Yes, it is possible to look younger!! My experience!!

Skin Ageing starts at the age of 20!

For several years now, I have been noticing the signs of ageing and tried several ways to prevent it. Initially, I wasn’t successful, but I have found out certain ways that can retain the youthfulness of the skin and treat the signs of ageing.

Did you know that Signs of Ageing are usually noticed when 1 percent of collagen starts losing every year. On reaching the age of 20, the signs of ageing gradually appears but become noticeable only after 30.

To understand ageing, we need to first understand the factors that cause ageing and natural remedies to slow down the process of Ageing.


The causes of ageing can be broadly classified into two distinct categories- Internal and External Causes:


Internal causes that result to skin ageing are-

  • Improper Blood Supply - Blood circulation is one of the most important factors that affects the skin. A poor blood supply makes the skin look dull and damaged. As blood carries the nutrients and the oxygen to the skin, an improper blood supply limits the nutrients and oxygen. Consequently, the cell functions are damaged causing skin damage.
  • Genetics - Genes play an imperative role for every individual. Genes play an active part in skin ageing. Genes determine the skin types and based on different skin types ageing affects it.


The external causes do not just negatively affect the skin of a person but affect the person’s overall health in general.

  • Prolonged exposure to sun rays - Being too frequently exposed to sun rays leads to uneven skin pigmentation, tanning and skin burn. The UV rays of the sun adversely affect the skin.

face of a woman half half with wrinkles and non-wrinkles

  • Pollution - The damages that are caused by the sun are multiplied when a person works or stays in a place that has a high pollution rate. Pollution darkens the skin and makes the skin look dull. Scrubbing your face with a cream based exfoliator like Kumkumadi Scrub, helps to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Smoking Habits - This is a very harmful habit that not just affects the lungs but also increases the free radicals in the skin by exposing it to nicotine and harmful chemicals that the cigarette contains. Along with this, it multiplies the oxidation stress and thereby assists the effects of pollution on skin.
  • Lack of proper Diet - Unhealthy food habits and lack of water intake increases the oxidation stress and free radicals of the skin. It is advisable to have an antioxidant diet once in any course of the day to keep the skin away from damage.


There are several signs of ageing in various parts of the body. The most common signs that appear from the very basic stage are discussed below:

  • Wrinkle: Wrinkled Skin is the primary sign of ageing and comes into sight as a result when the mass of the body is at loss. The other causes include fleeting or drawn out contact with water, improper sleeping positions and facial expressions that can cause a crease or fold on the skin. Before the skin gets all wrinkled, certain Fine Lines near eyes and lips appear. A good face massage, after exfoliating with Kumkumadi Scrub, tightens the skin and maintains moisture of the skin.
  • Pigmentation: Melanin is the pigment that determines the skin colour. When the cells are damaged or affected negatively, the melanin production is reduced and the skin colour changes from the original colour causing Skin pigmentation.
  • Acne Skin: Acne, which is medically called acne vulgaris, is the result of skin damage that occurs genetically. The prime characteristics of acne are excessive pimples, black and white heads, greasy skin and scarring. The hair follicles are usually bunged up with dead skin cells or oil from the skin. To avoid acne and pimples, one should exfoliate regularly with a natural scrub such as Kumkumadi Scrub. Once the acne appears, one should take precautions not to use a face scrub as it might burst the acne, leaving a permanent scar.

Acne on a young girls face

  • Open Pores: When the oil glands enlarge there is an increase in the oil secretion on the skin. This increases along with age and needs proper treatment. A good face wash such as Honey Radiance Face wash or an anti acne face wash keeps a control on oil secretion on face. Kumkumadi scrub will ensure that dirt, that sticks on face due to oil, is scrubbed off, leaving skin flawless.
  • Dry Skin: When there is improper circulation of blood and the skin loosens, the skin becomes itchy, scaly and cracked. Also, there are times when people get Dark Circles as a by-product of the cracked skin.

All these factors affect the overall skin health. It takes a great deal to combat the signs of ageing. I started practicing the following steps when I felt that these signs are increasing at an alarming rate.


Steps I took to Fight Ageing:

I had to change a lot of daily habits and had to adopt certain habits in my daily routine. I call these ‘lifestyle changes’. The processes are although simple but weren't easy at the very first go.

  • Food habits: I loved junk food, every kind of it. However, as I realized they were having a toll on my skin, I started avoiding them. Instead of junk food, I inculcated the habit of eating salads, fresh fruits and other healthy food. I had to say no to processed food, sugar and hight salt food. I also started drinking a lot more fluid than I used to previously.
  • Water intake: Water is the best medicine for any ailment. Drink a lot of water, about 7-8 glasses a day. This cleanses our system and acts as skin purification. It is a natural detox for skin.
  • Self-ban on smoking and alcohol: Whenever I used to attend parties or social gatherings, I preferred having tonic water or fresh juices over any hard drinks or drinks with high sugar content. Now, I prefer fresh Lemonade or Juice or Sparkling Water. It is hard but it is the best thing you can do to yourself. And I have done it.
  • Sunscreen Lotions: Previously, I was too lazy to apply sunscreen while stepping out. But as soon as I found that the skin tone and the pigmentation of my skin are severely affected, I have made it a point not to leave my house without applying sunscreen.
  • Anti Ageing Cream: When I discovered that years of improper care of my health have resulted in prominent lines of ageing, I started applying the anti ageing cream once every day to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. I also exfoliate my skin with Kumkumadi Scrub, once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • A good skin care regime: I started following a good skincare regime which included – Cleanser with a good ayurvedic facewash, Toner with Rose face water or rose tonic, Moisturiser (CTM), Exoliation with Kumkumadi Scrub, once a week.

A man looking in the mirror applying cream on his face

  • Kumkumadi Face Serum: Before I hit bed every night, I started to wash my face with Honey Face Wash as it cleanses and moistures the skin. After that, I massage with Kumkumadi Tailam for 4-5 minutes, followed by a good night repair cream. This regime helped me to retain the moisture of the skin and in fixing dead cells overnight.

I prevented my signs of ageing by following these steps in a few weeks. Although I didn’t initially think anything would change, but now I can prominently see miraculous results. My skin looks younger and has gained back its original glow. My suggestion to everyone who is looking to fight signs of ageing is to try the above mentioned pointers. I have greatly been benefited by them and am sure you would too!!

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