Fight your first wrinkles to avoid aging

What are wrinkles?

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Everything in human lives gets transformed except aging. The biological cycle is bound to move and reach its particular destination. Along with age there are various complications which take place in the body which are sometimes beyond repair. There can be no alternative to aging. A person is bound to reach the age of decay and step aside from the world.  This is nature and its agenda over human lives.

Age turns into a sort of nightmare when various types of disease cage a person from every side.  There can be various health hazards which are sometimes chronic.  Among the various issues which disturb the biological cycle of life, there is something called wrinkles which appear on the skin distorting the beauty of human lives.


Wrinkles are a few creases, folds and ridges on the skin which appear slowly with age. The skin gets folded and creates an awful contour on the body.  Not only age but wrinkles can also develop due to use of excess water. Actually after a certain age, the skin loses its flexibility and starts decaying. The moisture and the roots die creating a tarnished look on the upper layer which is the epidermis.


What causes Wrinkles?

Over here let’s focus on what causes wrinkles.  There can actually be many factors affecting it but we will highlight the most common ones which are obvious.


Exposure to sunlight- This is one of the most common factors for the cause of wrinkles. People who are working outside home are highly exposed to the sunlight and the UV rays. This is affecting the inner cells of the skin which causes wrinkles. Though this situation has no alternative yet people need to be aware and use natural products like kumkumadi serum and ayurvedic anti-aging cream which are made with natural ingredients.


The Ultra Violet rays (UV rays), which are invisible to the eyes, also affect the skin. It breaks down the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin.  Henceforth the skin starts to droop and gets wrinkles on it.


Smoking- Cigarettes not only cause cancer but it also affects the skin. Though we don’t give this as statutory warning.  Excess smoking causes aging of the skin and reduces the blood supply to the skin. In order to get wrinkle free skin one should slow down the habit of smoking. Cancer is definitely the biggest threat but this is also no less. 

 Now, when problems are there and humans are facing it every day, then there must be solutions which can actually work.


Anti aging cream- Not going into some high end treatment, a person can simply use some anti aging cream and ayurvedic kumkumadi serum to get rid of excess wrinkles. Though it takes a little bit of time than all those laser therapy yet at the end it gives a completely fresh look to the skin. Go for an ayurvedic or herbal anti-ageing cream. These creams suit every type of skin and cause no side effects. You can also use kumkumadi serum as a night skin care treatment for better effect on wrinkles.

The anti aging cream contains some important elements in it which are actually helpful for the skin. Some of them are Retinol, Vitamin C, Hydroxy acids, peptides, tea extracts, grape seed extract. There is a huge variety of anti aging creams available in the market for people to use. Remember that an ayurvedic anti aging cream creates no such side effects just like kumkumadi serum.

Anti aging creams are not always herbal or ayurvedic. There are various kinds of aging creams made by chemical composition.  These products, made out of chemicals, are sometimes harmful for the skin.  The chemicals may not suit all the skin types and at the end there will be eruptions. It is highly recommended to use an anti-aging cream or any product made with natural herbs, free of any chemicals, such as Kumkumadi serum.


Ayurvedic herbs- Though it is very hard to believe but ayurvedic treatment is the best in comparison to all those advanced allopathic ones.  The usage of herbs in ayurvedic heals the skin in the best way and definitely gives a permanent solution. Several ayurvedic products on the market are made purely from herbs, such as ayurvedic anti-aging cream, kumkumadi serum, etc. Some of the best ayurvedic herbs which can actually replenish your skin are :


Aloe Vera- This helps to make the skin vibrant with great looks. Aloe Vera is used the most for effective treatment of aging and wrinkles. Aloe vera is used in different types of face cream and serum to provide proper nourishment and moisturize your skin and consequently, it prevents wrinkles to some extent.

Gajar Beej- Though this is a bit uncommon but this helps in skin nourishment and moisturizing.  This helps the skin to get rid of minor infection and gives back its original glow.


Kumkuma- Kumkuma is a very effective herb for treating wrinkles. Kumkuma is mainly used in kumkumadi serum, which contains a variety of natural ingredients also. Kumkumadi serum/kumkumadi tailam is an excellent skin care product with many benefits.


Tulsi- This is antiseptic and has natural astringent. To get back the freshness it is often recommended to use tulsi paste on the skin.


Chandan/ Sandalwood- This is not only a ritual symbol but a very effective medicine for aging and skin wrinkles.  Chandan acts as a protective film on the skin and creates a balance between surface oil and moisture content. Many ayurvedic products, such as kumkumadi serum and anti-aging cream, contain sandalwood.


Kumkumadi serum- Kumkumadi serum is an Ayurvedic herbal face oil specially used for face massage. The kumkumadi serum is highly effective for removal of pimples and also helps to fight wrinkles. This is the most vital face oil product that is available in ayurveda to fight with menacing skin problems. In a research survey it has been proved that almost 70% of ayurvedic doctors advise to use kumkumadi serum.

There may be various problems related to wrinkles and aging but with that there are even solutions which are actually very effective.  After kumkumadi serum and herbs there comes Sandalwood, which is also an important element to get rid of skin disease.  The sandalwood for the face is mostly used to deal with certain serious issues like skin softening effect, wrinkle removal, Itch relief and even clear complexion. Along with sandalwood for face there is also saffron for face which is used for some different productive purposes like brightening of the skin, removal of sun tan, removal of acne. A number of products contain this herb like kumkumadi serum, anti-aging cream. Saffron is anti-bacterial in nature and therefore there is no such side effect from it.  It not only adds glow to the skin but also makes it wrinkle free. Mainly it is available with various lotions.


Skin is the most sensitive organ of the body apart from the eyes. Proper nourishment of the skin is necessary at every age in order to protect it from all sorts of disorders.  Just like wrinkles and aging there are dark circles which equally affects the skin in both men and women.  In India 60% of women suffer from various skin nourishment problems as soon as they start reaching the age of 35. This is because the skin cells die as early as at age 35. In order to rejuvenate the dead and the wounded skin every person needs to undergo a certain easy process of treatment. There is no such high dose antibiotic or advanced laser therapy style; it is simply some herbal technique which is the best and safe alternative.  The various ways which have been mentioned above can be applied by any individual suffering from aging, wrinkles or other skin related problems.

Never let go of your skin problems just like that. Take proper care of it and try to nourish it in every possible way. 



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