Bed-time skincare routine for impressive look

What is the purpose of bedtime skincare?

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It is almost 10:30 pm at night. You are exhausted after a long day at work and catch up with friends afterwards. All that you want to do is crash into the soft, inviting bed! And it is so easy to just give in…..just to get into bed and forget everything……be wrapped in a blanket of blissful sleep…..

But wait! We can’t let you do it. It would be a cardinal sin to sleep without “at least” removing all traces of makeup and a minimum dose of hydration. And even if you don’t wear makeup, you need to wash the day off i.e., all the oil, dirt and dust that has built up. You may not thank us, but your skin definitely will.

Removing the traces of foreign particles from your skin is the least that you can do to save it from damage. You owe yourself a good bedtime skincare routine that nourishes, repairs, refreshes and rejuvenates with ayurvedic products like kumkumadi serum, face tonic, night cream. Once the skin changes (which it will with age, there is no stopping it!), it is impossible to get the youthful look back. All that you will be doing at that stage will be damage control. We would say that being proactive is better than reactive.

Let’s look at what a good bedtime Skin Regime should look like.



Even though the quality of the makeup is improving and they are becoming lighter, safer for sensitive skin and may even pack additional benefits like being hydrating and contain SPF, they can still clog pores and are harmful for the skin and need to be completely removed at night.

Cleansing your face is one of the most important requirements of a Skincare Routine. However, it is not as simple as just washing with water.

With the improving quality of the makeup, they are also much more long lasting now, even up to a day. These makeup products are usually made up with polymers which are not easily removed by the conventional cleansers.

Opt for the double cleanse method, where first an oil-based makeup remover is used, which breaks down polymers and waxes. Followed by a gentle Non Soap Cleanser for any leftovers. You can use a face wash made with pure herbs for better cleansing. You should always use moisturizer after cleansing your face, such as Kumkumadi serum or night cream, since face wash removes the moisturizer.

Use non-soap cleanser




The skin loses its luster as Dead Skin Cells build up and light does not reflect in the same way from the surface of our skin as it does when it is smooth. In order to achieve a smooth skin surface for a glowing skin, these dead skin cells need to be periodically removed. Use an exfoliator with alpha-hydroxy acid (A-H-A) which breaks the bond between the dead cells and loosens them. These exfoliate much more efficiently than just a physical scrub. There are many ingredients in nature which work as a natural source of AHA like green apples, so you don’t really have to look for synthetic AHA if you are a natural product lover.

Exfoliating twice a week will have your skin looking smoother, softer and add a radiating glow. As dead skin cells are removed along with dirt and oil, pores do not get clogged preventing/reducing breakouts.

No matter which scrubs you choose, be gentle while applying it. Vigorous scrubbing can actually cause micro scars.


The ones who use it can’t live without it and the ones who haven’t, wonder what it is all about and think it is a waste of money to invest in this product.

Toners catch the last of dirt, oil or makeup or Makeup Remover residue while adding a boost of hydration. Toners shrink pores as well as prepare your skin to receive the next set of beauty products and aid in their absorption. Toners also restore the pH balance of the skin.

Toners without alcohol are suitable for all skin types. Alcohol can have a drying effect on the skin. Choose a Natural Toner as they are gentle and soothing and their natural fragrance will also refresh and calm your senses.

Rose face mist



A face mask can deliver concentrated doses of hydration and nutrients and the result is radiating a healthy look that you are craving for, within a short period. Though the results are temporary, a face mask gives the additional boost of confidence for that important meeting the next day and makes you feel good about yourself.

Face masks are available in many forms – Cream Masks, Clay Masks, Gel Masks, Sheet Masks, Exfoliating Masks, Peel-Off Mask, Hydrogel Masks. The type of mask you choose would depend on the issue that you want to focus on.

The instructions on how to apply a Face Mask must be followed, especially the timing for which you should have it on. Keeping it on longer does not necessarily mean additional benefit. It may land up drying the skin or irritating it.


By far our most favorite Kumkumadi serum for specific skin issues like anti-aging, hydration, acne, hyperpigmentation etc. The formulas are light and easy to absorb, packed with nutrients. As the skin cells repair and rejuvenate in the night, it makes sense to include a kumkumadi serum in your night routine to facilitate this process.

The Kumkumadi serum goes on after a toner. It is excellent for adding moisture to the skin. Regular use of Kumkumadi serum ensures that the hydration level of the skin is maintained.

If you do not have any specific skin concerns then while we are happy for you, you can try a Vitamin C serum and kumkumadi serum as well to maintain the glow and slow down the effects of aging and repair the invisible sun damage that is happening all the time but not yet visible. 

And if you are unable to single out your concerns then opt for Kumkumadi Serum which can take care of most of the skin issues.


Skin brightening serum



The skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive. Most of the skin care products avoid the area around the eye to avoid irritating it. So the skin around the eye doesn’t get its dose of nutrients. We tend to get dark circles with the ample on-screen time that we are all packing now and the added stress and lack of sleep.

This area needs special attention. Using an eye cream at night can provide the special care required. It not only hydrates and plumps the skin around the eye, reduces dark circles and smooths wrinkles but also provides the nutrients required.


If skin is bereft of moisture and oils, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce oil to naturally moisturize which can lead to excess oil. No matter what type of skin you have (even if oily), moisturizing is an important step that cannot be skipped. If you cannot figure out what moisturizer to use, you can always try Kumkumadi serum as it is a unique serum which is suitable for all skin types. It is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Kumkumadi serum also doubles up as an overnight repair serum. 

Skin lightening moisturizer



Yes! This is part of our Night Skincare Routine. The body needs its 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. When our body is at rest, this is the time when the rejuvenation and repair work happen in full swing. It gives the body an opportunity to utilize all the nutrients that you have provided during the Bedtime Skin Routine. This is also the best way to reduce dark circles in a natural way. A well-rested body and mind will provide you a natural glow.



In all your applications of products, do not forget your neck and ensure that it gets equal attention and must use harmless and chemical free serum like Kumkumadi serum.

Between each step, allow a few moments for the product to penetrate the skin before you apply the next one. Thus, whether it’s moisturizers, kumkumadi serum or any cream - they do their job optimally overnight.

It might seem like a daunting task to maintain the Skin Care Routine. But once you start and the results are visible, you will look forward to it every evening.



Convert the Night Skincare Routine into some much needed “me time” that we all could do more with. Add in aromatherapy, candle lights and some light music. Take this time for mindfulness.



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