Post Party Skin Care: All you Need to Know About After Party Skin Care Routine

All of us want that amazing party to go on and just never end, after all who doesn't like to groove on music and have a blast catching up with friends. Sadly, like all good things come to an end, parties too. However, before you head back to your normal life, there are a few things which you must do for getting back that radiant and healthy skin post partying. 


We have shortlisted a few skin care tips which will work wonders for you even if you party whole night. Have a look: 


  1. Cleansing is very important: Most of us just want to remove those high heels and crash on our bed post party but hang on, following a proper night beauty regime is something you can't avoid. From puffy eyes to dark circles, it will help you deal with all and much more. A mixture of sweat, makeup and grime is something you will find on your face post party, so it is important that you use a good quality make up remover to get this not so good mixture off your skin. After that, you can use a gentle face wash for getting rid of the remaining impurities. Finally, use a face serum for dry skin and then you can sleep peacefully.

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  1. Hydrate yourself:  You will find cocktails, fried salty foods and sugary drinks in every party you go to. All of them can dehydrate your skin. If you do not drink water in proper quantity then your skin will look lifeless and shriveled. If you want your skin to look radiant and healthy even days after partying then it is important that you drink lots of water and keep your skin well moisturized. You can also drink fresh fruit juices and coconut water to detox.

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  1. You must anti-oxidize: Free radicals are a part and parcel of any celebration. They are one of the major reasons behind oxidation and this oxidation in turn causes dark spots, ageing and other skin issues. You must make antioxidants a part of your daily diet plan. Berries, nuts and bright-colored vegetables and fruits are a very good source of antioxidants which help in neutralizing free radicals. 


  1. Get proper sleep: Almost all parties continue till wee hours of the morning which means you don't get proper sleep and this can create a lot of skin issues like puffy eyes and dark circles. It is important that you get proper sleep post your party so that both your body and mind can relax and go back to their natural cycles. It is suggested that you should not carry forward sleep deficit beyond a period of 4-5 days. You can use a good quality puffy eyes cream to get rid of those ugly puffy eyes. 


  1. Use a face pack: A good face pack can help you with exfoliation, nourishment plus hydration. You just need to choose a pack according to your skin type and use it at least once a week. It is an absolute must if you are a party animal. Market is flooded with natural face packs which work like magic.


We hope you like our amazing face care tips. Just follow them and you will be all set for your next party. Also, the next morning after your party, do wash and condition your hair, clean your face again, apply a good serum and not to forget some nice body mist. A little effort on your part will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

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