What Face Mapping Reveals About Your Health – Get A Rundown

Do you know your face says a lot about your health? Are you banking on chemicals to hide those blemishes? FACE MAPPING confides all you have under the makeup. So, you need to be internally healthy to radiate the blossom on your face which chemicals can hardly preserve for long. It is very rightly said by James Thurber-

“There are two kinds of light - the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.”

Nature has made all remedies and treatment for us which defies chemicals and yet is excelling in the result. Our age-old ayurveda says that face mapping can reveal the history of your body parts and organs as each one has a point connected on your face. Stemming our self to the source of nature we can assert all that is required in this fast forward competitive world. Using organic products is now global awareness. So why not thrive on natural beauty products to pamper your skin, preserve the natural glow and keep the radiance long lasting.

Use natural beauty products to pamper your skin and preserve the glow


Some common skin related worries that fetch out money

Spend healthy and live longer. Skin is of various types. Based on climate, food habit, water intake, maintaining health and hygiene, using skin care products and a lot more it reflects the texture. Some of the common problems are: -

  1. Acne – You must have seen fine pores on your skin that connects to oil glands. The canal between those pores and oil gland is a follicle. Now when this canal gets blocks it hinders release of sebum secreted by oil gland. And this causes pimples or acne. So, if the pores are tightened then won’t get blocked by bacteria or external pollution. To enhance pores tightening, oil control, exfoliating and to fetch out impurities use ayurvedic beauty products for face care as they contains Neem, turmeric, Triphala – Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki which are antioxidant and are also full of Vitamin C. Even if you just use an ayurvedic face wash, it can go a long way in helping to control excess oil and which may reduce acne.
  1. Sunburn - It is a natural mechanism of our body to fight with UV rays when we are exposed to sun rays. The defence mechanism is rendered by a pigment called melanin. When this mechanism is overwhelmed, it causes a toxic reaction and make you sunburn. To inhibit this common problem, use kumkumadi serum made of saffron, turmeric, lemon juice, aloe vera. All these Ayurveda ingredients help reducing skin blemishes, spots, dark patches and also sun tan.
Natural face serum may help in reducing skin blemishes, spots and also sun tan.
  1. Brightness – Bright radiant glow on your face definitely makes you a head-turner. You become the point of gossip among pals & relatives. We all are running after this term brightness & how to achieve it. The natural solution is only Ayurvedic brightening face cream as those vitalizes your body to enhance the capability in achieving same. On other hand, chemicals like bleach and other harmful ingredients damage skin and affect in long run though making you brighter for a short span. Saffron, turmeric, neem, aloe vera, honey and lot more can make your skin brighter whether your intake it or apply directly on skin or use scientifically processed natural products like ayurvedic face wash, kumkumadi serum etc.
  1. Aging – Signs of Aging is not acceptable for beauty conscious breed. Hence evolve your body system internally and make it healthy so that it never reveals your actual age. An Ayurvedic natural kumkumadi serum has sandalwood, saffron, nagkesar, mineral oil, herbs and lot more to remove or let not your skin reflect Aging. Some ayurvedic face wash may also contain antioxidants like Vitamin C, green tea etc, which may help to reduce the damage by free radicals that utimately break down the skin cell structure and result in signs of aging.
Natural anti-aging face serum has sandalwood, saffron, nagkesar which may help to delay the signs of aging


A normal beauty regime for all

To maintain a healthy glowing skin a general beauty regime to be maintained by all is

            Cleansing --------Exfoliating -------Toning --------Moisturizing

This is a must to follow program. Now more you do it with natural ingredients more you develop your body defence mechanism and prohibit any disorder. Cleaning your face with an ayurvedic face wash or cleanser prepared of honey, neem, sandal, and rose water can be beneficial as it fetches out anti-bacterial and microbial substances and other dirt that affects the skin. Now exfoliate the dead cells and skin with natural products-based face scrub made of almond, saffron, sandalwood, neem and others. This can be followed up by a toning process and finally accomplishing by moisturizing.


Refrain from using Sulphate and Paraben

While you maintain a healthy beauty regime as stated above, beware that you do not use Sulphate or Paraben. Sulphate is a major cleansing agent. It is used to clean floor and hard substances. On the other hand, natural products such as ayurvedic face wash, ayurvedic creams etc are always sulphate free as natural ingredients have a lot to keep your skin clean. Whereas as in chemical-based cosmetics, Sulphur is widely used in face wash.

Generally, Paraben is used for preservation as it is antifungal. But natural products are Paraben free as it does not need such strong preservation agents. Using paraben may induce breast cancer. So avoid chemicals and GO NATURAL!

Wish you a healthy happy skin that speaks out your vigorous body!

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