Dark Spots on Face- How to fight them naturally?

Dark Spots On Face - Causes And Treatments

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Have you been noticing changes in your skin as you age? Are there dark spots on face,  hands, neck and shoulders, where there were none earlier? Are you looking for a solution like dark spot removal cream on how to rid your skin of these dark spots? Good news! You are not alone in this question.

Before we try and figure out how to reduce or rid ourselves of dark spots and which dark spot removal cream to use, let’s first understand what they are and why they occur.

Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes its color. However, overproduction of Melanin causes dark spots or hyperpigmentation. These are not painful but can be a cause of aesthetic concern to an individual.



Causes Of Dark Spots On Face 

Sun’s UV Rays

Sun damage is the number one reason for dark spots on face or body. Exposure to the Sun generates Melanin which acts like a natural sunscreen. The Sun’s UV rays energy is absorbed and redistributed by Melanin. However, the production of too much melanin can be triggered by the Sun, causing dark spots on face. Years of being in the Sun start to add up as you age.





Melasma is the change in pigmentation when hormone levels zigzag up and down. Hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, hormonal therapies or even changes in birth control. Melanin production is stimulated due to extra hormones. These dark spots normally disappear once the pregnancy is over or hormonal levels return to balance. 



Dark spots on face are often developed after inflammation of the skin like acne or eczema, allergic reactions and other skin conditions. A wound may also leave behind a dark spot. Skin naturally produces excess melanin when a wound or an inflammation heals, thus darkening the skin. These dark spots on face tend to lighten and fade away with time. You can use dark spot removal cream to remove this dark spot. 


Removing Facial Hair

The cycle of ripping out the hair again and again can be pretty traumatic for the skin. Inflammation of the skin where the hair is trying to grow back through the skin is called follicular and it can leave dark spots as the skin heals. 



Certain medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, antipsychotic drugs, antimalarial and anti-seizure drugs can also trigger dark spots on face as well as the body. 



Treatment for Dark Spots on Face 

Avoid Direct Sunlight On Your Face

Year round protection from the Sun is a must to avoid dark spots and delay aging. Use a sunscreen and dark spot removal cream which is at least SPF-30 and above, along with a hat and sunglasses. Sunscreen should ideally be reapplied every 2 hours. 


Clean Your Face With Natural Cleanser

Natural cleansers go a long way in helping to lighten the dark spot on face. But it’s important to be consistent in their use. Natural remedies and dark spot removal cream do not work wonders overnight and a bit of patience is required. 



Treat Your Skin With Lemons

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent for the skin and can be used to lighten dark spots. However be careful as too much lemon juice can dry the skin. So utilize it with oils or yogurt. And don’t forget the skin test.


Include Sandalwood In Your Face Cream

Sandalwood has been used since ancient times for a healthy and glowing skin. It can prevent acne and pimples, give protection from the harmful rays of the sun, assist in tan removal, relieve skin infections caused by insect bites etc. The natural oils in the sandalwood help to reduce dark spots. It is a good idea to choose dark spot removal cream with Sandalwood.


Don’t Forget To Scrub Your Face

An effective way to remove dark spot on face is scrubbing. It helps in removing old dead cells while boosting the natural reparative mechanism of the skin and in the process removing any unnatural dark spots. It’s important to choose a natural gentle Face Scrub so as not to damage the skin with harsh particles. After scrubbing use dark spot removal cream as a moisturizer for better results.


Apply Buttermilk

A rich source of lactic acid, buttermilk helps in removing dead skin from the face and lightens the dark spots.



Turmeric Help For Reduces Dark Spots

Turmeric has been a part of the Indian household beauty regime since ancient times and rightly so. It can brighten and lighten the skin tone and it works wonders on dark spots. It can be combined with other skin lightening ingredients for a fast result. Dark spot removal cream with turmeric is available in a wide range of formulations, but choose the best dark spot removal cream with natural herbs and no harmful chemicals.



While quite a few natural remedies are available to reduce the dark spots, there is nothing like prevention. Start as early in life as you can or as soon as the realization of the effects of nature, your habits and lifestyle on your skin kicks in.

If you notice that your dark spots are changing shape, size and color and if they become painful, itchy and bleed – keep in mind that it’s important to consult the doctor.



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