The skin is the largest body organ and it has a tough job of protecting us from elements of nature, pathogens, regulating body temperature, preventing excessive loss of water, production of vitamin D etc. Skin is what allows us the sensation of heat and cold.

Same as our skin protects us; we need to protect it in different seasons to ensure that it keeps functioning at optimum levels. Our skin reacts differently to different seasons and weather conditions. So along with each turn in season, it’s also important to change our skin care routines.

Summers leads to excessive oil generation producing a greasy look and blocked pores. Sunburn, rash, prickly heat, tanned skin, dehydration are some of the common issues of the hot season. Summer calls for hydration, sunscreens, light moisturizers, cleansers to remove oils and exfoliation.

Rainy season brings the much needed relief from the sultry heat. However it does not spell a respite for the skin. It brings high humidity levels which can wreak havoc for the skin, especially for those with oily skin. Cleanse tone and moisturize are the basic rules for the monsoon.

Come the winter months, and the skin starts getting dehydrated, dry, itchy and scaly with the drop in humidity and temperature. The most joyful activities of winter, of sitting around a fire and long hot baths can have an adverse effect on the skin. Let’s have a detailed look at how we can follow some simple tips to ensure that we feel and look great in the winters and prevent skin damage.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Many cleansers contain alcohol, harsh chemicals and added fragrances that can strip away the natural oils. It’s important to choose a natural herbs based cleanser which will lock in the moisture while gently cleaning the skin of any signs of makeup and dirt.

Use Warm Water Instead of Hot Water

While it’s tempting to have the long hot shower to warm your core and relax those muscles, they are a big no-no. The hot shower will not only dehydrate you but also strip away the necessary oils from the body. Instead have a quick shower with lukewarm water.

Use Only Gentle, Natural Skin Care Products

What products worked for you in summer, may make your skin look sad in winter, And so it’s essential to change your skin care products. For a healthy and glowing winter skin, use gentle and natural skin care products. Avoid products that contain alcohol like peels and masks, astringent lotions etc. as they can dry your skin. Whether you choose an oil based product or product with ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid will depend on whether your skin is dry or acne prone.

Drink a Lot of Water and Keep Yourself Hydrated

Our water intake dips in winters as we don’t sweat as much and don’t feel thirsty. However the water evaporates easily from our body as the air inside and outside our home is drier. Drinking enough of water to keep yourself hydrated is as essential in winters as in any other season. It will certainly keep the skin glowing.

Sunscreen Is Not Only For Summer

We tend to forget the sunscreen lotion in winter assuming that the sun is weak and cannot do as much damage as in summers. While you bask in the warm sun rays in winter, the UV rays continue to do their damage. In fact sunscreens are required all year round. Do remember to apply sunscreen on the back of your neck, ears and chin, spots which are easily missed. Use a lip balm with SPF for protection. 

Apply Moisturizer Immediately After Washing

Moisturizing immediately after bathing, while the skin is still damp, ensures to lock in as much moisture as possible. Special attention does need to be paid to hands and feet as they lack oil producing glands. In winters, choose an oil based moisturizer to keep the hydrating oils locked in your skin. If you are fresh out of lotion, dip into your pantry for some coconut oil which is extremely versatile in its use.

Apply Coconut Oil Before You Go to Bed

Coconut oil can be incorporated in your everyday beauty regime as it is a wonderfully versatile natural product. Rich in fatty acids, it’s an excellent moisturizer and increases skins elasticity and is anti-ageing. It contains antioxidants which protects skin from external damage and Lauric acid which is antimicrobial and can prevent acne. Using coconut oil before bed increases hydration, reduces inflammation, increases collagen production and lightens dark patches. It may feel like there is a layer on your skin but will get absorbed shortly.

So let’s fear not the winter season and with these subtle changes in our skin care, enjoy it to the fullest!