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When entering the fashion industry or makeup genre, we usually notice that only women are very possessive about their skin and the care towards their face and body. They even panic when they get a pimple. But on the other hand, men are so chill about these things. Men do not think much about their skin and do not even care so much about it. They just wash their face with some face wash, and they are done.

face cream for men

Face cream for men is not even used by them which is actually a must have. But it is very important for men too to take care of their skin. They should also be possessive about their skin. Men should also take the initiative towards their skin and learn to apply different products, such as face cream for men and serums, etc, on their skin. 


  • Introduction
  • How is men’s skin different from that of women?
  • What skincare routine do men need?
  • When should men start their skincare?
  • What are the benefits of men's skincare?
  • What is a fun fact about men's skincare?
  • Which cream is good for a man's face?
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

When they also take care of their skin, then they build confidence. They stand out in society without feeling judged by others based on their face or damaged skin. When they know they are not getting judged, it boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem. There are times when men also feel ashamed of their skin color or the pimples on their faces, but when they start to care for themselves by applying cleanser, face cream for men, serums for men,etc., they do not get affected by anyone’s opinion. This quality comes when they incorporate self-love and self-care in their life. 

How is men’s skin different from that of women?

There are so many differences between the skin of men and women. Some of the common differences are discussed down below - 

  • The skin of the men is thicker than that of a woman. Their skin consists of more collagen and is tight. Also, the collagen which is present reduces constantly. 
  • There are many pores on the skin of men because there are so many active sebaceous glands, and the pores on the skin are much larger than in women. 

men is applying face cream on his face

  • Because of the sebum production, men's skin is much more oilier and shinier than women's. 
  • The pH of men's skin is much lower, because of which they get more acne and impurities than women. 
  • Aging signs are seen later in men as compared to women. 

There are many more differences between the skin of men and women. The points mentioned above are some of the most common differences between men and women. 

What skincare routine do men need?

The way women indulge in skincare is by applying face cream, serum, etc. Men also need to do the same by applying serums, face cream for men, etc. They should also follow the routine to do the same thing. Here are some tips which will help men in how men should take care of themselves is mention down below - 

  • Firstly choose the product which suits your skin well. And before that, you should know what your skin type is. Because face cream for men also comes for different skin types. If you have acne-prone skin, you should choose products free from oil, etc. 
  • You should wash your face every day. When you leave the house and after coming back, there is so much dirt that gets deposited on the skin, which needs to be removed; therefore, after getting back home also, you should wash your face and apply face cream for men.  
  • While shaving, men should use razors that should not harm their skin. Make sure to use a razor that is suitable for your skin, and in the process of shaving, always rinse off after every swipe. After shaving, you can also use natural beard oil. However, ensure that the beard oil is free from synthetic ingredients to avoid any negative impact on the skin.
  • It is advisable to moisturize the skin daily. They should look for the best face cream for daily use, which will help moisturize the skin. Moisturizer helps reduce fine lines and helps the skin look brighter and younger.
  • Men should also go for skin checkups. Various signs, such as spots, moles, etc., indicate the warning of skin cancer. Therefore, it is highly recommended for everyone to get their skin checked if they find any symptoms. 

men is reading information on face cream

  • After cleaning their face with the cleanser and applying the moisturizer, it is also said to wear sunscreens with minimum SPF30 when you step outside of your house. It helps in reducing wrinkles, age spots, etc. 

These are some tips men should follow to take care of their skin. Most important is to use the products which suit their skin and are meant for men such as face cream for men, night cream for men, etc. 

When should men start their skincare?

Nowadays, everyone is very possessive about their skin and wants to keep it good and comfortable. There are so many men who ask what is the right time to start skincare. So, it is advisable to start and build healthy skin care habits during the 20s so that the skin remains preserved and protected in the future. Also, when you do the skincare, it is advisable to use face cream for men and sunscreen everyday.  

What are the benefits of men's skincare? 

There are so many benefits of doing skin care. It involves so many products like cleanser, moisturizer, face cream for men, serums, sunscreen, etc. Some of the major benefits are given below - 

  •  It helps in slowing down the aging

Men who indulge in the skincare routine, their aging process decreases. It keeps their appearance young and helps in reducing the signs of aging. 

  • Boost the self-confidence

When you do skincare, you feel confident in yourself. You are not worried about people's opinions and are comfortable in your skin. 

blue nectar face cream for men

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 

When you take care of your skin, then it helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles which are present on your skin in return. 

  • It helps in reducing pigmentation and makes your skin brighter.

Face cream for men, serums, etc., also helps reduce the pigmentation of the skin, which further helps make skin brighter and shinier. 

These are some of the major benefits of taking care of the skin; there are many more benefits of doing skin care. 

What is a fun fact about men's skincare?

The fun fact about men's skincare is that they have a 25% thick layer of collagen on their faces, but their skin is also very sensitive and highly prone to acne. Although they have all these things, they still get wrinkles and fine lines later in their life on their face compared to women. And when they use products like sunscreen, face cream for men, toners for men, etc which suit their skin, there is a high chance that their skin is preserved. 

Which cream is good for a man's face?

The best face cream for men depends on their skin type and what problem they are facing on their skin. Some of the best moisturizer creams for the face are mentioned down below - 

  • Dark Spot removal cream

Dark spot removal cream helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes, helps in clearing the pigmentation, and helps light the skin tone. You can use this cream if you are facing pigmentation on your skin. 

  • Anti-aging Men's Cream

Anti-aging cream helps fight five signs: dryness, tightness, flabby, dullness, and roughness. These cream helps which is an anti-ageing ingredient. 

  • Face glow cream for men.

Men's Face glow cream helps prevent men's skin from discolouration. It also helps in reducing any redness, pain, itchiness, etc. 

  • Men's whitening cream

Men's face whitening cream suits people who want to brighten their skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Night cream for men

The night cream is thicker and is designed specifically to support the damage to your skin. They help in making your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning.  

  • Kumkumadi cream for men

Kumkumadi cream for men helps in boosting the regeneration of cells and also helps in promoting radiant skin. 

  • Face brightness cream for men

These face-brightening cream helps the skin by reducing the melanin content and also treat dark spots, sun harm, etc. 

  • Skin brightening cream for men

Skin brightening creams for men helps them get uniform and clear skin. It keeps the complexion of the men's uniform. It also reduces dark spots and acne.


Everyone is busy in their day-to-day work and cannot find time for themselves. But it is necessary to take care of their skin too. The best thing is to figure out some skincare products for yourself, like face cream for men, serums for men, etc. and apply them on your skin daily to get the benefits and will also help brighten your skin.

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