What are the benefits of using Nalpamradi oil on baby?

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Baby Massage with Nalpamradi Thailam

Have you noticed that upon the arrival of babies in a household, everyone starts cooing over them? All energy is recentred on how cute they are, how to look after them, how & when should they eat, how many hours they should sleep, how to do a baby massage, which baby oil to use etc. A common theme that resurfaces often is baby care and baby massage

Sounds pretty obvious but it’s a bit more complicated than one may think… Caring for babies is a herculean task that is riddled with far too many steps, all of which are necessary. Playing, feeding, resting, bathing, and the master of all…  baby oil massage aren’t as common in the western world, hence the lack of representation but they’re significant throughout the Indian subcontinent as well as other parts of North and South East Asia.

Back in the olden days, when no big-shot corporations were specializing in baby care and hygiene productsNanis and Dadis in every corner of the country would play with their grandbabies and give them oil massage with homemade ayurvedic Nalpamaradi Thailam  oil. This rich history of caring for infants with little means and without expensive products prove that simple and authentic oil massages benefits have always and will continue to take precedence in quality over the greasy bottles of chemicals that fail to harbor even a fraction of the same benefits of Nalpamaradi Thailam. Curious to find out more about ayurvedic Nalpamaradi Thailam oil & the benefits of oil massage on body? Keep reading!

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  • How to use Nalpamaradi thailam/oil on babies?
  • Benefits of Nalpamaradi thailam massages
  • Can Nalpamaradi Thailam be made at home?
  • Tips and Precautions of best baby massage oil akka Nalpamaradi Thailam/oil
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What is Nalpamaradi oil made of?

Like most other ancient ayurvedic concoctions, Nalpamaradi Thailam or Nalpamaradi oil too is made of a variety of herbs, flowers, extracts, fruit extracts and carrier oils. It is a gentle body massage oil that is safe to be used on babies, unlike some other potent ayurvedic blends which, at times, can be too much for sensitive infant skin. Though most brands offer their own variations and concentrations of the baby oil in question, here are some of the key ingredients that are hard to miss in Nalpamaradi Thailam:

  • Nalpamara - The main star ingredient of the oil is a blend of 4 different types of tree barks. These barks are often dried up and blitzed into a powder which is then used to treat skin diseases. This powder can also be mixed with some water and used as a mild body scrub to help with stretch marks, textured skin, dark spots on face, scars, When this powerhouse of a combination is added to the goodness of rich oil, it takes all of its amazing quality and swirls within the nourishing hydration of the oil.
  • Turmeric - We’re debating whether turmeric is Ayurveda’s favorite ingredient of all time. Seriously, turmeric is the OG beauty secret! It has anti-bacterial properties and it brightens the skin like no other… No wonder Indian weddings have a whole ceremony dedicated to the beautifying miracle we love and known as Haldii
  • Sandalwood - Also known as Chandan in Hindi, this piece of wood is no less enchanted than a magic wand. It’s even more versatile! Though sandalwood doesn’t make an appearance in every version of Nalpamaradi Thailam  to exist out there, it certainly adds immeasurable value when one is lucky enough to find it. Chandan when mixed into any skincare product does an excellent job of calming the skin while projecting a heavenly, cooling sensation.
  • Amla - Known as the Indian gooseberry which ironically grows throughout parts of Asia and Africa, this unconventional ayurvedic fruit is packed full of Vitamin C. We’re not kidding! Amla has over 20 times more vitamin C than an average orange! All that delicious, skin-clearing goodness can only mean amazing skin for you!
  • Vetiver - Also known as Ushir, this unique herb is an extract from the khas grass most commonly found in India. It does wonders to boost skin cell regeneration and facilitates the production of high-quality collagen in the skin. As a result, this ingredient alone shows for scars, pigmentation and indentations are enough to make us “wow” in wonder…
  • Sesame Oil - Til ka Tel is almost always the primary carrier oil in any variation of Nalpamaradi Thailam. Why? Simply because it’s just that good! Sesame oil doesn’t just serve as a delicious condiment throughout the Middle East and Eastern Asia. In fact, it has some amazing beauty benefits that are quite hard to live up to for some other oils. It’s perfectly nourishing and moisturizes intensely.

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How to use Nalpamaradi Thailam for baby massage?

For a successful baby oil massage, the following things need to be done when massaging the baby with Nalpamaradi Thailam/oil:

1. Ensure your baby is well-rested. Any attempt to oil massage a cranky baby will go in vain.

2. Make sure your baby is fed. Feed the baby at least an hour before you intend on starting the oil massage.

3. Choose a room that your baby is the most comfortable in for and choose the best baby oil or baby massage oil (Nalpamaradi Thailam in this case). Make sure there’s a source of sunlight for good vibes and the temperature is comfortable enough for the baby to be sitting in for a while without wearing clothes.

4. Take some Nalpamaradi Thailam and rub it between your palms, with gentle strokes in an upward motion, begin massaging your baby first with your palms, followed by light pressure from your fingertips by using best baby massage techniques.

5. Over the stomach and chest, go in with circular strokes with very mild pressure while applying baby oil.

6. Using moderate pressure, go across the shoulders and move down the arms with the same firmness. Add more of your best baby oil or massage oil as you go, if needed.

7. After 30 minutes of baby oil massage or so, give your baby a relaxing bath and voila!

    Benefits of Nalpamaradi Thailam massage

    Since we’ve been rambling on about how this Nalpamaradi Thailam  is practically liquid gold, it must make a person wonder “If it’s that good, what are some of the benefits of nalpamaradi thailam?” Well, you’re in great luck because we’re here to tell you about the benefits of oil massage on body!

    • Nalpamaradi Thailam  helps in treating skin conditions. The blended combination of 4 different types of tree bark is potent in antibacterial properties, which effectively treat mild fungal infections and even allergies like eczema. allergy flare up are pretty frequent in infanthood
    • Nalpamaradi Thailam  benefits by moisturizing the skin. The richness of the sesame oil when found in one of the many benefits of nalpamaradi thailam performs wonderfully to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. The result? Glowing, supple-looking skin! The only thing better than a cute baby is a happy, satisfied and well-massaged cute baby!
    • Nalpamaradi Thailam benefits by maintaining the skin health. While the appearance of your skin matters, in reality, its health is far more important. Unless your skin is healthy, chances are you likely won’t achieve your skin goals of ultimate beauty either. The minerals and vitamins present in Nalpamaradi oil streamline the way your skin breathes, set a balance between all the layers of your skin, nourish the epidermis and improve the skin’s barrier function to prevent transdermal water loss. Keeping a baby’s skin healthy is a must for every new parent and one of our favorite ayurvedic oils like Nalpamaradi thailam can do just that!
    • Nalpamaradi oil benefits in brightening the skin and evens out the complexion. Every variation of nalpamaradi oil has turmeric as one of the main ingredients. Some variations even have saffron. These ingredients are famous in the ayurvedic beauty community for brightening one’s face, evening out their skin tone and improving the overall complexion. Babies are adorable regardless of their skin tone and no one should ever attempt to alter a baby’s natural skin color. However, if you notice any unusual coloring around the baby’s face that doesn’t resemble the natural complexion, contact your pediatrician and massage the area with a bit of Nalmpamaradi thailam/ oil for the time being and you can see the benefits of nalpamaradi thailam.
    • After massaging with best baby massage oil – (Nalpamaradi Thailam), it allows for better sleep. Just imagine how relaxing a body oil massage is & benefits of oil massage on body can be numerous for adults, one can only assume babies find it to be even more enjoyable. On top of that, Nalpamaradi oil has some naturally relaxing ingredients that work their magic post-massage and gently push you into a deep slumber. This one is a godsend miracle for people whose babies find it difficult to sleep for multiple hours at a continuous stretch.
    • Nalpamaradi thailam benefits of oil massage on body promotes muscle development. The slight pressure from the act of massaging stimulates muscles. It also engages them passively and encourages them to grow and adapt to agility. Because of this very reason, massages are crucial to a baby’s healthy development in Indian culture.

      Infant is getting back massage by her mother

      Can Nalpamaradi Thailam be made at home?

      We’re the biggest fans of DIY when it comes to recreating an ayurvedic recipe from the comfort of your home but unfortunately, some things are just better left to the professionals. Hear us out… You could absolutely gather all the necessary ingredients (and some you like) for the concoction, boil them into a pot of good quality sesame oil and store them for 2-3 weeks. You’ll probably even get some decent results! That sounds like a win, right? Except that it’s not. The recipe although simple enough on the face of it, has a lot of work going on the back burner and takes a long time to get to the standard it needs, meaning it is pretty difficult to nail the concoction every time. So, while you “technically” can make your own Nalpamaradi oil at home, we recommend skipping the ordeal altogether, saving yourself some time, and just choosing a bottle of best baby massage oil from your favorite & trusted ayurvedic beauty brand that can give numerous benefits of oil massage on body!

      Tips and Precautions of best baby massage oil aka Nalpamaradi Thailam:

      While we like to highlight the fact that nature seldom does one wrong, it’s always a good idea to take certain precautions whenever using a new product of baby oil, whether it is ayurvedic or not, especially on super-sensitive baby skin. Check out some of these tips to get the best of your Nalpamaradi Thailam uses:

      • Keep the stains away. Owing to the heavy concentration of turmeric, most nalpamaradi thailam tend to stain if used for too long or too much.
      • Follow up with a wipe. Sesame oil is pretty thick in its viscosity. It doesn’t seep into the skin as effortlessly as some of the other oils. As a result, if left on after a baby oil massage, it can make the skin sticky and uncomfortable. So, it is advisable to wipe off the unnecessary residue with a baby wipe or wash it off with some cold water and mild soap.
      • A little goes a long way. Because the sesame oil is so rich and the turmeric is so potent, one only needs a small amount of the concoction to get the job done.
      • Nalpamaradi Thailam uses 2-3 times a week. Some schools of thought suggest that benefits of oil massages on body should be an indulgence of the daily. Others disagree and state that using this baby oil massage once a week is enough. We beg to differ. While applying nalpamaradi oil every single day can overwhelm your skin too much but at the same time, using Nalpamaradi Thailam just once a week doesn’t do as much as one hopes for. 2-3 times a week a Nalpamaradi oil baby massage hits that sweet spot that is just perfect!

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      Parting Note

      Pampering babies is super important. After all, it is one of the best ways to express your love and care for them. However, the task is simple on the face of it but difficult in reality. So much can go wrong if you don’t have proper guidance. This blog is an attempt by us to help new parents and guardians take on their difficult roles with a bit more confidence and look after their little ones to the best of their ability. If you’re a new parent or know someone who’s expecting, check out Blue Nectar’s range of Mom & Baby Care products. Watch this space for more content on beauty & wellness and share this blog with someone who might find it helpful. Until next time!

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