Ten rules to tone your body - tummy, arms and legs

Be it the skin-baring summer season or the freezing winters, we constantly yearn for a fit and toned body. However, getting a perfect body is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication and time to get that perfect body. There are some products available in the market, which also help you burn your belly fat and cellulite.

A well-balanced diet, daily workout sessions and regular use of a Slimming Oil for relaxing massages will surely give you a physical and mental makeover. So, follow these simple, below given, principles to get a beautiful, toned body.



The first step towards getting a toned body is to check your diet. A well balanced diet goes a long way. Try to eat often but in small portions.

It is recommended to eat something every two to three hours. Many people tend to skip meals while they are trying to lose weight. However, doing this can slow down body’s metabolism. Therefore, it is important to eat smaller portions at regular intervals and often to keep your body’s blood sugar levels steady.

If you skip the breakfast, it can have a bad effect on your health. It is the most important meal of the day. It keeps one going for the rest of the day. So, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This will help your flip those numbers on your weighing scale. Avoid eating carbohydrates and salt, after 6 PM.

Also, cut down on sugar intake. Avoid all kinds of carbonated drinks as they can cause bloating and are full of calories. Make sure that your diet is high on protein and low on carbohydrates. Eating a lot vegetables and fruits is always recommended for a fitter, healthier life.



Exercising on a daily basis will help you achieve a perfectly toned body. Be it running, jogging, dancing, yoga, brisk walking, pilates, aerobics, strength training or swimming, you have to burn calories in order to reduce weight.

You have to make sure that you burn more calories than your calorie intake every day. Any exercise boosts blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which stimulates detoxification of the body. When you work out, you need to allow yourself to sweat freely. Perspiration is our body’s way of detoxifying and regulating our systems. Working out is crucial in maintaining the physical appearance of your body.



Slimming oils are quite effective when it comes to cellulite reduction. Packed with beneficial properties, they feel lukewarm on the body. They also get absorbed really fast. Using slimming oil, in addition to your workout regimen and diet plan, on a regular basis, tones muscles, tightens the skin and eliminates the toxins from the body.

You can opt to use slimming oils which are meant for the entire body, or you can get oils to target specific areas like tummy, arms and legs. It is kind of similar to a nutritional reshaping treatment where your body is remodeled and your skin gets firmer after every use.

The best thing about using these oils is that they target the stubborn fat on troubled areas. While exercising will help build muscles for specific areas, slimming oils work because they contain a lot of natural ingredients and herbs, which help naturally fight with cellulites, without causing any harm to your body.



If you want a toned body then you have to get rid of cellulites. Cellulite is a condition where the skin appears to have underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled and bumpy look. Cellulites are pretty common among women from all over the world. Most of the times it forms on thighs and buttocks.

Anti cellulite oils help the body remove contaminants that build up in the fat cells. Additionally, they enhance the blood flow in your body and provide more oxygen to the cells, assisting the body get rid of the cellulite on its own.



Taking a steam bath not only makes you relaxed, but it also helps in getting a toned body. A steam room is typically heated to a temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So when you sit in the room you sweat copiously. The water you lose by sweating contributes to the weight loss.

 You effectively lose the water weight by taking a steam bath. It is said that you lose up to 5 pounds if you sweat out for about 30 to 45 minutes. So if you have excess water retention in your body then you will effectively lose the water weight by taking a steam bath regularly. Since water loss during a steam bath can cause dehydration, drinking water beforehand is necessary.



Getting a body massage helps in stimulating the healthy functions of your body. It is an effective way of applying essential oils which work synergistically with massage to detoxify your body.

The stroke of massage on cutaneous and subcutaneous structures boosts the blood and lymph circulation, which leads to an increased supply of oxygen. The increase in blood circulation and oxygen assists the body in the elimination of built up toxins and waste products.

As per several studies, massage significantly increases lymph flow. Body massage also tones weak, cramped and underworked muscles. So you should get a Spa Massage, at least once in every fortnight for a toned body.



Toxic build-up in the body can lead to cellulite, out of shape body and stalled weight loss. Sufficient water intake is necessary for smooth lymphatic flow to remove toxins and waste products from our body. 

You should drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily. Adequate water intake also helps you to reach your weight loss goals faster. So if you need a toned body, drink a lot of water. 

Follow these 10 rules for a fitter you. There is no magic but only dedication and time, which will finally yield result. Happy Toning!!

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