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Radiance Honey Face Cleanser

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Shubhr - Radiance Honey Face Cleanser

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Shubhr means radiant. Face is the most attractive feature of human body. First step in Ayurvedic face care is to cleanse, tone and nourish the skin. Proper cleansing and toning is done by removing dead cells, clearing clogged pores, removing toxins & pollutants without stripping the skin of natural oils and moisture content.


Shubhr means radiant. Face is the most attractive feature of human body. First step in Ayurvedic face care is to cleanse, tone and nourish the skin. Proper cleansing and toning is done by removing dead cells, clearing clogged pores , removing toxins & pollutants without stripping the skin of natural oils and moisture content. Enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. Honey is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse and hydrate the skin. Nagkesar acts as anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and helps in clearing skin. Anantmool is natural blood purifier and removes heat and inflammation from skin. Aloevera is an excellent moisturiser and its antimicrobial property helps in treatment of acne. It contains vitamin C & E and helps to diminish the lines and wrinkles leaving skin soft, supple and hydrated. Rose essential oil is refreshing and uplifting.

In all, 8 vital herbs as mentioned above helps to provide radiance and glow to face by cleansing it and nourishing it with vital ingredients to make face firm/acne free – suitable for every day in ones life.

Vital herbs present: Raw Honey, Mesua Ferrea Linn (Nagkesar), Hemidesmus indicus (Anantmool), Aloe barbadensis Mill (Aloe vera), Daucus carota var sativa (Gajar Beej), Rosa centifolia Linn (Gulab Ark)

How to use: Wet your face with water. Take small qty (2-3 drops) on palm of hand and apply in circular motion on face with upwards movement. Rinse well with water and pat dry.

Making of the product: Well documented Ayurvedic herbs mentioned above are infused into base with added essential oils for calming effect.



Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

Known for skin lightening

Best known herb for skincare and skin dryness

Known for fighting skin infections- eczema, itching, scabies

 Aloe Vera for Skin care



Prevents wrinkles, slows down the skin ageing process

Reduces acne & is one of the best natural treatment for acne

Natural moisturiser

Anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and treats sunburn

 Gulab Ark for moisturising skin



Anti-ageing - makes skin look younger

Natural Cleanser - Opens clogged skin pores and removes dirt

Natural Moisturiser - Hydrates the skin

Astringent properties and a skin toner

Adds a natural glow to skin


 Honey Face Wash



Naturally Anti-bacterial - great for Acne Treatment and Acne Prevention

The enzymes present in Honey unclogs the skin pores

Natural exfoliate and removes dead cells from skin

Full of antioxidants - slows down the skin ageing process

Extremely moisturizing and soothing to skin - adds to glowing skin

 Gajar Beej for skin ageing



Helps improve skin tone and skin texture

Antimicrobial and Antioxidant properties

Enhances the overall health of skin

Natural Vitamin A - natural anti-ageing treatment for skin

Additional Information


1. Which skin type is Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser good for?

Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser is made from Honey, Aloe Vera, Nagkesar, Anantmool. All these ingredients are known for their moisturising and cleansing properties. It is hence natural and suits all skin types - normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

2. Does Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser help with Acne / Pimple?
Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser contains Aloe Vera, which has anti-bacterial properties and is known to cure acne and prevent further breakouts.
3. Will Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser dry out the skin?
Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser has Honey and Gulab Ark, which are known for their moisturising properties. Gentle use will not dry out the skin.
4. Is Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser paraben free?
Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser is PARABEN FREE and SULPHATE FREE.
5. What time of the day should this cleanser be used?
One can use this cleanser any time of the day. The best time however is bedtime as it will help skin get rid of dirt and pollution. 
6. Should it be followed up by a moisturiser?
It is a good habit to follow a good skincare routine, which essentially is CMT - Cleanse, Moisturise, Tone. A cleanser followed by a moisturiser will give you a radiant, acne-free skin.

Customer Reviews

I will definitely recommend this brand to everyone I have used their two products by now and both are amazing. Review by nikkitatrove
This Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and I am using it from past few weeks.. I quite like this because it doesn't make me feel dry or strechy... And best part is no breakouts.. I won't say it has reduced the occurrence of acne..
Read More: https://www.instagram.com/p/BoPEGO4lnBX/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
(Posted on 10/11/2018)
It has raw honey and aloe which hydrates the skin and other vital herbs works wonder on skin Review by Aditi
It helps to provide a radiant glow on face , helps to prevent acne. I used this product for 2 weeks and I am amazed with results. It is mild and effective. I like the consistency of face cleanser. It lathers well . Its has no color , no flavour and no preservative. I like the light fragrance of the cleanser. It clears my face well . I love the after effects.


www.glorifyurself.blogspot.com/2018/06/review-of-blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance.html (Posted on 8/28/2018)
Go for it, if you are really concerned about using an organic, natural & mild face cleanser Review by Nisha
The fragrance of the cleanser really takes me high. It’s sweet, mild & captivating. It’s authentic. It kind of makes me want to use this cleanser. Most of the cleansers do not lather much and so this cleanser also does not lather like crazy but gives a nice experience. Few splashes of water takes away the cleanser easily. Skin feels very soft & radiant post wash. I really liked the glowing effect that this face cleanser gives. Read more.... http://www.highongloss.com/blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance-honey-face-cleanser-review/ (Posted on 8/28/2018)
The cleanser is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin Review by Shreemayee
It has a sweet mixed scent of all the herbs which you can smell after sometimes of washing. I apply it twice on my damp face, massage softly for 2 mins, then rub with a moist cotton and rinse. It works amazingly. Removes all pollutants, dead cells and even light makeup too. Read more... https://shreemayeesdiary.com/2016/12/15/a-review-blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance-honey-face-cleanser/ (Posted on 8/28/2018)
It deep cleanses the skin & I haven't seen any pimple happening due to pollution Review by Swathi
It spreads very well and lathers in a required amount when it comes in contact with water and gets washed off easily too. No sticky or slimy feeling. It removes the oil, dirt and light makeup from the face leaving the skin refreshed, bright, supple and soft adding a mild glow without making the skin dry. Read more... http://www.curiousandconfusedme.com/2017/01/blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance-honey-face-cleanser-review/ (Posted on 8/28/2018)
It rinses off quickly and my skin feels refreshed Review by Iswarya
It lathers well. The cleansing action is good as it removes dirt, grime, oil and daily makeup from the skin effectively. It rinses off quickly. My skin feels refreshed. It does add a mild glow on face. Read more....https://i-am-girly.com/haircare/blue-nectar-luxury-ayurveda-products.html (Posted on 8/28/2018)
Give your beauty routine an ayurvedic touch with Shubhr Face Cleanser Review by NDTV
After a long day, when you're looking to give your face a thorough cleansing, turn to the Blue Nectar's Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser. It leaves your skin fresh and radiant.
https://swirlster.ndtv.com/beauty/5-ways-to-give-your-beauty-routine-an-ayurvedic-touch-1783214 (Posted on 8/24/2018)
My skin loves to wake up to its uplifting rose scent Review by Anshulika
It’s a very gentle formula that feels like I’m really babying my skin. The lather is decent; neither too rich nor too scanty. Rinsing off, my skin feels clean, soft, refreshed and faintly smelling of roses. Read more...
http://road2beauty.com/blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance-honey-face-cleanser-review/ (Posted on 8/24/2018)
I use it once daily and it cleanse my face without any dryness Review by Shalini
It is light yellow in colour and has a beautifl scent. I can very well compare it with Forest Essentials Face Cleanser. It doesn't irritate my skin and lathers up nicely. Read more....
http://www.bbeautilicious.com/blue-nectar-shubhr-radiance-face-cleanser/ (Posted on 8/24/2018)
A mild face cleanser that keeps skin soft, smooth and bright 4.8/5 Review by Megha
Blue Nectar Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser is a mild face cleanser that keeps skin soft, smooth and bright. it contains ayurvedic ingredients and no harmful chemicals. It is very gentle on the skin and does not break it out. I would highly recommend it to everyone! Read more...
http://www.makeupandbeautytreasure.com/2016/10/blue-nectar-radiance-honey-face-cleanser-review.html (Posted on 8/24/2018)
My early experience. Review by Ceolina George
It smells like saffron. It makes the skin really soft on usage & fades scars and pigmentation on repeated use. (Posted on 9/6/2016)
Doesn't leave face dry! Review by Granny
The best part of this face wash is that it doesn't leave the face dry. Also I love it's smell. It's a great herbal face wash. (Posted on 7/30/2016)
Five Stars... Review by Dr.G Aggarwal
Helps the skin as it battles with environmental toxins all day this face cleanser gives your skin the deep natural care. More over, I like the fragrance of this ayurvedic face cleanser. Love using this in the morning. (Posted on 7/23/2016)
Great Product Review by Priya
For my face skin I was looking for ayurvedic face wash, when I came across this herbal face wash. It is so smooth, good for skin. Even the aroma is amazing. It does not leave the skin dry and the fragrance lingers on for few hours. Great product. (Posted on 6/24/2016)
Very refreshing Review by Mukta
Very refreshing for me. Good thing that I liked was that it doesnt foam too much which means that it is more natural. Definitely replaces other cleansers in my bathroom (Posted on 6/23/2016)
Best for India Review by George Mathew
Have been travelling to India for last 3 weeks. Was given this product by a friend. Have been using for last 2-3 weeks every evening after long outdoor day in dust and pollution. Definitely helps to relax. Aroma is extremely good which is the best part. Leaves lingering impression on face and mind. Not goodbye till goodbye to India! (Posted on 6/16/2016)
Excellent for pigmentation Review by Syona
Excellent and absolutely did wonders to me. I have almost forgotten about pigmentation in last 2 weeks since using the product. Great. Please maintain consistency. (Posted on 6/16/2016)

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