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Skin care has become extremely important these days because of the stressful lifestyle we all have. Although, the market is flooded with top skin care creams and face serums, which can cater to your skin care routine but the main thing is to first identify what your skin type is. There are some products which would suit all skin types suck as Kumkumadi Serum (popularly known as Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil). But you must know how your skin reacts to some ingredients and which skin essentials would work for you and which would not. In this article, you will get to know about the different skin types and skincare products for each skin type, and how to take care of them. So let's get started.

 Girl is applying face serum from applicator on her cheeks

Dry skin 

If your skin produces less oil and you need to use a good moisturizer to maintain your skin's health then you have a dry skin. This kind of skin could be due to genetics, hormonal imbalance, extremely hot showers or because of medications. You must use a face cream, which is free of sulphate and alcohol and a face serum which is made of natural herbs (for instance Kumkumadi Serum) People with dry skin should use lukewarm water to wash their face instead of hot water. It is important that they keep the skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, fresh fruit juices and coconut water.

What ingredients should you look for in skin care products for dry skin?

Remember that hydration is the key to a moisturised skin. Keep up your hydration levels for a healthy skin. For topical look, we have face creams. Always check the ingredient list of any face cream or face serum you use to be sure it has these ingredients:

Humectants: Humectants are often used in the skin care industry, especially in moisturizer and lotions. They primarily serve to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Type of Humectants:

1. Honey: Honey is a natural humectant, which means it can pull moisture from the environment and lock it into the skin. When applied to the skin, it forms a protective barrier and prevents moisture loss, protecting the skin from becoming dry and dehydrated.


2. Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant used in skincare that can be obtained from both animal and plant sources. However, the majority of the glycerin used as a humectant in skincare comes from plant sources, most commonly from sugarcane and soy beans. It is a powerful humectant that also supports the skin's natural barrier function.

3. Hyaluronic Acid: If you have dry skin or are experiencing dryness, using hyaluronic acid in a face cream or face serum like kumkumadi serum will help you keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Hyaluronic acid draws water into the skin and retains it there as a humectant. Additionally, you can also go for blue nectar vitamin c face serum  with hyaluronic acid.

Girl is taking out applicator from the kukumadi serum


    Combination skin

    If your forehead and nose are oily but rest of your skin is normal then most likely you have a combination skin. You will have to use different skin care products for both the areas. You must be a little careful with the sunscreen and face serum you decide to use.

    What ingredients should you look for in skincare products for combination skin?

    Moisturizers containing aloe Vera, glycerine,cucumber and alpha hydroxy acids have been found to be the most effective for people who have combination skin.

    1. Aloevera: Aloe vera makes  skin soft and supple. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the appearance of blemishes, dark spots on face, sunburn, wrinkles and pimples.

    2. Glycerin: Glycerin helps in retaining the skin’s moisture. It helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier, which acts as a barrier between the skin and potentially harmful factors.

    3. Cucumber: Cucumber's cooling nature soothes the skin and relieves skin irritation. Regular use of cucumber for skin will noticeably improve the texture and condition of your skin.

    Skincare products for Combination Skin

    1. Kumkumadi Serum: As discussed above, kumkumadi tailam aka Kumkumadi Serum is a natural face oil and therefore it has no side effects. However, just like any other skin care product, Kumkumadi Serum may not suit every skin type. Find out if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients in the kumkumadi serum. Always do a patch test before using any skincare product. Kumkumadi Serum will not make the skin oily or dry. It balances the skin’s PH levels giving it a glowing and radiant look.

    2. Rose Face Water: Dip a cotton in rose face water and wipe your face with it, especially the oily areas like your T-zone. Rose Face Tonic will cleanse the skin of all the dirt and pollution. For some reason, if you can’t find a good rose face water, buy Blue Nectar’s Rose Face Tonic and spray it directly on the face.

    3. Vitamin E Cream: Best face cream for combination skin should have Vitamin E in it. This will give a glowing complexion.

    4. Neem Face Wash: Combination or oily skin is more prone to acne. A good neem face wash will keep the acne at bay while cleansing the skin naturally.

      Skin care

      Normal skin:

      You must consider yourself lucky if you have a normal skin because it is the easiest to manage. Your skin neither feels excessively dry nor feels excessively oily at one particular spot. You will have fewer blemishes and your pores will be less visible and the best thing is that there is no kind of reactions to most skin care products. You just need to follow CTM that is cleansing with gentle cleanser like ayurvedic face wash, toning with alcohol free face tonic like Blue nectar Shubhr Steam Distilled Vetiver Toner & Face Tonic Mist and moisturizing with face cream like kumkumadi cream to manage this skin type. Just make sure you don't forget to use a good   anti ageing cream or anti wrinkle cream  , as ageing tends to show on normal skin more easily than other skin types.

      What ingredients should you look for in skincare products for normal skin?

      One with normal skin should pick ingredients like honey and aloe vera. A water-based moisturizer that feels light and non-greasy, such as blue nectar  Kumkumadi cream, works like magic to the skin.

      1. Honey: Honey is often used as a base ingredient in almost every beauty product because it deeply moisturizes the skin from inside out, Since honey includes enzymes, it can easily penetrate the skin, conditioning and softening it.

      2. Aloe Vera:  Aloe Vera is fantastic for your skin as it is made with 96% of water, and the plant's natural healing properties are found in its pure gel. It is quite effective in the treatment of a variety of skin issues. Aloe vera gel can be applied to the skin directly from the plant or as an ingredient in a skincare product.

      Skincare products for Normal Skin

      1. Ayurvedic Face Wash : An ayurvedic face wash with aloe Vera and honey will work best for your skin type. Face wash will prepare the skin for moisturizer.

      2. Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil: Kumkumadi Serum works well for all skin types. Normal skin people can also try Vitamin C Face Serum as it has plant based Vitamin C in it and it helps to tighten and lighten the skin. Kumkumadi serum has saffron in it, which helps in delaying the signs of ageing.

      3. Sandalwood Brightening Cream: Normal skin type tend to age faster than other skin types. Massage your skin with Face brightening cream which has sandalwood in it. Sandalwood not only delays the signs of ageing but also works well in face brightness creams.

        Girl is taking kumkumadi serum from the applicator on her finger

        Sensitive skin:

        If just anything or everything causes a reaction on your skin then you have a sensitive skin. The moment your skin is exposed to sun, you might see red bumps or flaky patches. Hormones, stress, face creams and certain foods might be the triggers. Go for ayurvedic beauty products if you have a sensitive skin. We would suggest you always do a patch test before using any new skin care products. You must steer away from skin care products which are loaded with alcohol, chemicals and artificial fragrances.

        What ingredients should you look for in Skincare products for sensitive skin?

        Those with sensitive skin should choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products. The purpose is to treat the skin gently. Products with alcohol, sulphates, and parabens should be avoided because they can irritate the skin.

        1. Water: Skin is made up with three layers and third outermost layer doesn’t contain enough water, which leads to loss of skin elasticity. It is therefore advisable to choose hydrating serums like kumkumadi serum and vitamin c serum and creams such as face brightness cream, saffron cream or kumkumadi cream Additionally, be sure to get enough water in your system to prevent inner dehydration.

        2. Cucumbers: Cucumbers have the same pH as skin, which is beneficial in repairing the skin's natural acid layer and balancing oily or dry skin. They are also excellent for reducing redness or sensitive skin since they contain caffeic acid, which helps to calm skin irritations and reduce swelling. Applying cucumber directly to your skin twice a week will give you beautiful skin.

        Kumkumadi serum applicator has been showed with drop on white background

        Skincare Products for sensitive skin

        1.  Kumkumadi Serum- Kumkumadi Serum is a one stop solution for you’re your skin problems and every skin type. Kumkumadi serum should be given award of Universal Skincare product. There isn’t a single person, I have known, that hasn’t benefitted by using Kumkumadi Serum. People with sensitive skin also adapt well to this serum. Kumkumadi Serum has never disappointed any skin!!

        2. Vetiver face water:100% distilled vetiver face water will suit most skin types. However do a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

        Now that you know about all the different skin types, identify the one you have and follow a proper skin care routine accordingly. You must remove all your makeup and do CTM before you hit the bed at night and let your skin breathe. It is always a great idea to consult an expert to help you choose the best skin care products as per your skin type.


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