditions, dandruff is harmless and noncontagious. It just exists and can be taken care of. The flakes can fall on shoulders and clothes but they won’t reach out to other people by touch or any contact. 

There is another term used for dandruff i.e walking dandruff which is a skin condition prevalent in dogs that are infected by small mites. These mites are transferable in humans, animals, cats, and other animals and can be contagious to humans especially. A simple cure for these killing mites would be topical medication.

How to get rid of dandruff – treatment for dandruff 

Dandruff is caused by overgrowth or imbalance of the fungus Malassezia. An increase in Malassezia triggers the body to produce and shed skin cells faster.  Hormones or stress can be the reasons for Malassezia overgrowth.

For mild dandruff, regular cleansing with a gentle anti dandruff shampoo can give relief. It anti dandruff shampoo reduces oil and skin cell buildup. For a more effective solution, you can also switch to a medicated anti dandruff shampoo. Using anti dandruff shampoo twice a week can give a clean and dandruff-free scalp.

For drier hair, people should avoid using anti dandruff shampoos frequently and after using an anti dandruff shampoo should apply a moisturizing conditioner for the hair or scalp. Alternatively, a warm oil massage before shampoo can also be helpful for people with dry hair. To have a dandruff-free scalp, hair products like hair serums, foams, cleansers, ayurvedic oils for hair are available both medicated and ayurvedic. A trial and error method will work to find out which anti dandruff product suits the hair and stitches it.

girl is taking out anti dandruff shampoo from its bottle in her hand

Anti dandruff shampoos are majorly classified depending on their contents. Some of the essential ingredients are - 

  • Zinc pyrithione which contains the antibacterial and antifungal agent
  • Cold tar slows the skin cells from dying and flaking off. 
  • Selenium sulfide contains an antifungal agent that even discolors the hair and scalp.
  • Corticosteroid-containing shampoos help in itching control and flaking, irritation. However these are steroids which are topically applied and need to used under medical supervision.

If even after using a medicated anti dandruff shampoo, dandruff doesn't go away, consult a doctor to find out the skin abnormality and treat it accordingly.

Home remedies and tips to treat dandruff in hair

In India, we have home remedies for all our problems. Be it skin or hair, using some ayurvedic oils for hair and herbs or bhringraj oil can solve a list of hair problems and improve skin growth.

Likewise, there are other ayurvedic oils for hair that can help to treat dandruff.

1. Tea tree ayurvedic oils for hair

Tea tree oil is been known to treat ailments like acne and psoriasis. It has powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that mitigate dandruff and improve hair.

Tea tree ayurvedic oils for hair can even fight specific fungus strains and can be effective on seborrheic dermatitis and even dandruff. This wonderful ayurvedic hair oil not only reduces dandruff but also provides your hair a perfect coating and a shiny appearance.

Using 2-3 drops of tea tree ayurvedic oils for hair mixed in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or shampoos containing tea tree oil can improve moisture and reduce itchiness and dandruff.

2. Coconut ayurvedic oils for hair 

The best and simplest home remedy when it comes to hair is to use coconut oil.

Readily available and cheaper rate makes it very popular in the household. It is also the best carrier oil. Drops of strong oils can be added to coconut oil to avoid inflammation.

Some research suggests using coconut oil for treating eczema, which contributes to dandruff. Massaging the scalp with coconut oil 4-5 hours prior to hair washing and using a good anti dandruff shampoo can make dandruff go away substantially.

3. Aloe vera as an ingredient in anti dandruff shampoo

Aloe vera is the most popular ingredient when it comes to ayurvedic shampoos or ayurvedic oils for hair. It gives a cooling effect soon after using it on the scalp. It tenders the irritation and skin inflammation. It helps in treating skin damage, and pores. Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties that give protection against dandruff.

aloe vera is on the wooden spoon with aloe vera by it side on table

4. Bhringraj ayurvedic oils for hair

Get rid of dandruff, inflammation on the scalp, and greyness of the hair using the bhringraj oil with the goodness of 16 other ayurvedic herbs. Bhringraj oil or ayurvedic oils for hair containing Bhringraj can treat bacterial infections and can be useful in promoting scalp health.

With essential ingredients like Vitamin D, E, and Calcium which is used for hair growth and hair strengthening, Bhringraj oil improves hair quality. Bhringraj Oil is the best oil for hair growth.

5. Use green tea

Massage the scalp by combining green tea, white vinegar oil, and essential oil for 5 mins and then rinse it off with an anti dandruff shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Green tea has an antioxidant property that improves a healthy scalp.

Over-the-counter shampoos for dandruff 

For excessive hair loss and dandruff, medicated and ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo are always promoted. There is a list of over-the-counter shampoos to solve hair conditions but one must consult a doctor before buying a medicated anti dandruff shampoo,

1. Briganantadi Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser Shampoo with Bhringraj is completely organic and has ayurvedic herbs which clear up flaky skin and nourishes the scalp. This ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo relieves hair from dandruff as well.

2. Selsun Suspension Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is also a very popular yet medicated anti-dandruff shampoo. It treats the recurrence of dandruff. It even cleans away the dead cells and infected scalp. Please consult a medical professional before using thison your scalp.

Ways to prevent dandruff by anti dandruff shampoo and ayurvedic oils for hair

Getting rid of dandruff can be tedious. Using anti dandruff shampoos frequently can take away the shinning of the hair sometimes. Is there a way to prevent dandruff from occurring?

Having a healthy diet with essential minerals like zinc, and B vitamins can help prevent dandruff.

Using ayurvedic oils for hair /anti dandruff hair oil regularly can loosen flakes. So massaging and oiling with ayurvedic oils for hair, the hair becomes important. Getting enough sunlight is also essential to control dandruff. 

Minimizing hair styling products can also reduce dandruff and maintain healthy hair.

When to consult a doctor

Generally, dandruff can be prevented by using a good anti dandruff shampoo along with massaging the scalp with anti dandruff hair oil or bhringraj oil. But by following a good hair care routine, if the desired results are not visible, then it is always recommended to see a doctor.

Also, if your dandruff is very severe and your scalp is very itchy and you feel a burning sensation, if your scalp is red or swollen, or if you have a weak immune system, try consulting a doctor.

anti dandruff hairfall shampoo, soap and brush are on white table


Unlike any other skin ailment, dandruff is easy to combat. Use ayurvedic oils for hair, and anti dandruff shampoo, dandruff can be contained. Though it is not 100% curable, the severity of dandruff can be reduced effectively by using products that suit the scalp while protecting hair health. Consulting a doctor can also prove beneficial for severe dandruff. Once the inflammation and irritation are reduced, dandruff wouldn’t be much of an important problem. 

So before investing in expensive hair care products, find out the scalp type and try using organic anti dandruff shampoo and ayurvedic oils for hair.

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