Itchy & Dry Skin - Ayurveda Could Help

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  • What are the common causes of itchy skin?
  • How does ayurveda therapy using ayurvedic skincare products help to treat skin disorders and itchy skin?
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For a few people, itchy and dry skin is a constant battle. It is quite difficult to understand the actual reason for itchy skin. In general, dry skin tends to itchiness. But there are some other reasons also why people have to suffer from itchy skin. During the winter season, most of us experience dull and dry skin that causes itching. It can be a result of rash, skin allergies, and some other types of skin diseases like eczema, etc. Or it may happen due to some kind of serious physical disorder such as kidney or liver disease. The big question here is - How to get relief from itchy skin? 

To get relief from itchy skin, you need to first identify the actual problem and then go for the most effective therapy. However, it is always preferable to use natural remedies, such as Ayurvedic skincare products and treatments. Ayurvedic skincare products like Nalpamaradi Thailam, body massage oil, and moisturizer for dry skin are all helpful Ayurvedic remedies for dry and itchy skin. You don't need to be worried about side effects because these are 100% natural solution.

girl is scratching her hand due to dryness


What are the Common Causes of Itchy Skin?

Dry Skin:

Dry skin could be caused due to weather changes. Excessive hot and cold weather, when the percentage of humidity is extremely low, is one of the main reasons for dry skin. Sometimes, hormonal disorders, such as hypothyroidism, could also cause dry skin. Some people tend to have dry skin naturally. It may affect any of the age groups. But in general, as people get older, their skin becomes thinner and it starts to lose natural skin hydration which causes dry skin. Some dermatological problems also cause dry skin. Proper moisturization with moisturizer for dry skin is the best solution to treat dry skin. Additionally, you can also use other ayurvedic skincare products like-

1. Nalpamaradi thailam ayurvedic skincare product: Nalpamaradi oil is a skin brightening oil that moisturizes and hydrates the skin while repairing damaged and uneven skin tone. Since sesame oil is the main ingredient of nalpamaradi oil, it effectively hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

2. Balalakashadi Body massage oil ayurvedic skincare product: Benefits of oil massage with this body oil will nourish the outer, protective layer of skin. Oil massage aids in keeping skin's moisture levels up.  Thus, a body oil massage is beneficial to your health because it increases blood flow, which enhances the appearance of your skin, the removal of toxins from your body, and provides intense moisturization. 

3. Niraa Dry skin body lotion ayurvedic skincare product: Our bodies also lose moisture during the day, just like our face do. Body lotion for dry skin locks in moisture, keeping the skin looking supple all day. Niraa dry skin body lotion produces a barrier that absorbs moisture and prevents skin from drying out. 


Atopic dermatitis or eczema is the most common reason for dry and itchy skin. It is most common among infants. Eczema makes the skin extremely dry. You will feel irritation and inflammation on your skin. If you suffer from eczema, it is necessary to keep your skin moisturized, always. People having eczema are often prone to other allergic infections. You should consult an experienced dermatologist to treat your eczema well and use properly prescribed products on your skin.

Girl is scratching her back due to dry skin

Skin Allergies:

Sometimes skin allergy causes dry and itchy skin. You can experience red patches, inflammation, and irritation on your skin. Allergies may be triggered by pets, chemicals, cosmetics, soaps, and other substances. Also, it could be caused due to pollution or a specific food substance. Allergic reactions vary from person to person. Ayurvedic treatment using ayurvedic skincare products for skin allergies, such as Nalpamaradi Thailam body massage oil could be helpful in skin allergies.


Hives are a type of skin inflammation that is caused due to the release of histamine. It makes small blood vessels leak and thus causes inflammation. Normally there are two types of hives – acute hives and chronic hives. Acute hives occur due to an allergic reaction to a specific medicine or food. Also, extreme weather conditions and sun exposure can cause acute hives. Chronic hives last for long, sometimes more than a year. It affects the skin and makes it dry and itchy. 

How does ayurveda therapy using ayurvedic skincare products help to treat skin disorders and itchy skin?

Skin problems such as dry and itchy skin mostly happen to those who have sensitive skin. They can develop allergic reactions while applying chemicals to their skin. To avoid any severe reactions, one should use a natural product like ayurvedic skincare products. Nalpamaradi Thailam is an ayurvedic skincare product which is also a skin brightening oil and is known for its effective treatment in Ayurveda for skin problems.

Ayurveda is a popular herbal therapy practiced in ancient India and the ancient South Asian region for decades. All the ingredients in ayurvedic skincare products are 100% natural, just like in Nalpamaradi Thailam. One can never go wrong with ayurvedic skincare products. Ayurvedic skincare products are always a good and safe choice for the skin.

Body oil massage for dry and itchy skin:

Are you experiencing a general dryness all over your skin? Then you must be prone to dryness. You need to hydrate your skin regularly. You can improve the texture and the dry skin by receiving the Ayurvedic full-body oil massage with ayurvedic skincare products and body massage oil. Oil massage with Nalpamaradi Thailam can help you to improve your skin texture. Therapists use specific body massage oils during the oil massage for itchy skin like Nalpamaradi Thailam

You can opt for an oil massage once a week and you will surely notice the changes. A hot oil massage with Nalpamaradi Thailam helps the skin pores to open and thus your skin absorbs the oil more efficiently. Olive oil, sandalwood oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, argan oil, and shea butter – are the most effective body oils which are known for their skin moisturizing properties. One of the primary benefits of oil massage on body is that it improves skin texture. 

Benefits of Nalpamaradi Oil / Turmeric Oil:

Turmeric oil / Nalpamradi Oil for itchy skin is also very effective for dry and itchy skin. Turmeric is a popular beauty ingredient because it improves the skin complexion, and fades blemishes, acne, and other rashes. Turmeric as the essential oil works great as a skin brightening oil and suits both sensitive and dry skin. The oil is extracted from the roots of the particular tree. It contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-parasitic, and anti-microbial qualities and is full of antioxidant. Nalpamaradi Thailam is also made with turmeric and is one of the most effective ayurvedic body oil for treatment for any skin-related issues.

 Turmeric Oil for Itchy Skin

How to use Nalpamaradi Oil / Turmeric oil

Turmeric oil in itself cannot be used directly on the skin. You have to mix it up with a carrier oil such as oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, etc. Once mixed with a carrier oil, it can be used as a skin brightening oil, skin rejuvenator, anti-aging oil, acne reducing oil, relieving inflammation, and also for the hair treatment.

Benefits of Nalpamaradi Thailam:

Nalpamaradi thailam is a popular and powerful skin brightening oil, which is known to reduce all types of skin problems including dry and itchy skin. To achieve the best result, you should oil massage with Nalpamaradi Thailam on your face and body. It is a 100% natural formula to soften and moisturize the skin. Along with turmeric, the herbal oil contains amla, sesame, and vetiver. It repairs skin pigmentations with its antioxidant property. Nalpamaradi Thailam includes sesame oil which is the main agent to moisturize the skin. It repairs dull skin too. Some people use Nalapamaradi Thailam as a primary ingredient of their bridal beauty treatment regimen as it is a skin

How to use Nalpamaradi Thailam

Take the adequate quantity of Nalpamaradi Thailam on your palms. Gently massage with your fingertips on the affected areas. Leave it for 30 minutes for the best absorption. Rinse it off with lukewarm water along with a mild cleanser. Nalpamaradi oil may stain yellow due to turmeric. 

So, lets not fear itchy and dry skin. Embrace it with ayurvedic skincare products that will keep your body hydrated all the time. Since ayurvedic skincare products are all natural, they are safe to use on the skin. They don't harm skin in any way. Your skin will actually benefit from using ayurvedic skincare products like moisturizer for dry skin body lotion or oil massage with Nalpamaradi thailam.

Have a hydrated, itch-free skin with ayurvedic skincare products!!

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